Philosophy – “A Different Argument against the Pro-Choice Argument” – 4/3/2022

“When choice is a factor for being itself, as the place of knowing it was one thing or another, then what wasn’t chosen is what might or might not be the correct decision, according to another factor, being responsibility. For if we are able to choose, then we are able to be free. However, if we know what must be done, then we have no choice but to do what gears us towards the responsibility that, when beside choice, is not our voice for freedom, or escapism.”

– Modern Romanticism

Deciding on what must be done involves entering into inner dialogue and debate, with the self, upon which is the best course of action. Although, to involve a second choice is automatically the inclusion of choice, itself. If, for example, a person has a sick relative who can only trust that person to take care of them, with no one else share the same level of this faith, then to involve choice with this is to make an excuse for freedom, or escapism’s, sake. It’s to mean that involving choice with the singular goal for what a person knows is correct to do, is to make the escape away from being responsible.

Another example includes a criminal who, through any method available to them, attempts to avoid responsibility of their wrongdoings, simply through the wish for a choice. When a criminal wants to escape from prison, instead of keeping their time in place to contemplate, and even better themselves, over their wrongs, they have embraced choice instead of responsibility.

When we remain wishing to choose, instead of staying upon a straightforward path, then we are simply straying our eyes to look away from what must be held with honesty. If we do not wish to be with our spouse, wanting to involve choice with this by committing infidelity, then we will not admit to them that they are not compatible with us. We will simply do everything in the name of choice, behind their back. More than this, we will make the excuse, and only could it ever be an excuse, that we are doing what is best for ourselves, naming this as “noble”. And we, with firmness to our intentions, state that selfishness could not ever be wrong, all due to the excuse that choice was a benefit.

Indeed, choice resembles freedom. Freedom is good. But often does it occur, when we are trusted to do the right thing, that we will involve choice so that we will begin doing the wrong thing. Even then, we will label wrong as good, as we might state what is ugly is still beautiful.

Lines become blurred. Truth becomes distorted.

When do we begin to state, honesty even to ourselves, that wrong is wrong, while right is right? We know pain, or perhaps we only know our own, when we involve choice to our intentions, in that we do not wish to be alone among it. Humans always feel better, surrounded by those of our own kind, who hold the same motives, the same desires. To that, choice is accompanied, because we are deciding upon what is popular, not what is good for ourselves.

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