Words of Wisdom – “To Debunk the Stupidity of Self-Love” – Philosophy on Love – 12/1/2019

An injection, so to speak, is the definition of “loving the self”.

An “injection”, and to focus on that word, becomes the sight of semen or heroin, “injected” into the body.

Love is an emotion of offering, as the gift, as the covering to the body, the modesty that cloaks or garbs it, and the “injection” is only the gain. For the foolish and moronic Hippy will state that love is a high, though he or she has only injected, into themselves, or into another, what is to be gained, not given.

Objectively, love is the gift, the protection of truth, the concealing of flesh, because that represents the sacrifice.

For of the opposite, there is lust. There is a stale indifference, through lust, and there is no eternal companionship, in it. In lust, there is gain, the opposite of “giving”.

What else is there to know?

What else is there to know, besides that to “inject” a substance, such as semen or heroin, is the essence of “gain”, not “giving” for what will be the “result” of that injection. One “gains” the high from heroin, though it wasn’t a gift, for the injection of heroin, was of course, not a result of protection to the flesh. One, as well, “gains” a child, though through the foolish and moronic Hippy’s mindset, their “homeless way of life” will not provide for the child.

To argue, and state that love is defined as “protection of the flesh” is an “archaic” view, would inevitably make that arguer perfectly willing to see their own child, or other loved one, mangled and twisted on the roadway.

That mindset is one of a psychopath.

What else is there to know?

At the same time, “self-love” is merely an “injection” of its own, a love of one’s body. Someone who values the idea of “self-love” is to reveal their body, not protect it. Therefore, they desire gain, not gift.

Words of Wisdom – “The Weight of Identification” – 7/13/2019

“When a world twists itself, there are the witnesses to that event. There are inevitably those who turn their curiosity upon its rising. And then, after such a view to that vision, there is the turning upon the self. People blame themselves, whenever all around them seems wrong. They look upon themselves, for repairs, and also ignore that which has been, or is being, invented. The mirror. Who could identify themselves without this invention? We look downwards to see our arms and legs, and our chest, though we’ve looked downwards at the puddle to see our reflection for millennia. We now look straight to see the mirror and its reflection. This is always to say that such ‘identification’ comes continually from an external source. No one can see their own face without reflection. At the same time, no one can comprehend themselves without looking upon the face of one so like-minded and similar. Friendships and romances bloom when a face sees another face. Identity can only ever sprout when we have taken advantage of what surrounds us, as the inventions to what we make of ourselves. Though, we are ourselves, an invention, born perhaps of a mistake or an intention.”

Dialogue – “The Attempted Downfall of the Individual Perspective” – 6/5/2019

Q: As you term it, the “individual perspective” has become the beginning of the selfishness to a world with only a focus on the self, and a human’s inevitable yearning for companionship?

A: The “focus on the self” stems always from a view around oneself that is full of the rottenness of humanity. One believes in the value of negativity, though possesses the guilt harbored deeply enough to blame the self. They hold value in negativity due to them believing it as “righteous” to find all humanity equal to dirt.

Q: And as you term it, such people, whose focus is solely on themselves, have only done this, because a human’s flesh, or truth, is like clay; easily molded so that it is suited to be a desired shape?

A: The human flesh is like a canvas. And in comparison to the mind, the mind is also like a canvas. Truth is blank, like the clay that has not been touched, or like the canvas without color, and what grows from this is eventually the form or the color that is the influence. Influence molds truth and makes it whole. People find fulfillment in their reputation and status, and this comes from influence. Influence and truth are not the same, because truth, as has been said, is blank without it becoming a shape. It is formless, and as a Nihilist enjoys saying, is a nothingness. Nihilism is merely the reset of humanity. A nothingness does not remain a nothingness for long. It is the very reason for why peace is short-lived, in comparison to the “long winter” or the “long, and brutal war”. Pain is continually wondered upon with the words in mind, “When will it end?”

Q: You have said that the “individual perspective” has become the selfishness of an era, due to how when society is in disorder, then one has no choice but to repair themselves? And when someone focuses on themselves, they rarely ever focus on what surrounds them?

A: Though a human is inevitably affected by the environment, or inevitably interacts with their environment, this is not to say that they care for those who create problems. Humans will see themselves as humans, and will see other humans as humans; and as a human is only a human, humans will see their mirror image in another human. A world that longs for companionship, is the world of pain. Should we have to long for companionship, it is only because we have experienced it before, or grown curious over having witnessed it, that we say we should belong to it. The “individual perspective” is the belief that there is no universal traits among humanity. Such people with a mindset as this, will be wonted to say that each human has their own “perspective” on what companionship should be, and this only entices the feeling of “personal empowerment”.

Q: And you have said that when a human eventually falls in love, and faces disaster in the romance, the blame turns upon themselves, despite the fact that they have pointed their finger in blame of the other?

A: To speak of the “mirror image” again, one will one day see the grief in their eyes, the sadness in their eyes, and come to know the meaning of responsibility. For in a world that focuses solely on the self, it is a world that will come to loathe the self. It is a world that when disaster surrounds them, it is because they have seen another’s mistake as their own mistake; that such mistakes are human mistakes; and in such companionship that a human longs for, it is through love that a broken heart can be healed. The love for the self, however, does not heal a broken heart. It embitters it, and instead of healing the wound, there is only the stain of anger.

Words of Wisdom – “A World Full of the Self” – 6/2/2019

“During a world where people can look at what surrounds themselves, and see nothing more than disorder, they have no choice but to see what is within themselves. And what is within, must be repaired. For to be faced with betrayal, is to inevitably ask the question, ‘What had I done wrong?’ The truth of betrayal, is in the action of falling back to seclusion and soul-searching. One who is alone, is a one who does not trust. One who is alone, is a one who does not believe in loving another, save for the self. They cry before the mirror, and see their reflected image as a disgrace. For it feels both right and wrong to say to the self, that they are to blame.”