On Hate – Pt. 1 – “Hatred in Crime” – Philosophy – 4/30/2022

“A concept as hate, as it is a concept, so rare that it belongs to a vendetta, reflects our judgement to it as if all knew each other. Do murderers always know their victims? If so, there would be nothing to fear. Do soldiers come to know their enemies? If so, they’d have less to fear. Do people who empathize with other’s hurts, know those hurts? They do, since they see themselves in it.”

– Modern Romanticism

It is an overlooked thing. Hatred is neither loose nor widespread, nor can it be expressed through bigotry. If anger, such can come from multiple sources. All of those a person should empathize with. If solutions are a group’s belief to find, then no enemies should be made. To know your enemies might mean to empathize with them. If so, there is nothing to fear.

It is another overlooked thing. If a person truly hates another, there might be a legitimate reason for it.

Hatred can only be born from love. When a person loved, they had known another. In knowing another, there was no monster to fear. For when we fear another, instead of fearing for another, we find them less identifying to ourselves. We believe they could never understand us. A reason we disallow that is because they are someone to fear. We disallow their entrance into us, because our distrust keeps them at a distance. Their distance is our safety.

Criminals rebel against their world. Anti-social behavior upon what is around that person afflicted with such a mindset will enable their rebellion against needed understanding to fault and imperfection. A murderer of another might have known another, and so, this crime is overlooked as it does not pertain to fear. There must be a reason why a blood feud or a personal grudge that caused a murder is not as interesting as all crime through prejudice. That must be because something as personal as this notion of legitimate hatred is nothing to be tangled in. As in, we do not wish to be caught inside something we do not understand.

However, all crime out of prejudice is something that can be understood, only due to its place in fear. Distrust, ignorance, and fear are symptoms to a people’s universal distance between each other. We comprehend that, because fear is loose through its spread. Spreading fear is as easy as bringing to light an issue that an entire race of people will advocate against. That is because an understood factor is fear, which in being against a more personal factor as hatred, there is division among groups.

People understand what they fear, because they comprehend their preferences and also their prejudices. If a person were to go against their fears, there would be truth to discover. The discovery of truth is a reconfirmation of oneself. It is outside limiters as distance and ignorance, due to finding truth means having knowledge. That is love. That is how people have reasons and purpose for even hatred, as it excuses how a person could have been ignorant. However, that does not excuse forgiveness, as this legitimate hatred can regress the mind back to forgetfulness of all that is good to embrace all that is bad.

If one person committed a crime out of fear, it had been due to the consideration of another as a threat. It has been due to seeing another as different. This is prejudice, though is not hatred. Hatred, born from love, holds a singular requirement of getting past surface level detail to see within a person. That means to harm another through vengeance and planning. When hatred brews, there are unavoidable thoughts that turn this notion of knowing your enemy into that plan to cause a type of harm that signals reminder. A reminder, being that one that brought about the hatred. There comes, through such reminder, a cycle of repeating vengeance.

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