Philosophy – “Why Hate Speech has no Meaning” – 1/30/2021

“If words involve thought, then how can hatred, which involves no thought upon its action, be involved with words, alone?”

– Modern Romanticism

The usage of words revolves around thought, which is why a speech and successful negotiation should guarantee not a war. Out of war, there is risen hatred, come out of a person who knew it belonged within. Though, upon the actions involved in a war, nations rival nations, brother rivals brother, as the same blood is spilled with no difference in color. As rivalry extends itself, people comprehend themselves as strong. They level themselves to an arrogant superiority. Of hatred, within war, and it has always been the burial of it, until the beginning of such conflict. People knew of themselves with the hatred for another nation. Soon when war breaks out, that hatred rises to the surface.

As for words, it does involve thought. Though, out of hatred, there is no involvement of thinking. No one thinks, when they are hateful. How then, can speech be “hateful”, relating to the term “hate speech”, when words almost always involve such a critical sense of thinking?

The only time when a person is not intelligent with their words, is when they are an idiot. Idiotic thinking is the opposite of critical thinking. It’s the very difference between the intelligence that involves careful dissection of a whole, to a simple insult from the idiot that is very much like throwing a rock against a mountain with the vain idea that it will shatter.

Words cannot be hateful, because even from the idiot, there can be thought involved in the insult. Unless insult turns into rage, and rage turns into action, there is no hatred. Threatening a person, to never act upon it, is an example of cowardice. It is due to that being truly hateful, means a person has lost the ability to reason or think. We cannot be critical when we simply seek to destroy. For how can hatred be itself, if it does not follow the rule of non-thought, non-awareness, and non-mutual understanding of a flaw?

As it is, words only ever seek to remind a person of what they already comprehend of themselves. If words do this, then hatred merely reminds the targeted individual of such hate, of what is flawed with the hateful person. What words do, instead, is remind both parties of their mutual understanding to their flaws, instead of actual hatred being what only displays one-sided imperfection. For if love, the perfection, can lift the life free from the hatred, then it is to the imperfections of both sides that creates the understanding for a thought.

Clear, concise, understanding of a thought, made into words, is how people know each other, not by hatred, thought by the mind that is the home of love.

Quote – “Receiving Hate, Receiving Criticism: Know the Difference” – 8/28/2020

“There are many who utter the line, ‘This receives too much hate’, when the sentence should read as, ‘This receives too much criticism’. For true hatred cannot be ‘too much’, as it just is, by itself, a destroyer. Hatred is a purpose in one’s life. Hatred is never ‘too much’, anymore than love is too much in this world. True hatred very much destroys the one who hates, faster than whoever is targeted by the hateful one. As it is the opposite with love, though also similar, that the person who is loved, is brought into growth. Those who are loved, grow along as equals, with the one who they love, in return.

Though, what of criticism? Can that be too much? Can the words of a person, in continuous repetition, enforce the madness that would merely remind a person of what they innately know, though are concealing? It would, as all repetition goes, make the person who hears it in its continuum, become maddened through remembrance of objective fault.”

– Modern Romanticism

Philosophy – “A Concept on Love, Fear, and Hatred” – 7/31/2020

“Fear is the solitude of a human, in their attempt to dig into themselves to find what they either loathe or can accept. Though, what person in their total solitude has accepted what they despise, be that a wound that must close?”

– Modern Romanticism
  • A person in love, feels everything.
  • A person who feels fear, feels themselves.
  • A person who is hateful, does not feel. They merely act.

Love is proven of a person, trusted to never despise and not accept what is strange of another individual. For if love is to the character of that person’s heart, they will not ever create the distance, if they are capable of trust. Trust is the factor of a person, who will love, able to care for the fragile areas of another, wanting of it. In fear, a person is broken, feels their wounds, desiring their bodies to be closed of them. Though, in their fear, they feel themselves being closed from the world, as they become the void that weighs them in a burden.

No person, who is in love, can hate without a loss of trust. In fear, a person is fragile and weak. When they find love, they find strength. In the discovery of love, they have found what was missing in their life. What has been missing is what will make them complete. For that void could only be filled by love. A person who is encouraged to “discover that void”, has been told to find more things to fear, as those kept things will be held onto, with a yearning to never see them lost. In that, a person within such fear, becomes enclosed, as this solitary emotion always allows.

The hateful individual cannot feel anything. For that is because the hateful individual once felt it all, of love, to then cause themselves to feel nothing. The one truly hateful, as this state of mind comes rare, is not something ever wanted. In hate, a person does not recognize themselves, nor are recognized by anyone else, for they have become a different person. Hatred consumes the individual. For in its acts, they are feared by all others.

The one with true hate in their heart, has to have felt love, without any stains. They were blind in their innocence, cared for, and felt such love thinking it to never disappear. For in love, a person holds on. In love, a person needs for nothing else. To want for something else, other than love, is to be materialistic. In all hatred, there is discontent. In all discontent, there is the materialism wanted. In all fear from individuals who rebel against the one who acts out of hatred, there is downfall. In all downfall, there is remorse from the person who was destroyed by those they’ve personally rejected and resented.

The loving one, feels everything. The fearful one, feels themselves. The hateful one, does not feel, though they’ll act out of psychopathy.

Philosophy – “Why Racism is not an Act of Hate” – 7/24/2020

“When focus of fear occurs, it is knowledge that is gained of a broken people. Someone pulls the strings of fear, in the conquering of false competition and needless battle. Some puppeteer makes the dolls fight, in their trivial fights to be weakened.”

– Modern Romanticism

How often has a person been intimate with their “acts of racism”? Close in contact? They’d not be, unless they knew that person beyond the color of their skin.

For to know a person would mean to either love or to hate.

Hatred might blind the person. Though, so does love, to the individual who has a lover or a mother, or whoever else.

Do we know every dark secret? No. Though we must know something to enforce true hatred. Therefore, racism is impossible under the banner of actual hatred. It is true also that hatred cannot be of a collective. It is an emotion of loneliness, kept hidden, and only revealed at the mention of the specific individual. The fool who believes that racism is part of hatred, must deny that this suffocating emotion is a personal vendetta from individual to individual.

Whether love or hate, it is close, intimate, and understood. It goes beyond the shallowness of only noticing the skin color, to the heart of a person.

Quote – “The Difference between Hatred and Criticism” – 6/26/2020

“True hatred is life’s suffocation. It does not speak. It only behaves. It proves, by holding a hand upon the throat, keeping us from breathing. Love is a breath, yet it is a single breath. For we hold upon love’s breath for an eternity. We only let that breath go, when the one we love is released, and in death, there are no more breaths. Lust is the repeated breaths, chaotic and motioned. Lust is the numerously spilled sighs, countless in their number, unable to be grasped.

Criticism is the ability to better life, though lacks necessity upon death of that life. Whatever we mean to express, through our honest selves, is devout upon criticism. We want to better them, the life, before they die. Criticism speaks, gently through intellect. It does not act. It does not dismantle nor cause destruction. It merely reminds the listening person of what they already know of themselves.”

– Anonymous

A Quote of Wisdom – “When Equality is on the Side of Hatred” – 4/17/2020

Equality has a single definition: to not distinguish one person from the next, either by perfection or imperfection.

How does hatred perform in the same scenario? It does, because hatred is a cold and suffocating emotion that sees only the surface of a person. It sees a blank image of a person, not too deep to see the story of a person.

Therefore, true hatred does not distinguish one person from the next, when it would not care to know a person’s background, culture, or lifestyle.

Love, instead, distinguishes. It distinguishes through getting to know a person, their choices, and perhaps criticizing those decisions through gentle words. Stubbornness would only create an argument with the obstinate person who does not change their ways. Love will differ. Love will make preferences. Though, it won’t divide through fear, because love is the emotion that only prefers a thing, because it knows a thing.

Trust. That is love. Through preference, we trust. Through making all people equal, without difference, is no different than any psychopath not caring about a person’s story enough to not want to kill them.

A Quote of Wisdom – “Love, on the side of Expression; Hatred, on the side of Empowerment” – 4/16/2020

“As I lean closer to comprehending all of this, I discover more and more. It is then, upon when there is no more to learn, that I annihilate what I desire to be no more.”

– Anonymous

Love reveals itself on the side of the honest self, on the side of expression. Through art, one expresses love. It is the expression of eternity.

Hatred reveals itself on the side of the dishonest self, on the side of empowerment. Through destruction, one expresses hatred. It is the calling of immortality.

Through each duality of these, one should understand that love must display itself as “outward” or “external”. Whereas, through empowerment, one reveals themselves as wanting to live forever, through advancement and progression. As such of the latter, a person will follow the mindset of continual dissatisfaction, never settling for what matters the most, being that satisfaction.

It is not the taste of power that ever is settled upon. One wants more of it. One always wants more of it. Empowerment comes at the desire to be immortal of the self. All demons, who love themselves, vainly believe themselves to be indestructible. Thus, their arrogance and vanity makes them the weakest, fated by Nature itself, to be exterminated.

To follow the mindset of “empowerment” is the same following of a mindset of any drug addict or alcoholic.

Life becomes short, when the loving one realizes their immortality is nothing for themselves, as it then becomes an expression of eternity upon someone else. Life is always short, when we are selfless.

A Debunk – “Hatred cannot come in the Form of Speech” – 4/4/2020

Hatred cannot come in the form of speech, because hatred reeks of action, while love reeks of satisfaction. We are not satisfied, when we act. We are satisfied, should we be in true love. And when we are in that true love, we do not act, because we are satisfied.

Criticism, rather, is on the side of love, as well as care, and comes in the form of speech.

Hatred is the blow of a vendetta, against the person meant to be ended of their existence.

What one can do with words, is limited to just words, and nothing more. Should one utter a threat, out of hatred, but one does not commit to that dark and suffocating emotion, they are a coward. Or, they are impulsive, and still nothing more.

Criticism speaks out of intellectualism. Criticism betters a life, by encouraging the life to act.

Poem – “The Great Shade of Bitterness” – Romance – 12/25/2019

I thought to myself,
If I could change, from this searing anger I have felt,
To an uplifted self.
And, all that resulted was a bitterness.

I thought to myself,
If I could change, from this demented mind for a man,
I have within my cranium,
And, all that resulted was a bitterness.

Like a lash upon my arm, from your curled tresses,
Or a streak upon my cheek, from your feeble and quivering lips.
Like your tears that drown themselves in my waves,
I wish to see a dream, come towards me,
Just another one,
With one hand caressing another,
As I view it to be.
Much alike, how we were, upon each other’s shoulders.

We carried, what seemed to be light,
We spilled, open from our mouths, the whole blight
To be rid of it!
And, the light flickered, weakly,
But, the blight would not vanish,
It churned,
It twisted,
And we gave in.

We are sick, simply sick,
Because we were not quick
To create the beauty
That would be shielded by our love.

Personal Thought – “I Loathe Waiting” – 11/16/2019

My personal disposition for waiting, has become a tiresome one. I recoil at the task, itself. And why is this? It is because I have waited too long, for something to arrive. My beloved. Too long have we been apart, and now she is far, still too far, and for this, I loathe waiting.

Spread throughout everything, alike a contagion, and I now hate waiting for everything else. Should I preoccupy myself with another task, then only about 40% of my mind will be devoted to this other task. My focus will never surpass the mid-way, because the other 60% is set upon the waiting. Though, how does one bring things to move faster? One thing I also despise, and what conflicts with this loathing, is to know that all things rushed, never produces results of excellence.

Still, I despise the wait, despite knowing that it will bring good fortune. To wait and hope, has been said to be a great wisdom, by whoever said it. Yet, I loathe it, the process of waiting causing me to fidget and squirm, in my place when I sit, or when I am upright, I pace around my home creating step after miserable step.

Waiting is tiresome. It is loathsome, and creates dread; because, as my mind settles in with the paranoia, in with the incessant fear, my imagination scurries about the room I am in, like how shadows dance when some nearby fireplace does the same with its flame. And, now when it is almost winter, and it is cold, fireplaces are common, shadows are common, and what is most common, is a depression, a gesture of anguish from my stomach, as it perhaps goes to pit itself in my throat.

My heart longs, and it will continue to long, until her arrival.

Poem – “The Wrath of God” – Biblical/Romantic

Fill me with the energy,
To attack a traitor.
I saw her playing with power,
Under the sun.
Under her round moon,
A face of many.
Ovular as eggs,
To plant creation into a nest,
A bosom white,
Dropping the hued-red apples.

Though, she’s betrayed all of love,
All of the safety from a ruler.
She faces the wrath of God.
The downpour from His hand;
The Hand of God constructs decimation,
Among the fertile land.
Love, I would, but I strike the fever,
And lash it from existence.

What beauty to lift,
When now, strips of flesh?

What flesh to bury,
Beneath soil and bone,
When now, she’ll be scattered?
The wrath of God is all-honest,
All devoted to the disconnection.
My misery starts when unfurled.

I come upon her with a frenzy,
A makeshift testimony
An unparalleled ceremony,
Of bloodied tides and powdered teeth.
A loveliness!
I hold a body covered in crimson sheets.

I held a power,
The wrath of God.
And now is held a guilt,
All too natural.
For my death,
Will be by hands of my own.