Philosophy – “Why Empowerment Weakens Women… or People” – Pt. 2 – 6/23/2022

“There it must be said that a human’s only true form of control becomes self-control upon their urge for more. Dissatisfaction stems from hunger. Hunger had been formed out of depth, testing a human on how much can be filled of a well through temptation. When that well reaches its limit, self-control can only test this person, again, when this limitation becomes wished for to be stretched.”

– Modern Romanticism

It has become a paramount saying. To “go beyond one’s limits” will not reference self-control, under its guise of supposed inspiration. Or can it be a tempter or temptress uttering these words? A human resides, on this earth, through its existence with limits. A human defines itself as one, on its own, with limitations involved. Knowing oneself, or understanding one’s limits, becomes a person’s ability to surrender. Surrender to what? Surrender to knowing their yearning for control remains for naught.

No person has control over external outcomes. Controlling oneself, however, holds identification as one person’s test. If it has been truth, for a woman or for all others who express themselves as sensitive or that feelings matter much to them, power thus cannot be something desired. If power, power over oneself will and must be their singular want. If a woman will admit that feelings matter to her, she cannot state that power will be her hunger and craving. Whether her, a man, or even a child, power over something in external place will be identified as a mere one thing out of infinite physical things for consumption. Appetite, within all humans, runs on a course of depth, not height. A person will state that their gain of power has them “high”. However, a gain of power measures depth, not height. Height remains as a transference outside of temptations. Depth represents a person’s tolerance level, that for this well being stretched downward will extend for as long a person holds no self-control.

If a woman can ever state that emotions hold importance for her, she must realize that with emotions, restraint will be her strength. A constant unveiling of emotions will be identified as a lack of understanding to what a woman might not realize shows her weakness. This weakness of no restraint can be proven of a person who takes to an offering of power without consideration of what will be sacrificed, of their own. Sanity? Humanity? Life? When desiring choice, a woman or anyone else will not reveal this restraint. Restraint becomes strength when a person can take to this one true form of control, being self-control, due to its residence alongside that person’s understanding of what remains correct. What will always be correct will be when someone can say to themselves, “I have no choice but to correct this wrong I have committed.” Without restraint, a person can take to all offerings of power or those temptations that reach beyond limits. Although, with limits, a person can belong to themselves, instead of to that temptation.

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