Philosophy – “Why Empowerment Weakens Women… or People” – Pt. 2 – 6/23/2022

“There it must be said that a human’s only true form of control becomes self-control upon their urge for more. Dissatisfaction stems from hunger. Hunger had been formed out of depth, testing a human on how much can be filled of a well through temptation. When that well reaches its limit, self-control can only test this person, again, when this limitation becomes wished for to be stretched.”

– Modern Romanticism

It has become a paramount saying. To “go beyond one’s limits” will not reference self-control, under its guise of supposed inspiration. Or can it be a tempter or temptress uttering these words? A human resides, on this earth, through its existence with limits. A human defines itself as one, on its own, with limitations involved. Knowing oneself, or understanding one’s limits, becomes a person’s ability to surrender. Surrender to what? Surrender to knowing their yearning for control remains for naught.

No person has control over external outcomes. Controlling oneself, however, holds identification as one person’s test. If it has been truth, for a woman or for all others who express themselves as sensitive or that feelings matter much to them, power thus cannot be something desired. If power, power over oneself will and must be their singular want. If a woman will admit that feelings matter to her, she cannot state that power will be her hunger and craving. Whether her, a man, or even a child, power over something in external place will be identified as a mere one thing out of infinite physical things for consumption. Appetite, within all humans, runs on a course of depth, not height. A person will state that their gain of power has them “high”. However, a gain of power measures depth, not height. Height remains as a transference outside of temptations. Depth represents a person’s tolerance level, that for this well being stretched downward will extend for as long a person holds no self-control.

If a woman can ever state that emotions hold importance for her, she must realize that with emotions, restraint will be her strength. A constant unveiling of emotions will be identified as a lack of understanding to what a woman might not realize shows her weakness. This weakness of no restraint can be proven of a person who takes to an offering of power without consideration of what will be sacrificed, of their own. Sanity? Humanity? Life? When desiring choice, a woman or anyone else will not reveal this restraint. Restraint becomes strength when a person can take to this one true form of control, being self-control, due to its residence alongside that person’s understanding of what remains correct. What will always be correct will be when someone can say to themselves, “I have no choice but to correct this wrong I have committed.” Without restraint, a person can take to all offerings of power or those temptations that reach beyond limits. Although, with limits, a person can belong to themselves, instead of to that temptation.

Philosophy – “Why Empowerment Weakens Women… or People” – 6/8/2022

“Strength lies not in physical brawn nor masculine stupidity. Strength comes in this form of having control over emotions, where those emotions, if desperate enough, will take to all offerings of power that come in a desperate person’s lap.”

– Modern Romanticism

It must be considered that when a person happens to be desperate, it matters not what faith nor religion they’ll take to. If a Christian had not seen the isolated, miserable, and depressed individual as lacking faith, needing Christ and a Bible, a Muslim or even a cult leader might have led the lost lamb to a direction. In desperation, people of this sort, this certain mindset, will take to any faith. “Any faith will do” becomes a mentality to a desperate person, though they’ll more than often be deceived, rather than led to truth.

Empowering an individual comes with this innate factor of deception. If we empower desperate people, we ignore their individuality. We ignore their stories and their histories, because in leading them to faith and dependence, we rewrite them. We give them a blank slate. We are now using them, because people who empower are controllers.

Whyever must a woman take to empowerment, if not out of a stereotypical “weak woman” response to her desperation? If she shows no restraint, being the epitome of strength, she will be deceived and used. When a person shows strength, they also reveal their independence. If one who truly empowers or lends strength to someone considers them, this person, they will not set out to erase their history. Yet, those most desperate want to leave their past behind. Those most desperate never learn from their mistakes. They want to abandon what happens to be old, though only to them. To someone else who considers a person’s past, they know that they must accept these flaws to themselves, not set out to erase them.

Having restraint means to not give into all offerings of power. What becomes revealed of a person will be their insecure and self-loathing self, through how they’ve masked their weakness, hold intent to hide their insecurities, with aggressiveness. It always will be that aggressive individual who never thinks. Their desperation to do something about a conflict will not be with consideration of consequence. It will be with consideration of their desperation.

Rushing headlong into a conflict, that even with an intent to solve it, will prolong its existence if such becomes not considered of consequence. Whenever a woman becomes deemed as strong when she shows herself to never think, due to a belief that her physical strength will be her strength, resembles more of weakness. She prolongs weakness, in masking it with physical aggressiveness. To want power, through this aggressive, physical strength, always will be through that same desperate mindset of someone who lunges after conflict with a desire to control its outcome. With restraint, a person can think before acting. Otherwise, without having thought nor restraint, a person shows off a mere act, because one held no control over anything. In showing restraint, a person has control over themselves, being a human’s only true form of control.

Somewhat Personal – “How a Person Genuinely Becomes Fearless… though, with Consequences” – 5/9/2021

“Through fear, a person learns to move. As it is always ‘through’ fear, to be past it, not within it, that life stirs itself inside its own veins. It will be fearlessness, attained, when a person learns to ably spill some blood off their own veins, without tears to add.”

– Modern Romanticism

No one is left alone, without feeling alone. Though, the gullible nature of a simple child, who might find themselves to love themselves, in their mindset of adolescence, have not felt fear. It is fear that stirs life, within its veins. Though, past it, and life is swimming down such crimson cylinders. Then, to lose some of such blood, should not be with the wince, nor with the tears, for that is not fearlessness.

To be numb at the apprehending feeling of fear, before the face of death, is a sign of truest fearlessness.

To live in the fear for another, never for the self, is to know how to be fearless when the self does not matter. That is how such fearlessness is attained. When the self does not matter, manifold injury may be stuck against one’s flesh, and the pain is given more with the response of, “If it is just me, then let it be so.”

This is fearlessness. To be afraid is to be such, for another. Then, to be afraid for the self, is to be a coward. If to be concerned for another is to make one afraid, then one has learned to both love and to be fearless. Content with one’s wounds, and then one is never afraid, for a moment more.

A love, so alike, with the face of another to represent one’s own, that to notice their teardrops will provoke the protector’s face to melt.

Love encourages heroism, not fear. Love, and one learns to be loved. Become the betrayer, and then one learns to resent. Though, one does not know who to resent, when they’ve thought to always live with truth.

Bleed yourself, for another, and then one is fearless, because one’s own bloodstream is not theirs. However, see their blood be flowed, and rage should be inspired in you, the protector’s eyes. Of your own heart which for many years might have pumped the liquids of bravery through you, will always keep you open to this purpose.

The sole consequence is to be left with realizing what remains, should the protector fail.

An avalanche of selfish pain. That is what comes.

Philosophy – “Empowerment is the Path to Addiction” – 12/11/2020

“External reliance motivates a person to see the beyond. Does anyone question if ‘the beyond’ resides beyond human capability? It is ‘the beyond’ to stare into a direction from where one currently stands. To advance, to the average person, would mean to achieve. Though, does this contradict the knowledge of a person, to how they should limit themselves?”

– Modern Romanticism

Capability makes a person efficient, in where their current skills dwell. If their desire is to advance, then they’d not stare very much ahead, at quite a length in direction, if they intend to do this in rapid succession of so-called improvements. When one has a voice, has an idea spoken from their lips, it can be randomized in whatever direction it takes. Chaos spews, just as a tree grows endless twigs. When one never looks over their shoulder, to remember their painful beginning, they become lost in their own arrangements.

The beginning of a person is how one was most tried. To remember those trials, those tests, makes one automatically grateful to where one stands, at the current level. To each step, is where any person can become evermore grateful when looking over their shoulder to review the previous one. Life does not guarantee satisfaction, unless when one stops to do this.

If empowerment is less of internal reliance, though more of an endless path towards needed or unneeded progression, then it becomes an addiction of pursuits. One’s madness becomes acute, upon when gratitude can never come into their own picture. One’s madness, or one’s own personal dissatisfaction, cannot ever be personally accepted, for no person ever develops, or advances, without trust in right areas. Those “right areas” can only be described as placing trust in what will never simply be in one’s life for the short-term. For we do not treat people like addictions, nor distractions, if we do hold them in a genuine heart.

Short-term effects take a person nowhere, unless to remind one of something they lack, being of what could last. Addiction is that, being of something short-lived, never to be held in one’s memory for eternity. Even of the person who remembers their “best meal”, would only do so because of how it was made, not because of how it fueled them. They remember the ingredients, the toppings, and of all details to that arrangement. Was one grateful, to that? They were so, by how it was made by whatever skills the careful cook took to make it. One can get lost in remembrances, becoming lost to the current time, as well as to be lost in the current time, when never remembering neither pleasures nor the pains of the past. Gratitude comes when we can express it either for what protects us, in the now, or what pushed us forward, in the past.

To be empowered, would mean to find comfort in short-term effects. It’s the same as being uncertain for when one’s phone will die. It means to be caught in the effects of one’s own fears, remaining frozen without ever truly advancing. It is because to “truly advance” would mean to place trust in long-term effects, as was already mentioned. Just as life, we are like the cellphone, put on a supply of battery, before we run out and stop functioning.

The question becomes, does a person accept belonging to the current, forever unknown of the future, because they never plan? Or, does a person plan ahead, because they wish to retain control over their own lives? It becomes the matter of what a phone becomes, if it could control itself, beyond the touch of human hands, of external reliance.

Quote – “Why to Never be Proud for Identity” – Pt. 2 – 8/17/2020

“Proof must be within action. A person is always recognized for their deeds, for however noble and direct, and therefore not seen any longer of appearance. We love, we trust, the hero for their actions, when their appearances can be ignored. Though, should the appearance be the heroism, it is deception we believe to empower us.”

– Modern Romanticism

A Quote of Wisdom – “Love, on the side of Expression; Hatred, on the side of Empowerment” – 4/16/2020

“As I lean closer to comprehending all of this, I discover more and more. It is then, upon when there is no more to learn, that I annihilate what I desire to be no more.”

– Anonymous

Love reveals itself on the side of the honest self, on the side of expression. Through art, one expresses love. It is the expression of eternity.

Hatred reveals itself on the side of the dishonest self, on the side of empowerment. Through destruction, one expresses hatred. It is the calling of immortality.

Through each duality of these, one should understand that love must display itself as “outward” or “external”. Whereas, through empowerment, one reveals themselves as wanting to live forever, through advancement and progression. As such of the latter, a person will follow the mindset of continual dissatisfaction, never settling for what matters the most, being that satisfaction.

It is not the taste of power that ever is settled upon. One wants more of it. One always wants more of it. Empowerment comes at the desire to be immortal of the self. All demons, who love themselves, vainly believe themselves to be indestructible. Thus, their arrogance and vanity makes them the weakest, fated by Nature itself, to be exterminated.

To follow the mindset of “empowerment” is the same following of a mindset of any drug addict or alcoholic.

Life becomes short, when the loving one realizes their immortality is nothing for themselves, as it then becomes an expression of eternity upon someone else. Life is always short, when we are selfless.

A Quote of Wisdom – “Self-Identification Solidifies Narcissism” – 3/5/2020

“The mentality that speaks of a person only capable of knowing themselves, is to reject the empathy from another. We have rejected the words from another person, that is, who says to ourselves, ‘I have walked that same road.’ With an immense focus on the past, we face the direction of pain. Empathy knows pain, from one person to another. Empathy is the driving connection, from one human to another. By facing the direction of pain, we regress, and ‘understand ourselves’ or ‘know ourselves’ only by embracing hatred, when we reject empathy. When we reject the empathy from another in how an external person can understand us, we reject love. What is strength, besides a place where we are in, when we are past the past, or past the pain, and looking forward to brightness? True strength resides in a future without fear.

For if we say to ourselves to remain in the present, and not focus on the past nor the future, we will find that to be impossible. We will inevitably have a focus, as either the past or the future. With that, we become the ones to either be hateful or loving. Hatred for the focus that is on the past. Love for the focus that is on the future.”

A Man’s Personal Thought – “For a Woman within the Political World” – 11/20/2019

I’d be compassionate and merciful enough, to hold back a woman from such a diseased realm, as the “political world”. It is never a “restriction from rights”, in my mind, as a woman can do all she wishes. Though, if something like a man’s compassion, or his way with mercy, or his way with empathy, is something deemed as impossible in a woman’s mind, it is sad to my own.

Everything of a man, to a woman who he’s meant to love, is everything in the way of her happiness. Her safety and her happiness, if he is a man, and not a castrated and cowardly male, would be more important than his own safety and happiness. Only a man, and never just a male, would be there to hold her back from this diseased and miserable world, called “politics”.

It is a place that men are attracted to, out of a brutal nature to rise. To rise above what? Why, to rise above their women. Men should be able to look down and see who is so much wondering on why he is not offering attention to her, being his woman, and thus, step down to offer it.

I offer compassion, and mercy, and never restriction, out of a personal belief in mine, that the “political world” is far too much of a dangerous place, for a woman. “Dangerous” in the ways of corruption. “Dangerous” in the ways of deception. “Dangerous” in the ways of misery.

Out of guilt, a man is attracted to this terrible place, of ever-more terrible topics, only to conceal a past action of his. A man holds guilt dear to him, and out of arrogance, and a lacking of a wife, he rises to that world to nullify the guilt, because he lacks the offering of forgiveness upon that guilt. Only a woman can offer the forgiveness that a man desires, for his guilt. His guilt, that causes him to rise to some station in the “political world” is where he only ever aims to conceal the guilt, through another “achievement”.

Such a mindset, where a man only achieves in this world, is only to stack layers atop a feeling of guilt. That is, where he feels guilt, he will add another layer, and soon, be critical of himself.

A woman may ask this, “Why is my man so critical?”

I will respond, “He is just as critical of himself, as he is of you. It is all he knows to do. He doesn’t know the forgiveness, because all his decisions have resulted in guilt upon more guilt. And now, he even questions whether his love for you has been the best choice in the world. Forgive him. All he wants, is that forgiveness.”

Brutality and stupidity is the way of a man. He is an idiot. Though, he’ll be smart enough to know his woman, or he’ll be smart enough to know that any woman in the world should not lower herself, so much to amuse herself in such a wretched profession. All she will feel is the guilt that a man feels, if she is so curious over it.