Philosophy – “The Flaws of Abstract Art” – 11/3/2020

“Were humans be able to comprehend each other, with ease, we’d do so, through art.”

– Modern Romanticism

It is like grief, where we lose something we found to be more valuable than us, that such sadness becomes a universal understanding. We are not limited by our sadness, for tears are always infinite. The suicidal person may indeed exit this world, in the same way they entered it. Weeping. Yet, the joys of this world come with tears, too, only they are sweet.

From grief, to joys, to all manner of emotion, such universal aspects are not achieved with abstraction. The confusion that relates to a viewer of such abstract “art”, is not in relation to the universal truth of what Creation is meant to be. An understanding. Of ease, in that comprehension, makes up art. Why should we not be the ones to see perfection in the flaws? Yet, if abstract art is purified flaw, then there’s nothing universal of it. It is merely the confusion that sets us apart, through ignorance.

When a painting or a song allows us to feel, such rising emotions are what all can comprehend. To see a painting that might depict the loss of a child, will relate to any viewer who understands the “pain of loss”. The pain of loss, or the hopes that can also be shared through art, are not of abstraction. Again, “abstraction” is merely the depiction of division. Division, for that is not the connection that a universal understanding would bring.

Abstraction, while it defines itself as a “breaking” of rules and boundaries, is essentially just division. Though, the viewers are especially divided among their opinions, their voices, rather than through universally comprehending what the art reveals. For what it reveals, meant to be universal, is truth. Meant to inspire, for how are we not, when we look upon something that moves us? Stirs us, due to that such an artwork made us feel what we normally avoid?

Humans have a tendency to avoid such secrets, of themselves, as they begin to dream of them when it is dark. It is dark, as such dreams are the light that we, at first chose not to make as art during daytime. As such, we are meant to take what we see, in our subconscious, because that is the artist’s inspiration. Truth. It is because “truth” stands for what we can reveal, out of courage, so that a viewer, or listener, or reader may also understand what they’re avoiding of themselves.

Quote – “The Egotism within Abstract Art” – 5/20/2020

“Much of the fault within egotism is the lack of being honest, out of a desire for personal gain. If the common saying for an artist or a creator is to say that no one can comprehend their work, then is the abstract artist merely the deceiver? If the common saying for abstract art is to say that one cannot understand the piece, then it must be that the abstract artist is never honest. What is the point in saying that a viewer to the artist or creator’s work cannot comprehend it, when the artist themselves desires for others to look upon it? Tread down this direction enough, as a creator, and one can believe for themselves that their work should never be seen by another person’s eyes. That is egotism. For one trait behind the narcissistic individual is to say that no one understands them. They will say this repeatedly until it is only their reflection they look upon.”

– Anonymous

A Quote of Wisdom – “For Art to Grow…” – 3/7/2020

“For art to grow and prosper, it must be treated as any other life upon Earth. We are creations of other creations, are we not? Therefore, if art is merely ‘anything’, then it is ‘nothing’, referring the creators of this art to be those to keep people in their poverty. They dislike when anyone rises beyond their miserable states, deep in the gloom of being impoverished. Why would we not treat art as life, the creation as something that should rise beyond merely the ‘anything’ when we are impoverished? We treat hope as something barren, when impoverished. We treat people as those to be distrusted, as say that this is wise, when impoverished. ‘Poverty’ merely translates to ‘loss’, and the last thing we should lose, is our hope. When the artist creates art, they are creating life. Otherwise, they make themselves known to be a person who embeds the impoverished person in their state, should they treat ugliness the same as beauty.”

A Quote of Wisdom – “When Art is Referenced to be Anything” – 3/7/2020

“At the ‘anything’ level, art is referenced to be ‘nothing’. Kept at the anything level, it is kept as an idea at its birth, as nothing. As nothing, it is kept at the poverty level, which must be why we have stated today that ugliness is the same as beauty. No creation is anything, while it is nothing. It must grow and prosper, and by becoming something through that growth, it becomes then the representation of life or truth.

It must be why we have stated that graffiti, that is only ever drawn upon concrete bridges and the sides of disheveled apartments, to be ‘beautiful’ pieces of art. By knowing now that at the ‘anything’ level, something is truly nothing because it has not grown, we should, as well, know that without care, without standards and principles, the ‘anything’ art will crumble. Kept as an idea, as anything, it has not been cultivated. Kept as a seed, not having grown into something to see beyond being buried in the soil, it has not been cultivated.

We see the ugly artwork, like how a seed is buried beneath the soil, and our innate instincts compels us to say that it is an incomplete. We question it, ask for meaning from the artist, because our minds are telling us that the art has no meaning. That is, it is a nothing. Would a mother express concern and worry over a prematurely-born infant? If so, it is the same.”