Quote – “The Egotism within Abstract Art” – 5/20/2020

“Much of the fault within egotism is the lack of being honest, out of a desire for personal gain. If the common saying for an artist or a creator is to say that no one can comprehend their work, then is the abstract artist merely the deceiver? If the common saying for abstract art is to say that one cannot understand the piece, then it must be that the abstract artist is never honest. What is the point in saying that a viewer to the artist or creator’s work cannot comprehend it, when the artist themselves desires for others to look upon it? Tread down this direction enough, as a creator, and one can believe for themselves that their work should never be seen by another person’s eyes. That is egotism. For one trait behind the narcissistic individual is to say that no one understands them. They will say this repeatedly until it is only their reflection they look upon.”

– Anonymous

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