A Quote of Wisdom – “When Art is Referenced to be Anything” – 3/7/2020

“At the ‘anything’ level, art is referenced to be ‘nothing’. Kept at the anything level, it is kept as an idea at its birth, as nothing. As nothing, it is kept at the poverty level, which must be why we have stated today that ugliness is the same as beauty. No creation is anything, while it is nothing. It must grow and prosper, and by becoming something through that growth, it becomes then the representation of life or truth.

It must be why we have stated that graffiti, that is only ever drawn upon concrete bridges and the sides of disheveled apartments, to be ‘beautiful’ pieces of art. By knowing now that at the ‘anything’ level, something is truly nothing because it has not grown, we should, as well, know that without care, without standards and principles, the ‘anything’ art will crumble. Kept as an idea, as anything, it has not been cultivated. Kept as a seed, not having grown into something to see beyond being buried in the soil, it has not been cultivated.

We see the ugly artwork, like how a seed is buried beneath the soil, and our innate instincts compels us to say that it is an incomplete. We question it, ask for meaning from the artist, because our minds are telling us that the art has no meaning. That is, it is a nothing. Would a mother express concern and worry over a prematurely-born infant? If so, it is the same.”

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