Philosophy – “A Critique against the ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement” – 5/10/2021

“Justice is, what denial isn’t. We cannot, as we might, find ourselves to find fault in another, without rejecting our own humanity. Our nature, to be imperfect, to be flawed, is to comprehend that the sides to a coin do not represent a sheer division; rather, they represent what exists to inevitably work towards the other’s needs or conveniences.”

– Modern Romanticism

It is all too alike, as we’re bound to find, that a fragile thing like Justice is often corrupted by the facilities of egotism and ambition. Upon this, what with the specific movement to discuss, that their catering towards the victimization of blacks, has resulted in extensive manipulation of purport. A purpose, by which one finds meaning in it, would ever be manipulated by a highness to one’s attitude, that perhaps had always been.

Among politics, egotism is the place of the survivor. For the one willing to outwit or outsmart the other, a task to manipulate has incredible hold upon those who are swayed to be under their arms. Within their grasp, and then, the manipulation is perceived to be a sight of goodness. How can one comprehend the truth of the politician, when one does not know them? Yet, they’ll admit to somehow knowing the victim, their place for what is needed, comprehend what limits are stirred for the sake of their unlimited power.

No one is ever “empowered”, within this movement, or those alike. The more dependence, the less gain, not the more. This should be common knowledge, though the person most willing to depend is also most unknowingly being deceived and manipulated. Lies are the weapon of politics. To be swayed under a politician’s control, is no longer through force.

No longer do we live in the days of direct and honest tyrants, who would use force to confiscate someone’s property. We now dwell within days when we are told to be living in “different times”, despite such words are, themselves, a deception.

People have not changed. Nothing has, for “change” would represent itself as mere chaos. Change is a synonym for chaos, to be nothing credited as more. To be within the belief that our species has changed, is ever through the essence of deception. That, to conceal ourselves, means that truth is no longer the boldness. We can be deceived, so much with ease, when we wish ourselves to enforce change, though nothing is ever altered.

As it is through chaos that a movement, as this, would be inspired to take up the mantle for the sake of Justice, then it cannot be. Justice cannot be for such a movement, if it speaks of change. We do not change, unless we yearn to dismantle what is, already. Though, to improve, for such is change’s opposite, would mean to never embrace chaos, though the order for which Justice stands.

By fire, such a movement has control, though none. Through flame, such a movement seeks Vengeance, not Justice. Change is uncontrolled, though it is improvement that is. Fire, spread like the wind, same as one’s voice for carrying out an advocation to another change; this is chaos. A chaotic spread, being of an uncontrolled blaze, is where Vengeance finds its home. And, to deceive those into believing one fights for Justice, using flame, is nothing short of a comedic skit.

Same with rage, flame is uncontrolled, if spread over the entirety. Only water, being superior to fire, can douse it.

Though, would such a movement find water, the expression of the vulnerable human nature, as the greater weapon to flame? They’d not, for then they’d no longer be manipulated.

Flames can be manipulated, under the command of who causes them, from those so responsible for decieving the world. Flames dance, as such people for this certain movement can be no more than puppets, made to waltz from corner to corner, hot within the ballroom.

A vulnerable side, a human side, would implore a person to find solutions. True solutions, brought from this vulnerable and human nature of people, not belonging to the inferiority behind fire. Water is superior to fire, thus making a solution formed through being vulnerable as the objectively better option.

Though, why would we find ourselves attracted to the flame? To be warm, of course, for it is an addiction. No longer would we become brave against the coldness of who we are, when we break ourselves down, instead of others. Those dependent on flame, or just dependent, will not go far from it.

Were we to find ourselves as vulnerable, we’d discover that anyone can feel our pain. For this is what flame, or anger, conceals. It conceals hurt.

How is it not plausible to attribute flame to deception, if rage conceals hurt?

If hurt is truth, and truth is hurtful, then flame would be the deception that hides it.

Quote – “What Breeds Fascism?” – 9/9/2020

“Speech upon speech, breeds negotiation. Force upon force, breeds war. Therefore, it is war upon voice, or force upon speech, that describes the fascism history relates to, in the purest of its familial blood.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “People of Vengeance are Termites” – 9/1/2020

“Deconstructionists are termites. They require extermination. They are pests, who live to tear down development. What had a business done to raise itself, only for a termite wandering in the streets to pull it down? What does ignorance do, of the same? It breaks. People will speak of the power of knowledge. Though, the power of ignorance will tear the structure apart in a fraction of the time it took to be built. ‘Raise’ a child for 18 years, with all the required knowledge. Kill the 18-year-old child after their birthday, and one was merely ignorant of that knowledge.

All structure, built through knowledge. All structure, destroyed through ignorance.”

– Modern Romanticism

Philosophy – “The Objective and Inarguable Difference Between Justice & Vengeance” – 9/1/2020

“Justice does not steer us in a direction, nor does it conform to the emotion of anger. One is calm, through Justice. One is decisive and planning, through Justice. One does not maneuver with a blade or gun to the target of oppression, and call it Justice. For Justice is never personal.”

– Modern Romanticism

The objective fool will call “Justice” to be a thing based around anger. It is not, factually so. How is anger an element to Justice, when Justice can only represent order? When Vengeance would destroy, how does Justice have its mention in destruction? How is anger an element to Justice, when anger will only breed fire? Fire wastes. It wastes and relives that destruction, over again. It causes a cycle that does not end, until forgiveness is placed in the middle of it.

Anger is only a reaction. It must be suppressed. With anger, fumes from smoke are caused.

Nothing about Justice relates to anger. This is a fact. Anger is on the side of Vengeance, not Justice. When a fool will state that Justice must be “dealt”, through his or her anger, they are speaking of Vengeance. Vengeance tears down. Vengeance does not raise. Justice would repair. Justice would forgive. Only a fool whose grief and anger has gotten the better of them, has flooded their mind, cannot see that it is Vengeance, not Justice, that makes hatred known.

Fires bleed through the streets, as it holds the same coloring as blood and innards. We rip, tear, and yank in Vengeance, as Justice would only be gentle. It is Justice, too, that remains stagnant.

There is no movement that can claim Justice to be its strength. A movement moves. Justice does not.

Justice stays within.

Vengeance would seek to kill. Justice would seek to live.

Emptiness blots out life, in the Vengeance that had killed the beating heart. What animals of the streets must be tamed by the leash, so that they do not use their anger, when they cannot be calmed, on their own? It is pitiful.

Speak of truth, through Justice. Speak of lies, through Vengeance. To call your Vengeance as Justice, is to be the epitome of all liars. One is the untamed animal, deconstructing the building to make the wood and leaves, once again. They are now in the wild, with their primal instincts, disgusted at development, grinning at downfall. What a sad story.

Quote – “Why not Believe Prejudice as a Fear?” – 8/27/2020

“When prejudice is believed to never be a fear, it becomes a one-sided standpoint on who can possibly take a form of it. When prejudice is believed to be a fear, equality is soon promoted in the belief that all sides, when prejudiced, feel the same thing. For when emotion can be realized, in terms of sameness, there is a unison involved where comprehension becomes commonplace.

Whether in love, or undergoing a tantrum of fear, there is comprehension. As an example of a solider to see another of his kind, there is the same expression in either’s eyes.”

– Modern Romanticism

Philosophy – “Why Racism is not an Act of Hate” – 7/24/2020

“When focus of fear occurs, it is knowledge that is gained of a broken people. Someone pulls the strings of fear, in the conquering of false competition and needless battle. Some puppeteer makes the dolls fight, in their trivial fights to be weakened.”

– Modern Romanticism

How often has a person been intimate with their “acts of racism”? Close in contact? They’d not be, unless they knew that person beyond the color of their skin.

For to know a person would mean to either love or to hate.

Hatred might blind the person. Though, so does love, to the individual who has a lover or a mother, or whoever else.

Do we know every dark secret? No. Though we must know something to enforce true hatred. Therefore, racism is impossible under the banner of actual hatred. It is true also that hatred cannot be of a collective. It is an emotion of loneliness, kept hidden, and only revealed at the mention of the specific individual. The fool who believes that racism is part of hatred, must deny that this suffocating emotion is a personal vendetta from individual to individual.

Whether love or hate, it is close, intimate, and understood. It goes beyond the shallowness of only noticing the skin color, to the heart of a person.

Quote – “Why Racism has no Definition” – 7/23/2020

“When everything is deemed to be racist, then nothing is deemed to be racist. It is the same with art. If anything can be art, then nothing is art. Repetition, in terms of the mass production to something that should hold meaning and value, causes that meaning and value to become dust. It is gone, both meaning and value, because repetition has killed it.

To imagine it like the United States attempting to solve its debt problem, by simply printing out more paper currency, would cause the dollar bill to lose its value. It is through that repetition, that value is killed. Meaning becomes killed, the same way. For if everything is deemed the same as a singularity, then it is no longer about meaning, as much as it is the loss of it.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “A Thing about Hypocrisy” – 6/29/2020

“When one fool will state that only a certain side can follow a certain path, such as one that relates to resentment, then they are naive. For to state that only a white man can be the one who is racist, is much like how the Colonists of old thought that only the Native Americans were the ‘savages’. Turns out, the Colonists were just as ‘savage’ as those Native Americans, being proven as them killing the Indians by the thousands.

Now, such statues of those so-called ‘traitors’ of America’s past, are being tumbled. Is this more proof to a human’s triviality?

What are we, in this world, as humans? Just hypocritical fools, who attempt to suppress our susceptibility to certain imperfections, by making us look unique and perfect? That exposes our weakness and magnifies it. To say we are immune to certain basic human traits, that are so fundamental they should be named as commonplace, is arrogance, incarnate.

Humans are beasts. We are all savages. No one is perfect, and it is purified weakness to assume one side can reign forever, without flaw. One simply needs to see at the aged ruins of Rome, to understand the truth, firsthand.”

– Anonymous

Controversial Topic – “George Floyd is the Left’s New Censorship” – 6/14/2020

It is known of the Liberal Left that they enjoy it when speech is silenced, that when a person speaks in a manner deemed offensive, they are quieted from talking. Simply call the person deemed to be racist, a racist, and they are quieted. Even the police in certain nations cannot arrest gangs, out of their petty fear in being called this even pettier word.

To speak on slavery as though the blacks only can comprehend it, is ignorance, in and of itself. What did slave-masters use for their tool to silence a black slave? They used the whip. What do Liberal Leftists use to silence speech? They have their own single words, like “racist” or “sexist” used to silence a disobedient “slave” and keep them from rebelling. Therefore, these methods of silence are only different in that they approach from a more subtle route, rather than a direct one.

George Floyd, in this sense, is dead, and his literal silence is what drives the ongoing riots and the Seattle takeover. Their more-than-disgusting ways have been what they deem to be justifiable in misusing the dead, and taking advantage of the silence of death. The silence of death, the censorship of a dead man, named George Floyd, is what the Liberal Left is taking advantage of. It is because George Floyd would be the “voice of reason” in this heat of unceasing conflict. Were he alive, he’d be the sole voice, as the loudest voice, to speak against current happenings. Were he alive, he’d might have a voice louder than any political leader, or civil rights activist. Were he alive, there’d be no need for something like riots, to occur. He’d lay his hand down and put a stop to them, through his sheer presence and voice.

His silence, in the grave, is what the Liberal Left takes for advantageous gain. For advantageous gain, the Liberal Left understand that George Floyd cannot speak, be the voice of reason against them, and therefore believe they are free through his demise.

This method of taking advantage of the dead, might as well be on the lowest level of committing necrophilia. For it is with the same word, called “usage”, that these Liberal Leftists are using the dead, for lust. As lust relates to gain, and gain is accompanied by the word “advantage”, it is here where we comprehend that these people have greatly lowered themselves.

Quote – “In the Attempt to Call Vengeance, Justice” – 6/8/2020

“We are but men, drawn to act in the name of revenge we deem to be ‘justice’. But when we call our vengeance ‘justice’, it only breeds more revenge… forging the first link in the chains of hatred.”

– Nagato (Naruto)

Quote – “Why Justice cannot be Interpreted” – Pt. 2 – 6/6/2020

“All things related to Justice relate to order. Those things are of logic, of structure, of knowledge. Interpret something like Justice that relates to all these things, and one inevitably makes their own perspective as just a ‘fragment of the whole’. Such means, that through that fragment, that subjective interpretation, that opinion on Justice, there is that view of Justice becoming more-so a view of Vengeance. Such means, that this view will be everything related to disorder from order, to destruction from structure, to ignorance from knowledge. It is because a mere fragment of something like Justice, that relates to order, from laws and evidence, is the fragment that has become the piece of order. Because, all of order relates to wholeness, while all of the subjective ideas behind Justice relate to disorder and division.

Allow the freedom in a nation to interpret Justice, and that freedom has become a mere tool for division, and nothing more.”

– Anonymous