Quote – “A Thing about Hypocrisy” – 6/29/2020

“When one fool will state that only a certain side can follow a certain path, such as one that relates to resentment, then they are naive. For to state that only a white man can be the one who is racist, is much like how the Colonists of old thought that only the Native Americans were the ‘savages’. Turns out, the Colonists were just as ‘savage’ as those Native Americans, being proven as them killing the Indians by the thousands.

Now, such statues of those so-called ‘traitors’ of America’s past, are being tumbled. Is this more proof to a human’s triviality?

What are we, in this world, as humans? Just hypocritical fools, who attempt to suppress our susceptibility to certain imperfections, by making us look unique and perfect? That exposes our weakness and magnifies it. To say we are immune to certain basic human traits, that are so fundamental they should be named as commonplace, is arrogance, incarnate.

Humans are beasts. We are all savages. No one is perfect, and it is purified weakness to assume one side can reign forever, without flaw. One simply needs to see at the aged ruins of Rome, to understand the truth, firsthand.”

– Anonymous

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