Quote – “Why Justice cannot be Interpreted” – Pt. 2 – 6/6/2020

“All things related to Justice relate to order. Those things are of logic, of structure, of knowledge. Interpret something like Justice that relates to all these things, and one inevitably makes their own perspective as just a ‘fragment of the whole’. Such means, that through that fragment, that subjective interpretation, that opinion on Justice, there is that view of Justice becoming more-so a view of Vengeance. Such means, that this view will be everything related to disorder from order, to destruction from structure, to ignorance from knowledge. It is because a mere fragment of something like Justice, that relates to order, from laws and evidence, is the fragment that has become the piece of order. Because, all of order relates to wholeness, while all of the subjective ideas behind Justice relate to disorder and division.

Allow the freedom in a nation to interpret Justice, and that freedom has become a mere tool for division, and nothing more.”

– Anonymous

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