Quote – “Why Respect is Objectively Earned” – 9/21/2020

“Were a person to believe respect as automatic, then they confuse it for love. It is always that a person wishes to be noticed, making them inevitably in yearning for love. Respect, however, is always earned, because were it not, we could respect anyone. We could loosely ‘respect’ the psychopath, and their ways. We could loosely ‘respect’ the pedophile, and their ways. To love any sadist, merely means to utilize criticism that would indeed back the imperfect person from their faults, to a time when they weren’t faulted. In this sense, love turns the imperfection to a perfection.”

– Modern Romanticism

Philosophy – “Beauty Exists to be Fragile, to Love’s Non-Existence” – 7/27/2020

“All love is not delicate, ever on its own. On its own, it is waiting to create. To imagine the universe as infinite, is to believe in love the same. All beauty is delicate to its creator. All beauty is shaped by hands so unseen, while through our submission, we allow them to mold us.”

– Modern Romanticism

Each human is beautiful, delicate to the control of love. The non-existence of love, is believed in, to be existent by the existence of beauty. For this means that each thing that can be broken, is beautiful. Each thing that can be destroyed, is protected by love.

Each beautiful thing upon this world has form, has shape, and can be broken. The mind cannot truly be broken, so long as love is wanted. By the mind, love is wanted, for the repair of it. For that will occur in an instant. Whatever torment the mind suffers will be immediately relieved through love. It is the mind that is indirectly in torment, while the body is directly in its suffering. As in, the body represents the honesty of a person, while the mind represents the dishonesty or mystery of a person. As scientists have said, the mind is the last to go, upon the body’s death. It is due to that the mind is transferring its memories to the next world, where the soul goes.

Attempt to resurrect the form, and it will be literally reborn, without recollection of who it was during its first life. No human can be “resurrected” without being “reset” the same way a machine is. It is as Christ, who upon his own resurrection, knew he must be called to Heaven. It is because that where he belonged, knowing his “Holy Spirit” was with his Father. It must be the case that all dead humans, among each memory to their mind, exists in “Heaven”. The realm where the dead go, or where the memories go, and perhaps relived.

All love upon this world to everything beautiful, is a non-existence before it becomes an existence. Though, only because love was believed in, that this occurs, can beauty ever be protected by it.

Each thing of a shape, of a form, can be broken. Therefore, it can be protected by something infinitely more supreme in wisdom, and in guidance, so that it does not break. For it is that the mind to a fragile form, can do unwise maneuvers and decisions, so that the body breaks. If the body breaks, then the mind was merely without wisdom. Without wisdom, a person acts in the stupid manner to let their body become broken. For how does a person live on, without knowing the love from another? No person upon this world understands love, without receiving it.

Quote – “Why Vulnerability is the Key to Strength” – 7/23/2020

“Think of the mind as related to the muscles, when we exercise to break down the fibers so that our limbs can grow stronger after rest. To be vulnerable, is in the same idea. We operate on a choice that breaks us down, only for us to grow when we rest, when we contemplate on the consequences. That is called being responsible. That is called being mature.

When we encounter any trial in our lives, to do anything that requires risk, we break ourselves open upon the task before us. Like an egg, we crack ourselves open upon what we face. In being vulnerable during those moments, we are soon to grow when we repair ourselves, either through what we took a risk in, or when we are betrayed. Because, like muscles, we grow stronger after we rest, after we have been broken down.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “An Example to why Love Dominates Lust” – 7/19/2020

“If one can comprehend with ease, that the mind controls the human form of arms and legs, like a puppeteer controlling their puppet, then it should be easily comprehended that love controls lust. By that meaning, it is the mind being of love, that dominates the form being of lust. Love dominates lust, by the mind using what is always the tool. Though, in that, it is to say that the mind will protect the form, by controlling it to never perform the unwise decision. By the mind or love, dominating the body or lust, is to state that what loves protects what is weak. For the body is like lightning, to be gone, in an instant, at the stupid mind that controlled the obedient form. As the mind leads the form, it is always love that should lead the headless sheep in the herd.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “Love is not Quantity” – 7/14/2020

“One cannot mass produce quality. Such is physically impossible. For the average human does not understand quality, as much as they understand ‘the craving’. A human craves, to benefit their body. It is that the form can be the only thing mass produced. Were the mind mass produced, it would be the same as love mass produced. Such is, as well, physically impossible, because love is not even physical. It is metaphysical, meaning that it cannot be constructed, or even what constructs the self. It it what constructs another person, in the gift.

Love is the quality, whereas lust is the quantity. We are not attracted by love, at first glance, as much as attraction relates to lust. It is the number, before it splits off from the rest. Then, it becomes attached to us, in a oneness of knowledge, being of the mind.

Love must be the brief spark of lust, at first glance to another, making the challenge to see that one as either among the rest, or apart from the rest.”

– Modern Romanticism

A Quote of Wisdom – “Of Scientific Assimilation” – 4/20/2020

“When it comes to assimilation, it comes to the gathering of flesh, the gathering of subjects, the ‘gathering of opinions’, or even the gathering of votes, such people are continually observed by scientific eyes. What has this to do with the tool? A tool, being of direct opposite contrast to a human treated with an individual mind or with intellect, has much to do with those who can be used or replaced. One objectively loves a human for their mind, not for their form. Should one claim to love a human for their form, they are only feeling sorry for the damage done unto it.

The tool is always damaged if one does not take proper care of it.”

A Quote of Wisdom – “The Metaphysics of a Relationship” – 3/20/2020

How is a woman beautiful?

She is beautiful, by not focusing on what will repel a man to be attracted to her. Her form, that is, because by not focusing so much on it, she places no shield between herself and a potential partner.

Beauty has only one place in the world: attraction. That attraction can make the abusive man come to destroy it. However, it could also create the attraction enough for a man to come to protect it.

A physical relationship possesses no feeling. Lust does not create the feelings that will speak of an eternity with the chosen partner. Love is metaphysical, not physical, and there are no differing perspectives on this. To prove it, comprehend what a body is. It is a mass of flesh. It is a shield, or a wall, and with much focus from a woman, makes her a barricade against attraction. She reinforces herself, enough so that such a form of hers, cannot be vulnerable.

One may say that the sex in a physical relationship possesses enough feeling. Though, is it not like a dying spark? It raises as an inferno, until it dies down quickly to a mere few cold embers.

Lust is the essence of toying with the physical. When a woman, who sees herself to be beautiful, as most do, or want to, will not ever be beautiful through continual dissatisfaction over appearance. Through intellect, however, a woman is able to become extraordinarily beautiful, because her second nature becomes her beauty.

The mind is only capable of possessing one primary focus, and one secondary focus. This means that should the form becomes the primary focus, then the mind is neglected. And, since the form is physical, then it also represents “what is visible”, and so what is invisible, being the mind, inevitably deteriorates.

Intellect deteriorates, when the form is so much the focus. We see, in today’s world, such a prominent focus on a woman’s form, though should she focus on intellect, then her form will become like a cloud. That is, for a man to pass through it, because she has not focused so much on it, that it no longer looks like an ugly barricade. In focusing on her intellect, she proposes attraction to a man. And, the protectors win, in this sense. They will always win, because beauty should not reinforce itself. To imagine it like the land of a nation being uninhabitable, acting of its own accord to directly destroy any trace of civilization, would we want this?

A man, who is devoted to love, lives in a woman. Then, she lives in whatever he has constructed, with his own hands.

Still don’t believe these words? Then, why have relationships “fallen apart”, because the recent movements for women have encouraged her to gather herself together? They enforce strength through those who are inherently vulnerable, because the very inevitable aspect behind relationships and an organism’s reproduction, is to be attracted to what has been seduced enough to not fight back. Why have the divorce rates skyrocketed, if not because beauty has strengthened herself so much, that men have a hard time understanding a woman?

A Quote of Wisdom – “The True Meaning of Dominance & Submission” – 3/7/2020

“Most ignorant people will state that dominance and submission references wife-beating or domestic violence, when that is simply not true.

Dominance refers to loyalty and confidence, attributes that a man genetically possesses, in a predominant manner. To a man, vulnerability is something very alien. That is, he is not willing to simply weep around anyone. If a man weeps for a woman, it is a show of trust, for her. However, as is common, vulnerability is very well-known for a woman, for only one possible reason. It is that life springs from her. When at rest, the infant in the womb, soon does the infant ‘spring’ from her. When we are held by mothers, soon after a period of labor, we ‘spring’ from her arms to continue that labor.

Life. It comes from a woman. This is factual, of course, so when we understand ‘life’, we understand what is vulnerable. The opening, such as what a vagina signifies for ‘what is vulnerable’. An opening. It is the opening that is much like the wound. Everything or anyone that is open is free to express, free to share emotions (related to life) in the most repeated manner.

And, to come back to dominance, it is here where we view that a woman is chosen by a man, for marriage, and to say for himself that he loves her, for all her wounds and imperfections. That, he will be gentle and kind to her, never abusive nor manipulative. Dominance really only reflects the desire by a man to care, with respect unto her, for the form that will not ever be viewed to be hideous. And, she will allow that by being ‘submissive’.

With all that has been written in mind, why do we refer ‘dominance & submission’ to the very opposite of what has been described? The opposite, that refers to the destruction of what is beautiful, rather than the care of what is beautiful. It is not what people sometimes believe.”