A Quote of Wisdom – “The Metaphysics of a Relationship” – 3/20/2020

How is a woman beautiful?

She is beautiful, by not focusing on what will repel a man to be attracted to her. Her form, that is, because by not focusing so much on it, she places no shield between herself and a potential partner.

Beauty has only one place in the world: attraction. That attraction can make the abusive man come to destroy it. However, it could also create the attraction enough for a man to come to protect it.

A physical relationship possesses no feeling. Lust does not create the feelings that will speak of an eternity with the chosen partner. Love is metaphysical, not physical, and there are no differing perspectives on this. To prove it, comprehend what a body is. It is a mass of flesh. It is a shield, or a wall, and with much focus from a woman, makes her a barricade against attraction. She reinforces herself, enough so that such a form of hers, cannot be vulnerable.

One may say that the sex in a physical relationship possesses enough feeling. Though, is it not like a dying spark? It raises as an inferno, until it dies down quickly to a mere few cold embers.

Lust is the essence of toying with the physical. When a woman, who sees herself to be beautiful, as most do, or want to, will not ever be beautiful through continual dissatisfaction over appearance. Through intellect, however, a woman is able to become extraordinarily beautiful, because her second nature becomes her beauty.

The mind is only capable of possessing one primary focus, and one secondary focus. This means that should the form becomes the primary focus, then the mind is neglected. And, since the form is physical, then it also represents “what is visible”, and so what is invisible, being the mind, inevitably deteriorates.

Intellect deteriorates, when the form is so much the focus. We see, in today’s world, such a prominent focus on a woman’s form, though should she focus on intellect, then her form will become like a cloud. That is, for a man to pass through it, because she has not focused so much on it, that it no longer looks like an ugly barricade. In focusing on her intellect, she proposes attraction to a man. And, the protectors win, in this sense. They will always win, because beauty should not reinforce itself. To imagine it like the land of a nation being uninhabitable, acting of its own accord to directly destroy any trace of civilization, would we want this?

A man, who is devoted to love, lives in a woman. Then, she lives in whatever he has constructed, with his own hands.

Still don’t believe these words? Then, why have relationships “fallen apart”, because the recent movements for women have encouraged her to gather herself together? They enforce strength through those who are inherently vulnerable, because the very inevitable aspect behind relationships and an organism’s reproduction, is to be attracted to what has been seduced enough to not fight back. Why have the divorce rates skyrocketed, if not because beauty has strengthened herself so much, that men have a hard time understanding a woman?

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