Philosophy – “Beauty Exists to be Fragile, to Love’s Non-Existence” – 7/27/2020

“All love is not delicate, ever on its own. On its own, it is waiting to create. To imagine the universe as infinite, is to believe in love the same. All beauty is delicate to its creator. All beauty is shaped by hands so unseen, while through our submission, we allow them to mold us.”

– Modern Romanticism

Each human is beautiful, delicate to the control of love. The non-existence of love, is believed in, to be existent by the existence of beauty. For this means that each thing that can be broken, is beautiful. Each thing that can be destroyed, is protected by love.

Each beautiful thing upon this world has form, has shape, and can be broken. The mind cannot truly be broken, so long as love is wanted. By the mind, love is wanted, for the repair of it. For that will occur in an instant. Whatever torment the mind suffers will be immediately relieved through love. It is the mind that is indirectly in torment, while the body is directly in its suffering. As in, the body represents the honesty of a person, while the mind represents the dishonesty or mystery of a person. As scientists have said, the mind is the last to go, upon the body’s death. It is due to that the mind is transferring its memories to the next world, where the soul goes.

Attempt to resurrect the form, and it will be literally reborn, without recollection of who it was during its first life. No human can be “resurrected” without being “reset” the same way a machine is. It is as Christ, who upon his own resurrection, knew he must be called to Heaven. It is because that where he belonged, knowing his “Holy Spirit” was with his Father. It must be the case that all dead humans, among each memory to their mind, exists in “Heaven”. The realm where the dead go, or where the memories go, and perhaps relived.

All love upon this world to everything beautiful, is a non-existence before it becomes an existence. Though, only because love was believed in, that this occurs, can beauty ever be protected by it.

Each thing of a shape, of a form, can be broken. Therefore, it can be protected by something infinitely more supreme in wisdom, and in guidance, so that it does not break. For it is that the mind to a fragile form, can do unwise maneuvers and decisions, so that the body breaks. If the body breaks, then the mind was merely without wisdom. Without wisdom, a person acts in the stupid manner to let their body become broken. For how does a person live on, without knowing the love from another? No person upon this world understands love, without receiving it.

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