Poem – “One Woman’s History” – Romance – 4/14/2020

She has pages bonded to see one another
By the threads of her heartstrings.
She has fuel for her happiness
Someplace or other.

I love her with all of my wings
To spread her warmth across her battlefield.
Love is breaking her apart,
Though she finds it more to mend.

A history of one woman
Is as the broken stars and the encircled galaxies.
Yet, the halo above her head
Keeps shining like the one she holds hands with.

My love has tears that keep gleaming.
Though, her heart has found some measure of peace
In the place I hold her, in softness,
In the flesh that has been betrayed, before.

Let me love with trembling flesh
Among shifting eyes.

I know fear will drown itself
In the sky.

Prose – “When Love Leaves the Heart” – Romance – 4/13/2020

I have forgotten what it meant for her to stay alive. I have forgotten what it meant for her to keep trying. Love was once the ground for her to walk upon, though it has collapsed beneath herself.

She bleeds tears to create the roses, with dew to drop off petals into the ground. Pain should be the leaving, not the love. Yet, pain has had the many thorns raising themselves, from the stem, the form of hers, when she raises herself like the rose. All she feels, is what the thorns carry.

Upon her cheeks, she has been receiving hollow kisses. I had aimed to shed a kiss upon her lips, to make her heart glow bright and true.

Why is it that when love wishes to walk, it sometimes quits its path?

Why is it that when life wishes to grieve, it will never receive its rest?

Her and I, like two petals that do not graze each other. We do not brush against the other, even during the greatest of storms, in the now. For in the now, we are just as the hollow Earth, drumming our way past one another, to where each idea is swallowed up in the soil. Each trivial thing, not alike what we had.

I will die with knowing that I had not her lips upon mine, nor her eyes against my sight.

Beauty rushes against clouds, it seems, when rain comes lashing against our skin, and we see our fragility in the openness. Even in the darkness, I see myself, knowing there is light somewhere, though I ignore it.

I am nothing without the everything I had hoped to be.