Poem – “Let your Thunder Down” – Romance – 4/24/2020

Why wait until it rains?

What we can feel from each other

In this hailstorm of pain,

Is enough for the drink.

Love seems to falter in the wind,

Bringing its tears in the form of falling droplets,

For there are clouds as gray as lead above your head,

Though I’ll trust my love to dust.

I’ll love with bleeding currents

That fall from evened eyes.

I am the cloud that thrives

Above your frail temples.

You will cry without me stopping you

From the passing sadness,

To pass by your happiness,

Wherever it was.

Let your thunder down,

Let your dreams creep above to my eyes.

When have I ever surrendered

To love,

When all I do is place sadness above?

Poem – “This Unborn Love” – Romance – 4/23/2020

There is not much to call home

In your arms.

Like a furnace, you’ve grown bright,

And have burned all to ash

Around you.

Like a star, you’ve shone

With the lantern about your neck

Swinging by a rope.

Like an angel, you’ve flown

Over cities and seas, vast as the universe,

But no one will hold you.

In your arms, I am wrapped by twine,

And I receive splinters

And burns.

Believe in nothing,

I will,

When I see your face against the side of me

When I have turned away

From all I know to be

Something more alike reality.

Blood follows me,

But does not guide me,

As much as my shadow

In the night.

The moon overhead

Carves a path

Out of its own faceless self.

Short Excerpt from Novel – “A Dream once Loved” – Romance – 4/23/2020

Alessio had retreated, departing from a beauty made for wandering eyes, and he is now questioning the moment. Beauty left a trail for him to follow, and he followed blindly. He followed, with eyes upon the back-end of her form, because he was unable to see anything for recognition’s sake.

He dreamed of her that night, after the day ended when the sun melted into the horizon’s edge. Each tear ever swiped away for a new morn when he can dream during the day when to have a new moment to gaze. To gaze upon that woman with the pink band, for she is encompassing his mind. For in that night, when his mind is a horoscope for the future, he sees the band, wrapped around the waist, tightly and elegantly. Lovely was her gait, that he noticed to be firm in its pace. Yet, the strokes of the footsteps showed the sort of grace that can be imagined by any typical Parisian woman. Grace in every step, like the mountain, whenever it chooses to walk. Would he move her to turn glaciers to tears?

Poem – “Lay Down your Fingers” – Romance – 4/23/2020

Lay down the pads
That seem to undo, the petals and their dew.
Release wetness, from between pillars,
And release sadness, from between veins
Where velvet flesh consumes its own bread.

Lay yourself down
On this bed made of miles
Of stones.
Sin is but a release to the passion
Between two, in excitement.
We feel
What should not be felt,
And have felt,
What now we can feel.

Songs and sickness
Croak futile lullabies.
I am in the same boat
As you,
Yet the oars are missing.

I can travel by my hands,
I can see faraway lands,
I can stand
To see you for how grand
You aim to uplift yourself,
For all I hold is a tear.

All I hold are the many long years,
Weary upon the calendar
Where ink had smeared.

Beauty and tyranny
Both make kisses, beneath rain,
Making love, in utmost pain.

Let us revel, until we see, again
The fog that has drifted to the end.

Poem – “Under the Expression” – Romance – 4/23/2020

Bleed the skies wide open

To where I caught the token

Of your heavenly face.

It was but a tear,

That did smear

The shadow from your bleak and melancholy


In your gaze,

While I am under the haze.

Let tranquility be a part of me,

Let the thunder strike so delicately

The areas remain unseen

To distrusting eyes.

Love wildly

The fire that is fueled by my desire.

We’ll be a part of the flame,

Part of the same

Expression that open us up to fame,

Stilled upon the horizon,

As if the sun never fell quick enough

To pick you up.

I breathe

Your face, into me,

While gazes surrender

To everlasting scenery.

Poem – “Let me Lay a Lake at your Ankles” – Romance – 4/22/2020

Let me enthrall

The washed out areas at your feet,

For they plead

Ever-more than you did.

Your gaze has caught a thorn in my eye.

When I bend down to reach,

A flood spills over.

There is soil needing its space to be filled,

There is a plot of land necessary for a grave

Of many weary years

In secondary tears.

I was never first in line

To be left behind.

Poem – “The Hell I Heal, Today” – Romance – 4/22/2020

How far is your heart buried

Beneath the saddest moon

With the widest frown?

I stilled the eclipse in your broken mind.

I threw all behind

The dirt beneath your feet.

I stayed the shame

From eroding your fame.

Your sweetness

Is upon the rose to your lips.

I bleed with honor,

Even more than ever you were a virgin.

I bleed with fervor

The pain I twist inside me,

As easily as you danced to my tune.

Of cries for joy and joy for cries,

Telling tales as old as those lies

We sing about to the skies.

Without talking,

We know what the future speaks

Even before we grow weak

Once more in arms held out.

Poem – “Potent Love” – Romance – 4/22/2020

Is it a toxin,

Or will it clean me,

Perhaps erase me

Of memories to a former one?

The love that I drink

Was once a place to stay

In arms, to be held for an eternity.

My eyes have shut themselves to the light,

Because I am on a road with no end.

Love leaves a trail

In the snow,

In the low

Of my pouring gaze

On tracks that I leave,

Behind my idle awakened self.

Potent love is a source,

A great pain

Stinging worse than the wound.

Blood smears my arms,

Clogs my heart with clots,

Makes me face another dream

Where I won’t be awake

In the current mistake

To offer what cannot be offered

To another one, for her sake.

Poem – “Anoint me in your Gloom” – Romance – 4/21/2020

Anoint me,

Appoint me

To see, where all has fallen

Within your heart.

Love has left you behind

In the waves of life.

Love wishes to wash leaves

On the shores of your eyes

For you to see

What cannot leave,

But only the decay can depart

From your discarded heart.

Pain me,

Embed me

In where you share your fate

Upon a plate,

Of lies, broken up in cries

That reach for the shattered moon.

You gravitate

In the arms that encircle.

Yet, why do you enclose

Upon the stone,

Upon the coldness?

I am the one you seek.

You want to love,

Yet, your cries seek other realms

Of further disappointment.

Poem – “Petals in the Storm” – Romance – 4/21/2020

Your fragrance

Is a dying lullaby

For me to swing

In arms still as solid

As the boughs above.

Your face,

Among each trace

Of your smile

Holds me, still

In its clasp,

In my loneliness,

In my sadness.

I would have loved for many a while,

While you clung to the scenery

Of fear.

Your screams,

So hollow

And so vivid,

That I cannot perceive

Another tomorrow

By your side.

Poem – “She saw the Night Settle” – Romance – 4/21/2020

She saw
With open gaze, upon her clothes battered in the rising
Sun of a new morn,
The night of her dressing
Up to see
The funeral of a man she welcomed to be
Her husband, to be a widow.

Love, she did.
And weep, she did, too.
With eyes full of wetness,
And limbs full of the trembling
Like leaves in Autumn.

It was but a clash of sounds.
A gun-play in the dark
That brought some notes of music
To those children whose heads are upon the boards
Asleep in the deep alleys.

Crookedness to her vision,
Painted over with blood, he was.
Her limbs full with the heaviness
Of a thousand tons of lead.
Yet, blood was upon her lips, so was sickness for her grief.

Bleeding heavily
From a heart, worn with the years
She allowed to be flung from her grasp
To the soil, at her feet.
To be lifted up, in its seeds
The sight of what could not ever be.

Mere sadness was her aching destiny
To be the kindness all thought her to be.

To love a man, as a woman can
Made this one grand, and only grand
Enough to see where her tears stand.

Nothing but the pain that lifts itself a few inches in a casket
To be buried in the soil of no one’s territory.

Poem – “Clasped at the Waist” – Romance – 4/21/2020

My knees give way

For me, to be

Beneath you, and hold you this ring

That represents

All that I have sent

Up to you,

In the blue, in the daylight.

Your lips whisper a kind serenity

Down to me,

For me to see, what will come to be

For us.

Love is everywhere.

I have centered it

Upon the waist needed to be carried

In a single hand.

My lips run across smooth skin,

My hands paw naked skin,

My eyes travel warm skin

To discover years worth of paradise,

Befitting me, the parasite

Who has only sucked the vessel dry

Of himself, and neither the fingers, succulent,

Nor the temples above her eyes, resplendent

Of a woman,

With two beating hearts, one of hers

And of mine.