Poem – “One Woman’s History” – Romance – 4/14/2020

She has pages bonded to see one another
By the threads of her heartstrings.
She has fuel for her happiness
Someplace or other.

I love her with all of my wings
To spread her warmth across her battlefield.
Love is breaking her apart,
Though she finds it more to mend.

A history of one woman
Is as the broken stars and the encircled galaxies.
Yet, the halo above her head
Keeps shining like the one she holds hands with.

My love has tears that keep gleaming.
Though, her heart has found some measure of peace
In the place I hold her, in softness,
In the flesh that has been betrayed, before.

Let me love with trembling flesh
Among shifting eyes.

I know fear will drown itself
In the sky.