Poem – “The Rose Forthcoming” – Romance – 8/20/2019

Embellish me, and awaken me,
When surrounded by the long arms
That leave longer trails.
Fail me, if you should find it necessary.
Beauty, you will cling to your tragedy.
Love has given you an ample
Side to each breast, though has faded.
Would you fall with me?

Would you leave me in the disgrace
That I have already deserved?
Death is knocking on my door,
And his jaw is already clicking.
Loss has made a great path,
Not too much alike the embrace,
The one you had once offered.
Dear woman, by what maker possesses you?

You were once someone’s daughter,
And now, as my wife,
Light has left your frozen eyes,
That had once twinkled in starlight.

A Perspective – “A Man’s Perspective of Womanhood” – 8/15/2019

I am a man who has grown up around women.

No sisters and no siblings, but 4 aunts, a long-time girlfriend, a close grandmother, a mother, no father, and 3 female cousins…

I think I have a bit more understanding of a woman’s Psychology than the average stupid man.

From what I’ve known of them, in contrast to a man, a man will pick apart details, while a woman will see the whole. She will see the entire picture, call it beautiful, while a man will analyze that whole, and discover errors.

This is to say that a woman will listen to honesty without being able to differ a lie from truth. This means, that a woman will hear words, and perceive them in exactness. That is to say that she will expect honesty, especially from a romantic partner, and have no choice but to place her full trust in what she has heard.

In “perceiving the whole”, she will take what has been said, and embrace it. She will not tear the image apart, without the heartbreak. It is because any heartbreak for her, can only come once truth has replaced the lie, and now she sees her own heart split in two jagged fragments.

This means, that a woman will see her own shattered heart, and be forced to see her own flesh, her own face, not for how attractive she once made it, but for its plainness. She will see ugliness, and be forced to be honest with herself, coming to question the worth of love.

How truthful (mind the pun) are such words? I must know.

Poem – “Oh, Love; How can You Weep?” – Romance

Oh, when you’ve begun to weep in the sickness
Of your unending pain.
What embrace can I offer,
Different from the last?
What kiss may I give,
More compassionate than the former?

How can weeping be a benefit,
During when hope lies fruitful and hale?
You continue to see tears like raining sapphires,
Like raining blood, like raining rubies.
Like the emerald between your fingers,
Like grass that has been taken.

Oh, when you’ve begun to weep in the sickness
Of your unending pain.
What embrace can I offer,
Different from the last?
What kiss may I give,
More compassionate than the former?

You have tears still hanging loosely
On that forlorn stare of yours
It burns holes in my mountain of pride,
And makes the forests crumble to ash.
Love holds its doors open,
For us to walk through its gates,
And you’ll weep, merely weep,
Despite our hopes, despite our wishes.

Has faith been lost in you?
Under the many doubtful turns
Have you come to quake
In the fear,
Because of my doings,
Of my lack of them?

Upon the floor, you crawl with eyes streaming such sadness,
Above my arms, I attempt to let you see, the Heavens for their blue,
And you stream sadness,
Upon Hell and its washed hues to make shades.

I feel strong, only when faith is an occurrence,
Never weak, and never faltering, when there’s no doubt,
From you, my wicked beauty.

Make me want you, more than the highest angels,
I am no monster, my love, no devil of danger.

We kiss, do we not, when we desire relief?

Poem – “The Face of Inspiration” – Romance

For what I behold,
A Face of Inspiration,

Gained from who I love,
And all I love,
Being she,
And her heart, made of gold.

Behold, before thee,
Beautiful woman,

Who belongs to me.
There is much weeping upon my face,
My eyes once showed tragedy,
And now they behold the highest joy.

Deny nothing,
We’ve become the everything.
Your face is there for my quill,
And the paper beneath the hands.
Drown your eyes in this face,
And make us both expressive.

Our marriage shall become
The unity of unity.
All graces shall imagine,
The destiny we’ve long embraced.
I’ll not fathom any tragedy,
Nothing, for we’ll not be apart.