Poem – “The Rose Forthcoming” – Romance – 8/20/2019

Embellish me, and awaken me,
When surrounded by the long arms
That leave longer trails.
Fail me, if you should find it necessary.
Beauty, you will cling to your tragedy.
Love has given you an ample
Side to each breast, though has faded.
Would you fall with me?

Would you leave me in the disgrace
That I have already deserved?
Death is knocking on my door,
And his jaw is already clicking.
Loss has made a great path,
Not too much alike the embrace,
The one you had once offered.
Dear woman, by what maker possesses you?

You were once someone’s daughter,
And now, as my wife,
Light has left your frozen eyes,
That had once twinkled in starlight.

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