A Perspective – “A Man’s Perspective of Womanhood” – 8/15/2019

I am a man who has grown up around women.

No sisters and no siblings, but 4 aunts, a long-time girlfriend, a close grandmother, a mother, no father, and 3 female cousins…

I think I have a bit more understanding of a woman’s Psychology than the average stupid man.

From what I’ve known of them, in contrast to a man, a man will pick apart details, while a woman will see the whole. She will see the entire picture, call it beautiful, while a man will analyze that whole, and discover errors.

This is to say that a woman will listen to honesty without being able to differ a lie from truth. This means, that a woman will hear words, and perceive them in exactness. That is to say that she will expect honesty, especially from a romantic partner, and have no choice but to place her full trust in what she has heard.

In “perceiving the whole”, she will take what has been said, and embrace it. She will not tear the image apart, without the heartbreak. It is because any heartbreak for her, can only come once truth has replaced the lie, and now she sees her own heart split in two jagged fragments.

This means, that a woman will see her own shattered heart, and be forced to see her own flesh, her own face, not for how attractive she once made it, but for its plainness. She will see ugliness, and be forced to be honest with herself, coming to question the worth of love.

How truthful (mind the pun) are such words? I must know.

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  1. I speak of “plainness” in terms of “ugliness” because the dirtiest of words are also the most honest words.

    A pauper will never disguise themselves, while using the street jargon, because they aren’t clothed in furs and embroidery like a rich person. Their words are honest and direct. They curse. They shout. They cry.

    While looking in front of the mirror, a person will analyze their face. A man normally doesn’t apply cosmetics in the morning, leaving him “maskless” and forcing the weak to see him as a “man of honesty”. A man makes the perfect politician, but rarely ever is he honest, especially with himself. That is, when he comes to realization for his own errors, he is forced to logically correct whatever he’s burying and “bottling inside”.

    I’ve always wondered why people think it to be a “social construct” for a man to “bottle his emotions”. In fact, I believe it to be a very innate thing, for a man to be direct, and for a woman to trust. Although, rebellion always turns the image around, and it’s the same as turning the mirror away from you, so one no longer sees themselves. And when a man has to be honest with himself, he must stare for hours into the mirror. He usually does, and even if not literally looking into the mirror, he will be forced to contemplate on his actions.

    In America, a man is 4 times more likely to commit suicide over a woman, as the statistics show…


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