Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Words of Wisdom – “The Epic Descent” – Philosophy – 9/8/2019

September 8, 2019

“Where had humans soared when they looked upwards to the sky? They had seen God, they had seen the sun, they had seen warmth; and what else? They saw the limitlessness of space. Now when science turns humans from staring upwards at the Universe, towards the Earth where we may discover ourselves, we are limited in such a degree. We are limited, because to stare at our own flesh, reveals the vulnerabilities of our fleshy existence. When we, as religious folks, stared upwards, we yearned to soar in infinity. And then, as all angels cast down from Heaven, we discover only one thing among the sciences: that the descent is a far shorter process, over the ascension.

We show a clinging upon Death, upon Socialism, the creator of poverty. We look downwards, in our depression, because the impoverished have lost all; and in losing all, their eyes are staring at what has seemingly been buried, seemingly been forgotten, or seemingly neglected.

We have no sight of equality, after we’ve turned our eyes from Heaven, from the sky, and from God. A ‘discovery of ourselves’ only turns us towards a descent, a spiraling decline downwards.

And where is the proof behind such a descent? It shall be illustrated.

Look to when we saw ourselves staring upwards, and we held a faith in God.

Then, when science came around, we held a faith, or a trust, in humans.

And now, when the sciences have betrayed us, when money and greed have become our comfort, we turn to animals.

We see, from this, that Darwin has always been our Prophet, because in today’s time, our ‘epic descent’ has caused us to have trust in our origin. That is, in animals, in the very Nature of Nature, itself.”


Poem – “I Beg to be Differed” – 8/18/2019

August 18, 2019

I neglect truth, wherever it stands,
Plead for difference, wherever it lands,
And make myself whole, through indifference,
I beg to be differed, in manhood and resplendence.
For I am weak by your side,
With eyes that drop to a finger
That is your own,
Gleaming with a ring.

Wherever the world rotates,
I am not there.
Wherever kisses are offered,
I am not shared,
With them,
And I am alone, with a thought,
As my only company –
It says, “Your failing is a disgrace.”

I bleed for eternity to comprehend a woman,
Herself, the heart, too deeply buried.
I reach, and take nothing
But the air, and the scent of a long-faded distance.
Love has left itself blind on my cheeks,
Formed as lips, though that moment
Never occurred, was never given, and never was a memory.
She has only ever been a phantom.

Bleed with me, and all that makes you ethereal,
You are more-so the God, than ever I’ve been.
I am nude, and you are clothed,
I am no longer beautiful, with stretched scars.
I am a man with a face, that is deformed.
And more dead than you’ve ever been.

Poem – “Cling upon Me” – Romance

August 12, 2019

Cling upon me,
For your immediate comfort.
You have wept with a shivering form,
And eyes that obey all contention.
A face that needs no bliss, as mine
Or your own, for the coming deprivation.

Disease me, your wounds of many fields.
Kiss me, O woman of much gathered,
Suffer not, when the world comes tumbling
Upon our bosoms, so wide and heavy.
We are but deformed infants,
Birthed without care.

When we scream, who will hear us?
When we strike, who will we hit?
When we bleed, who catches such drops?
When we feel, who feels us?

We are so much the crime, the fear for a world,
That turns inside out, to see itself.
We are the parasites for them,
As we care for them.

Oh, beauty.
You have oceans too deep for this world,
And eyes that would strangle its own veins.
Deny me all, so that I may see me maddened,
Make me quiver as you do,
So that I may break your fall.

Words of Wisdom – “A Man’s Guilt” – Pt. 2 – 8/10/2019

August 10, 2019

“There is nothing so deforming of a man’s features, than guilt. Encourage guilt, and you encourage the remaining existence of the masculine man. His instinct is guilt.

What does a man see in a woman’s eyes?

Why, it is all he’s been avoiding. The forgiveness he cannot ever place upon his own actions. Upon himself, it comes hard for forgiveness to douse the dictator’s or psychopath’s actions. Pride only comes as approval. Shame comes as disapproval.

A man’s guilt is as prominent as his infinite opportunity to achieve. His infinite craving, that is, and his only motive behind his desire to achieve, is to compensate for that feeling of guilt. Encourage guilt, and again, you encourage the masculine man. Reveal opportunity, either of sexual desire or monetary gain, and you exploit his guilt, and create his fall.

There is nothing so vengeful as exploitation, and nothing so much the exploit than the exploitation of fear. It is always a cruel gesture to reveal weakness, and it is any enemy to a human’s tool to exploit it.

Within a woman’s eyes, is where he sees the avoidance of God. He’s claimed himself to be God, and yet, the forgiveness for his actions of domination comes from a woman. He will deny God for as long as possible. Perhaps a man will see God as too bright. And to love, of which the ‘modern day’ has found to be ‘obsolete’, it is more proof than ever else proof was made, that forgiveness, nor love, does not dominate, but subdues.”

Poem – “The Many Tears that Seek Shelter” – Romantic

July 22, 2019

I fell beside thee,
And formed for us, quilt made of romance.
I love all that you are, of all eyes made to be orbs,
For the future’s peering, into its watery distance.
We sail in our fear,
And quake beneath tears,
Oh, how terrible are the stars under your eyes,
You’ve made a bed for us both,
A bed of love, made fullest in silken quilts.

Famed, we have become.
In love, we are as one,
As two creatures, of Buck and Doe,
A chase, a nest upwards in Heaven.
Oh, how desire sweeps us to the current and its edge
Near a river; for how does death think of us?
Love is a muse; It is made to be you,
As you are the loveliest pearl from this shore.

Give me kisses, sweet one,
Full of life,
Full of your eyes,
With no more raining stars,
With no more idle flesh,
No more death.
Nothing but the truly fascinating face,
Of white cheeks and bleak tress.
Lovely in form, anguished at heart.

I will cure the sorrow,
The one so much alike the Mary of Christ;

For how many times have we embraced,
As vulnerability! As vulnerability!
We are only made beautiful, when loved.
Oh, love, when will be reach the shores,”
You ask to me.
I say in response to you,
Soon as the sail is full of wind, and your eyes!
When they never fall another tear, we will reach.”

Give me the benefit of a morrow,
Of a delight, not made by sorrow.
What have I, when not among you?
Nothing, for am I not without the sanity,
And insanity, that love bequeaths.

Words of Wisdom – “The Beauty made Objective” – 7/21/2019

July 21, 2019

“What to notice about love is that it does have its set of symptoms. The signs of one ‘in love’ are all too noticeable, through the loving, by recognition of beauty. The clammy hands, the pounding heart, and a rush of adrenaline; and we tend to confuse these symptoms with fear. What we should also notice is what lays directly opposite from the emotion of love, and that is, death. Death is full of fear. Is love full of fear, or excitement? It should be the latter, for we’d know that the psychopath would feel excitement for death’s sight and sounds. The old composers knew well, same with the sculptors and artists, alike, that when beauty is lifted, it is ‘beyond reach’; as this is to say that such beauty has been called away by angels; as this is to say that those old composers who made everything classical, by the sound of the opera, were there to recreate such sounds of angels. The sight of the Renaissance painting was there to recreate such ‘symptoms of love’ by the chills, the sweating, the pounding heart; and never the mere shock, and total shock, and purified shock, that comes at an instant, much like death.”

Poem – “Your Swollen, Heavy Eyes” – Romance

June 5, 2019

The trembling that thou exposes,
In flesh that remains not calm,
An empire of rubble lays at your feet,
A certain sickness dwells in your heart.

You have found beauty in places of loathing,
You have wept before mirrors that showed oceans,
You have laid brick where the rich dwell,
You have made flame upon lands not scorched.

And eyes once beautiful have become somber,
Eyes once heartened have become disheartened,
A face once glad has turned towards sorrow,
A face lifted into skies has been crushed into death.

Eyes that weep tears that are infinite,
Tears that dance across paired pallid cheeks,
How I yearn to taste the wetness
Of that frail face.

How much music
Has been made into silence?
How much pain
Could turn into closure?

How much relief is there,
Upon a world that does not care?
How sorrow is embedded,
In thy barren and tortured head

The feelings I dip into your form,
Like a ladle that searches for warmth,
Finds only the continued pollution,
That seems to make the continued heat.

A continued burning, a continued fear,
And so I shall remain to keep you near.

Words of Wisdom – “The Proud Movements” – 6/3/2019

June 3, 2019

“Why does the movement form? It forms out of a fear of the future. Anxiety itself, is the fear of that future, and a movement arises out of that fear, though becomes uncontrolled. A future represents fear, because it represents the unknown and uncertain. A movement receives leadership, though corruption only ever comes when one’s focus is never the stand-still moment. Equality is never in the moment. Love represents the future; lust represents the moment; and death represents the buried past. However, should the future be linked to the present, one must see the future as the present, as if what is lived in the next moment, is the current moment.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Difference Between Depression & Anxiety” – 6/3/2019

June 3, 2019

“The difference between depression and anxiety is the sole difference between being trapped and having uncontrolled movements. Anxiety resonates with a fear of the unknown, or a fear of the future. Depression links with anxiety by how a person will fear their previous mistakes being repeated. This is the same as a person looking upon their past, and seeing as well their future. They wonder to themselves, ‘Will it happen, again?’ The anxiety is the adrenaline rush, while depression is the morbid feeling of sorrow. Depression is the emotion of guilt, while anxiety is the uncertainty. Both feed upon one another like two vampires making love.

However, as it always is between a linked pair of two, there is always the dominant side. One must pose a question to themselves, ‘Which is stronger? The fear of the unknown, or the mistakes I have previously made?’ Or… ‘Which emotion haunts me the most?’ Guilt or fear? The depression or the anxiety? They are blended only because we fear what may reoccur. No one wishes to be faced with the shame, and the greater fear of that shame being thrown upon us, when others will point their fingers.

Perhaps the answer to this issue is in the impossibility of a person being able to look over their shoulder and ahead at the same time. At the same time, during the same moment, it is indeed impossible. No one can turn left and turn right at the same time. It becomes a split, or a division.

One should know that the past cannot be repeated unless their current actions reflect not a willingness to see the future with both boldness and wisdom. Take each step forward, and do not fear the future enough to take a step backwards. For when this occurs, that step backwards will then be the reliving of a certain memory. We must fling the good from the past at the appropriate direction… though, perhaps we should also study our previous actions, and sift away the negative from the positive, recognize the positive, and hurl that in the ‘appropriate’ direction.”