Somewhat Personal – “How a Person Genuinely Becomes Fearless… though, with Consequences” – 5/9/2021

“Through fear, a person learns to move. As it is always ‘through’ fear, to be past it, not within it, that life stirs itself inside its own veins. It will be fearlessness, attained, when a person learns to ably spill some blood off their own veins, without tears to add.”

– Modern Romanticism

No one is left alone, without feeling alone. Though, the gullible nature of a simple child, who might find themselves to love themselves, in their mindset of adolescence, have not felt fear. It is fear that stirs life, within its veins. Though, past it, and life is swimming down such crimson cylinders. Then, to lose some of such blood, should not be with the wince, nor with the tears, for that is not fearlessness.

To be numb at the apprehending feeling of fear, before the face of death, is a sign of truest fearlessness.

To live in the fear for another, never for the self, is to know how to be fearless when the self does not matter. That is how such fearlessness is attained. When the self does not matter, manifold injury may be stuck against one’s flesh, and the pain is given more with the response of, “If it is just me, then let it be so.”

This is fearlessness. To be afraid is to be such, for another. Then, to be afraid for the self, is to be a coward. If to be concerned for another is to make one afraid, then one has learned to both love and to be fearless. Content with one’s wounds, and then one is never afraid, for a moment more.

A love, so alike, with the face of another to represent one’s own, that to notice their teardrops will provoke the protector’s face to melt.

Love encourages heroism, not fear. Love, and one learns to be loved. Become the betrayer, and then one learns to resent. Though, one does not know who to resent, when they’ve thought to always live with truth.

Bleed yourself, for another, and then one is fearless, because one’s own bloodstream is not theirs. However, see their blood be flowed, and rage should be inspired in you, the protector’s eyes. Of your own heart which for many years might have pumped the liquids of bravery through you, will always keep you open to this purpose.

The sole consequence is to be left with realizing what remains, should the protector fail.

An avalanche of selfish pain. That is what comes.

Quote – “If Fear is what Divides…” – 2/17/2021

“If fear divides a people, resulting in the ignorance that, as well, outcomes in the prejudice that leaves others disconnected, then why not convert such a fear of people to a fear for people? Instead of fearing others, we should fear for others. Instead of dividing ourselves out of fear, we should close gaps because through concern, we love and care.”

– Modern Romanticism

Excerpt – “Why Prejudice is a Fear” – 8/27/2020

“The ignorance of a human, in contrast to knowledge, resonates in the fear in distance between people. To what one knows of another, makes knowledge. To what one does not know of another, makes ignorance. This much, is obvious. However, to be fearful, would also mean to be ignorant.

It is the case of any murderer who kills their victim, without compassion, through such ignorance and fear. If they had not been knowledgeable, then they had been ignorant. Their fear enters the picture by way of not stretching outside the realm of selfish discontent of the world, being the murderer’s mindset, to be compassionate. For if the murderer were compassionate, were brave, and not fearful, enough to step outside what has shut them inside their mind, they’d discover knowledge.

It is to be Xenophobic, that the fear a person feels, is only because they do not have the slightest interest in knowing someone. For in being too comfortable with what they already know, they are fearful in knowing more.

For why else would a person not wish to know another, if they did not fear what they possibly could hear of them? It is the greatest pang of fear by a human, to hear something from a source one does not like, and be shocked by its truth. As it is, all truth comes from sources where the fearful one does not wish to acknowledge can be the onset to a unity outside of such fear. If they were to see another, know another, being one other individual, they’d form a bond. That is a fear that comfortable humans do not wish to face.”

– “A Fine Line for Justice”

Philosophy – “A Concept on Love, Fear, and Hatred” – 7/31/2020

“Fear is the solitude of a human, in their attempt to dig into themselves to find what they either loathe or can accept. Though, what person in their total solitude has accepted what they despise, be that a wound that must close?”

– Modern Romanticism
  • A person in love, feels everything.
  • A person who feels fear, feels themselves.
  • A person who is hateful, does not feel. They merely act.

Love is proven of a person, trusted to never despise and not accept what is strange of another individual. For if love is to the character of that person’s heart, they will not ever create the distance, if they are capable of trust. Trust is the factor of a person, who will love, able to care for the fragile areas of another, wanting of it. In fear, a person is broken, feels their wounds, desiring their bodies to be closed of them. Though, in their fear, they feel themselves being closed from the world, as they become the void that weighs them in a burden.

No person, who is in love, can hate without a loss of trust. In fear, a person is fragile and weak. When they find love, they find strength. In the discovery of love, they have found what was missing in their life. What has been missing is what will make them complete. For that void could only be filled by love. A person who is encouraged to “discover that void”, has been told to find more things to fear, as those kept things will be held onto, with a yearning to never see them lost. In that, a person within such fear, becomes enclosed, as this solitary emotion always allows.

The hateful individual cannot feel anything. For that is because the hateful individual once felt it all, of love, to then cause themselves to feel nothing. The one truly hateful, as this state of mind comes rare, is not something ever wanted. In hate, a person does not recognize themselves, nor are recognized by anyone else, for they have become a different person. Hatred consumes the individual. For in its acts, they are feared by all others.

The one with true hate in their heart, has to have felt love, without any stains. They were blind in their innocence, cared for, and felt such love thinking it to never disappear. For in love, a person holds on. In love, a person needs for nothing else. To want for something else, other than love, is to be materialistic. In all hatred, there is discontent. In all discontent, there is the materialism wanted. In all fear from individuals who rebel against the one who acts out of hatred, there is downfall. In all downfall, there is remorse from the person who was destroyed by those they’ve personally rejected and resented.

The loving one, feels everything. The fearful one, feels themselves. The hateful one, does not feel, though they’ll act out of psychopathy.

Philosophy – “Why Racism is not an Act of Hate” – 7/24/2020

“When focus of fear occurs, it is knowledge that is gained of a broken people. Someone pulls the strings of fear, in the conquering of false competition and needless battle. Some puppeteer makes the dolls fight, in their trivial fights to be weakened.”

– Modern Romanticism

How often has a person been intimate with their “acts of racism”? Close in contact? They’d not be, unless they knew that person beyond the color of their skin.

For to know a person would mean to either love or to hate.

Hatred might blind the person. Though, so does love, to the individual who has a lover or a mother, or whoever else.

Do we know every dark secret? No. Though we must know something to enforce true hatred. Therefore, racism is impossible under the banner of actual hatred. It is true also that hatred cannot be of a collective. It is an emotion of loneliness, kept hidden, and only revealed at the mention of the specific individual. The fool who believes that racism is part of hatred, must deny that this suffocating emotion is a personal vendetta from individual to individual.

Whether love or hate, it is close, intimate, and understood. It goes beyond the shallowness of only noticing the skin color, to the heart of a person.

Quote – “The Existence of an Eternity” – 7/20/2020

“Is there something more to fight for, than the love that fills the gap, fills the void? The void was not created because something is lost. The void has always been there. It is there because something is missing. Like the main ingredient in a dish, love is the main ingredient in life.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “A Thing about Fear” – 6/29/2020

“Does a person fear for themselves, or do they fear for someone else? Were a president or prime minister say about an immigrant that they must be kept outside the nation’s borders ‘for their own safety’, would that be hatred, or would that be fear? It would not be ‘racist’, because in this sense, it is just fear. It is fear. It is, because one will inevitably fear for themselves, or for what is kept out. For the same reason as one does not allow intruders in their house, is the same reason why one does not allow a healthy person into a house full of sick people. It is either fear for the self, or fear for someone else. It is fear.”

– Anonymous

Quote – “How there is Ease to every Difficulty” – 6/1/2020

“In our current times, pain is seen as subjective, along with much else. It is seen in this fashion, only to divide ourselves into a competitive state, of believing one person’s pain deserves more attention than another. From the Socialist mindset, to ‘take care’ of the individual from a governmental standpoint, would mean to inject worry and fear into a populace. From this, there will be leaders wondering who can be better suited to being treated. For how else does a person say that their pain is not needing simplicity to be treated, when they will instead add complexity to it? They will add these complications, act as infants, so that they are treated first. In such pain, they believe themselves special, crying out as loud as the infant.”

– Anonymous

Philosophy – “Raising Awareness is the Same as Creating Fear” – 5/1/2020

Awareness is not an emotion, nor the essence of being careful or being wise. In fact, that goes against wisdom. One learns and gains wisdom, through hard lessons in life. One must experience the ordeal, before understanding if the ordeal was worth the trek. Yet, morons across the globe have devoted whole careers to “raising awareness”, when all that does is prevent wisdom from being gained. It does not prevent a problem from arising. In fact, even if that were true, the greater problem is the fear that “awareness” causes upon the individual who is now more paranoid than ever, in their life.

Head to Google, and you’ll find that the words “awareness” and “anxiety” go hand-in-hand. A person who is tense and anxious, is more than likely to glance over their shoulder, at least a few times, before feeling safe enough to take another step.

Raising awareness is the same as creating fear, because fear is the emotion we feel when we are not prepared for an issue. When we are not prepared, we are not confident, and no one besides those who create fear, can ever be our leaders. It is a very subtle form of tyranny to “raise awareness”, as it is only a sophisticated form of spreading fear around. Spreading fear around, which spreads our current virus around, probably even faster than the virus could spread itself.

The Corona-virus is just waiting for some neighborhood genius to cure it. Nowadays, with the COVID-19 in effect, we have more fools having a field day with “raising awareness” than ever before, in their measly lives. This is so, because their careers are devoted to drowning humanity in fear, rather than inspiring them to make their own decisions, based on risk. Were such people in such careers truly caring about the well-being of a nation’s citizens, they would not be “raising awareness”, though would be offering the nation free reign to act as they will. Freedom comes with the risk of being lost, and then, growing up. One risks, one falters, one finds themselves, one moves on past the obstacle, and thus, gains wisdom.

A Quote of Wisdom – “Why Forced Diversity is the Mother of all Problems” – 4/24/2020

To all we are unfamiliar with, we offer to ourselves, adaption. To all we are familiar with, we offer to those things, acceptance.

By following the road of adaption, humans are bound to themselves, surrounded by unfamiliar and alien things. To diversity and beyond, we create fear, because fear is the emotion that relates to adaption. It relates to change. Fear is felt for what is not familiar.

We cannot accept, nor love, the unfamiliar person. When we live in a place mainly homogeneous, we are not living among race, nor religion, nor gender, nor sexual orientation. We are, in fact, living among culture and lifestyle. We are living among choice.

That is freedom. The familiarity of a thing is where we feel ecstatic. We are free to make a choice, though we will feel free in absolution, should those choices come to us as familiar. For when it comes to love, and when it comes to everything familiar, we can protect and preserve all things we do find to be precious.

It is all the same as a mother receiving the embrace of her child, when once believing he or she was missing. It is the embrace of something familiar. Her eyes are aglow when she realizes that her child is once more, in her arms. In fact, to state it through plainness, she would feel the freedom of knowing she is released from her feeling of fear.

Fear is a containment, not love. Acceptance is not offered upon what we fear, though fear is indeed felt for the view of the alien.

It is all to say that for however how much diversity we force into a world, makes more fear, and enforces a very primitive and ancient mindset. We become children, eternally dependent on what we can accept, without denial of it. It is to say that we will believe in different gods and gods of difference, not the oneness of sameness and familiarity.

An ancient mindset that can only ever be exploited. It cannot be “progressed”, as many morons will believe. If anything, such a “progression” refers to more change. It is an ancient mindset of fear, because that is the emotion always exploited.

Poem – “How Hollow do you want to be?” – 3/22/2020

How far

Does the world travel to

To be at its end?

Why does it seem

That inhabitants

Will trade away

Things, to whisper lies

As sweet as the embers that were once in our hearts?

A smile is only as curved

As the head that may twist around

To see the stagnant shadow

Yet to be erased.

When lovers cry out

For the missing light,

There are breaths everywhere,

To no recognition.

A Quote of Wisdom – “The Past Relates to Fear” – 3/2/2020

“It is a common saying that when we focus on the past, we stop focusing on the future. To obsess over our past, is to obsess over fear, for even if what was in the past was pleasant, it is strange to everyone else. Even if it is not strange to the individual, it is strange to each other person who has noticed it, now as a physical realness. About the past, and everything that accompanies it, and should it be embraced, it will make strangeness something of normalcy to the real world. Could we ever love strangeness? We cannot. Just like a new technology introduced into the contemporary world, we simply get used to it. What we pull from a past, just like a scientist pulling old information from philosophies to use for modern discoveries, it becomes called ‘evolution’. We could not ‘accept’ strangeness through the feeling of love, though must adapt to it, like any new introduction.

It is a wrong, then, to desire love as something almost infinitely strange to human eyes. The element of ‘understanding’ that corresponds with ‘acceptance’, is not something that will be met with the strangeness. Do we understand the new technology with all its workings? We do, though we would not place the same sight of ‘use’ upon someone meant to be loved. We would not do that, unless ‘manipulation’, ‘threats’, and ‘coercion’ are somehow normal things meant to be in a relationship between human and human. These things we had placed upon the slave, not the loved one.

‘Understanding’ is the element that relates itself to ‘acceptance’ when we know something comes from the thought of it. It is the gift, versus the deserving.

What is wisdom? It is the offspring of pain, when pain has been felt enough to grasp information from it. Grasping information from a beginning, is to grasp information something that has died. From an Occultist standpoint, this is being the Necromancer. It is the information that will only benefit the self, as the individual regresses back to a survivalist state, enough so that they linger among Death and its companion, fear. Continually dwelling in fear, turns a person in control of their mind, though also omitting feelings of empathy and love for another. Raising information from Hell or a past, will only benefit the self, and anyone else dwelling in the same ‘beginning’, being a past, being what has died. Is it not the same that the Narcissist will only ever identify well with another Narcissist? Their reflection is what they are in love with, after all.

Strangeness that existed in the subconscious, coming forth when we are asleep, is always to be alien to anyone other than us. Should the individual embrace that strangeness, then they’ve become what everyone fears, being Death.

What is more, is that it seems, according to this written logic above, our obsession with equality can only be based upon what makes anyone equal, being Death. If such is attained, we will be equal, though will be as brittle as the ashes we have been built upon.