A Quote of Wisdom – “Why Forced Diversity is the Mother of all Problems” – 4/24/2020

To all we are unfamiliar with, we offer to ourselves, adaption. To all we are familiar with, we offer to those things, acceptance.

By following the road of adaption, humans are bound to themselves, surrounded by unfamiliar and alien things. To diversity and beyond, we create fear, because fear is the emotion that relates to adaption. It relates to change. Fear is felt for what is not familiar.

We cannot accept, nor love, the unfamiliar person. When we live in a place mainly homogeneous, we are not living among race, nor religion, nor gender, nor sexual orientation. We are, in fact, living among culture and lifestyle. We are living among choice.

That is freedom. The familiarity of a thing is where we feel ecstatic. We are free to make a choice, though we will feel free in absolution, should those choices come to us as familiar. For when it comes to love, and when it comes to everything familiar, we can protect and preserve all things we do find to be precious.

It is all the same as a mother receiving the embrace of her child, when once believing he or she was missing. It is the embrace of something familiar. Her eyes are aglow when she realizes that her child is once more, in her arms. In fact, to state it through plainness, she would feel the freedom of knowing she is released from her feeling of fear.

Fear is a containment, not love. Acceptance is not offered upon what we fear, though fear is indeed felt for the view of the alien.

It is all to say that for however how much diversity we force into a world, makes more fear, and enforces a very primitive and ancient mindset. We become children, eternally dependent on what we can accept, without denial of it. It is to say that we will believe in different gods and gods of difference, not the oneness of sameness and familiarity.

An ancient mindset that can only ever be exploited. It cannot be “progressed”, as many morons will believe. If anything, such a “progression” refers to more change. It is an ancient mindset of fear, because that is the emotion always exploited.

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