Philosophy – “Raising Awareness is the Same as Creating Fear” – 5/1/2020

Awareness is not an emotion, nor the essence of being careful or being wise. In fact, that goes against wisdom. One learns and gains wisdom, through hard lessons in life. One must experience the ordeal, before understanding if the ordeal was worth the trek. Yet, morons across the globe have devoted whole careers to “raising awareness”, when all that does is prevent wisdom from being gained. It does not prevent a problem from arising. In fact, even if that were true, the greater problem is the fear that “awareness” causes upon the individual who is now more paranoid than ever, in their life.

Head to Google, and you’ll find that the words “awareness” and “anxiety” go hand-in-hand. A person who is tense and anxious, is more than likely to glance over their shoulder, at least a few times, before feeling safe enough to take another step.

Raising awareness is the same as creating fear, because fear is the emotion we feel when we are not prepared for an issue. When we are not prepared, we are not confident, and no one besides those who create fear, can ever be our leaders. It is a very subtle form of tyranny to “raise awareness”, as it is only a sophisticated form of spreading fear around. Spreading fear around, which spreads our current virus around, probably even faster than the virus could spread itself.

The Corona-virus is just waiting for some neighborhood genius to cure it. Nowadays, with the COVID-19 in effect, we have more fools having a field day with “raising awareness” than ever before, in their measly lives. This is so, because their careers are devoted to drowning humanity in fear, rather than inspiring them to make their own decisions, based on risk. Were such people in such careers truly caring about the well-being of a nation’s citizens, they would not be “raising awareness”, though would be offering the nation free reign to act as they will. Freedom comes with the risk of being lost, and then, growing up. One risks, one falters, one finds themselves, one moves on past the obstacle, and thus, gains wisdom.

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