Poem – “Details in the Scar” – Father’s Day Poetry – 6/20/2021

I was always wrong
To silence myself where I belong.
As you are far behind
In each teardrop that fades,
As all rain is never saved
From its fall, its decline.
You did not want to –

Want to die,
Living upon the crying smile.
You were sincere in each word,
While winter kept you thirsting
To know if I was listening.

I do listen,
Smiling even as I cry
Until the day I also die.

Further into tomorrow,
The days walk with the sorrow.
I never forgot you,
Glistening as a star in the scar.

I always remember your worth,
Formed in me, since childbirth.

I wake without the sigh,
While the scar sends me daylight
For the symptoms of a new day’s fright.
You had cried as I had walked,
As once I cried for you to speak
Words from Heaven, for the heart.

Poem – “What it means to Love” – Love Poetry – 6/19/2021

It is a pathway
Upon another, to a gateway
For another, towards her arms.
A challenge with no alarm
With the tears that run
To wake a man to the sun.

Someone says to the final word
That the shadows are all broken
With the fade of her.
A longing to a passage, a scripture,
One fault, alone in the winter.

One chance, to live for the summer,
For its winds to breathe us together,
For stretching faces to sing –

What kisses on smiles can bring.
Love quells the last residue
Tears can bring of nothing new.

Upon the arctic melt,
Forms awake, for all is felt.

Her stare, sending me to daylight,
While winter lingers here
For a shadow longer,
With miles of her curves.
In the dust, we never swerve.

Poem – “Your Air to Breathe” – Love Poetry – 6/19/2021

Walking backwards on a trail,
Smothered footprints set this sail
On the road to find you covered
In history’s faces and ashes,
Weeping through a blank smile,
Keeping Saturn wringing your throat –

Fatal in the sound for what ropes
Itself around each changing complexion,
To your cruelest resurrection.

You wish to lose all,
Bending daylight into the fall.
For a face in the deepest loss,
Counting seasons apart, futures crossed.

To breathe for you,
To see the chapter, anew.

To speak for you, in the rain
Creating glimpses, spoken showers
Upon the skin that lowers
To a point of remembering pain.

To weep for you beneath the moon,
Holding teardrops too weighted in doom.
As you lean back for the sunlight –

With the brightest kiss to bring down
Upon marble lips of red,
Living for you among the dead.

Poem – “Exiting from Arms” – Love Poetry – 6/18/2021

Crippled, in ashes,
Turned to dust at the sign
Of teeming hope.
At once,
Bright as the North Star
Leading you, through.
My reaching arms as boughs,
Keeping you from falling through.

Tears trail,
Connective and unending.
All at once,
Loose petals are tossed
Across your delicate cheeks.

Tears walk
In the presence of the moon,
Still apparent to you.
Tears speak
From tongue and cheek.

Among the dust
Falling from a flaking galaxy.
Among you, as the flame,
As this bare glimpse
With the void.
Obsession for the leaking stars
For their coming apart,
Too far.

Final hold,
Wishful grasp.
Obsession elated, elapsed.

Frozen tears,
Broken glass upon one hour
Discerning the number
From flakes to debris.
Fallen snow
From the nighttime sky
That recalls the coldest cry.

Caress the cheeks with tears
Never to leave,
Though have left.
Break apart what was never meant
To glide, to disembark
For tides, to recede with the current
To close the gap of a parted past.

Poem – “How do the Pages Turn?” – Love Poetry – 6/5/2021

Towards the direction
Of your sunset,
Of your
Believing in the afterlife,
Before the journey
Divides its mile
Between us.

The less likely
The pain shall discover us
Once more, without the caress,
Without the shell
To take us
Beneath where winter freezes
The trees into shadows –

As we lose
Infinite breath
On the shapeshifting pathways,
On the curving highways
Drinking the evening’s melt
For waters we once knew
Were there, when we knelt –

To deny our cost
Of our heart, found and lost
With connective heartbeat
With rhythm that never matches
The destruction that resuscitates us.

Poem – “Poem of a Dead Girl” – Romanticism – 6/4/2021

Life by firelight
Goes unnoticed
To the world that sentenced
Her, beneath
Crippled stems without their
And radiance.

I knew to love,
Knew to lie
While her flesh was
Within faltering reach.

Stagnant for no
Reason to be unearthed
From the grain,
With all delicacy
To her pain.

She had trembled among the leaves,
Unable, as I was able to think
Over which was, among the fall.

Autumn’s breeze was a mile for me
To dream of death
Among its deceit.

I lifted her veil,
To kiss her onward
With the sail,
By the fall of Autumn’s remembrance
To keep her singing until deliverance.

Poem – “A Head among the Roses” – Love Poetry – 6/4/2021

Picture how
Final terrors
Were warm beginnings
For the faces that did laugh,
At the end.

Picture now
The stories caught at angles,
Bleeding for miles across
Shapeshifted understanding
For the forests that melted
Whispers into glades.

Emptiness in the hollow well,
For no cement could encrust
A depiction of her fall.

I still wish
For the dawn to come
Even as the rose petals fall
Into burning fields.

Place her
As she would be corrected,
Standing at sadness’s ending,
With disuse to each discarded
Ray of her happiness.

She was all to the touch
Of forever’s bite,
While enemies call to unknown
Parts of the sand,
Burning blame into everlasting shame.

Poem – “A Hero’s Heartbeat” – Romanticism – 6/2/201

Upon the flowing curves
For all blue-tinted veins,
To the rivers a man wishes to
Plunge himself,
To sweep the pain clear
From eyes that bleed more
For the ocean.

Life writes itself
In verse,
As a man holds his heart
Within the rhythm,
For notes that gravitate
Into rhymes.

He wishes
Upon no stars
Among immaculate sunlight
To breathe beneath the ocean,
In her arms.
To swim among the galaxies
She did create
With sighs that formed
Endless nebulas.

For the water,
For the red,
For each tear fallen
Towards the dead.

For the faces that never
Look back to see
The patterns a hero leaves
Above where he walks.

Poem – “Faltering in your Entranceway” – Love Poetry – 4/21/2021

How great,
For how subtle
To never lose you
In the wild rain,
Within the washed-up grain,
Stealing a sign
All over again.

A ghost in the doorway
To look upon you,
As I falter
In this place,
In the afterlife.

Here, the heart screams
With the churning of iron
In my cold bloodstream.
Falling apart,
In the wind.

A look upon your lips,
A scar to where I kissed
Your pain into the night.
Your hands stretched out
To conceal your heart
With the moon,
Inside the bloom,

Of many moments, in bare witness
Of those idle kisses we gave,
In many dropped anchors
For the lives never truly saved.

Poem – “A Devil in Tears” – Love Poetry – 4/16/2021

His comfort,
A dying collection of senses.
His fire,
Hidden behind his eyes.
His words,
Poorer than those decked in rags.
Torn, though immaculate,
As if Heaven met ruin.

Towards Love’s holiest empire,
Wanting an ear
To listen to what has become
Of a man, in his fear.

His sadness is a requisite
To Justice, in its depleted definition.
His tears, to fall
Upon his lap,
Show no puddles for the reflection,
No place for the recollection.

Towards Destruction’s descended house,
With a face full of many years
To never forgive this,
As the pain draws near.

Loose pebbles
Scattered by the ocean,
Wasted in the scenery
That bleeds on, for no reason,
That streams on, without season,
Wilting in the lack of fortune
To a soul of misfortune.

Poem – “As Heaven opened Her” – Love Poetry – 4/14/2021

God triumphed
Upon the return
Of His fortune,
Radiant in embellishment,
Curious for His way
For which He may
Open her.

Treasure of boundless extravagance,
With little care in the tear
Of folds, for the earth.
God, whose sin was great
Revealed flesh,
Too stagnant in weight.
The He who leapt,
The me who wept
A rainstorm to decorate the lies
With the forty nights,
Without sunrise.

Of savagery
Bled out for me
In the oldest sort of sickness,
With no reflection in the currents
To bare witness.

Undead form
To her forgotten limbs.
A tree for the hanging of fruit
That never ripens.
This dead world of hers
Beholds the cries, in disbelief,
Under the hot waters
Of their grief.

Lovelorn in the scorn,
Idle upon the mile
She was stretched on the shore
For God’s kiss, no more.

Poem – “Not Enough for the Eyes” – Love Poetry – 4/13/2021

Describe you
In simple ways,
I cannot.
By engrossing details –
A shoreline curve to a hip,
Pebbled beach
To make both eyes and breasts,
Fingers, like candles
Burn garments
To the ashen floor.

Of subtle hints,
Bared auras,
Scenery to taste,
Loins to waste
In the grave intoxication
In the entrance, of womanhood.

Lifted sights,
Disassembled breaths,
A face that does not surrender
To the lifetime of age.

Hair that sets itself alight
To be the reflection
For a man, in his moment of fright,
While beauty was,
As beauty is
The storm that never dies down
In the moment where grace
Holds a heartbeat,
For its sound.