Poem – “Details in the Scar” – Father’s Day Poetry – 6/20/2021

I was always wrong
To silence myself where I belong.
As you are far behind
In each teardrop that fades,
As all rain is never saved
From its fall, its decline.
You did not want to –

Want to die,
Living upon the crying smile.
You were sincere in each word,
While winter kept you thirsting
To know if I was listening.

I do listen,
Smiling even as I cry
Until the day I also die.

Further into tomorrow,
The days walk with the sorrow.
I never forgot you,
Glistening as a star in the scar.

I always remember your worth,
Formed in me, since childbirth.

I wake without the sigh,
While the scar sends me daylight
For the symptoms of a new day’s fright.
You had cried as I had walked,
As once I cried for you to speak
Words from Heaven, for the heart.

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