Poem – “Your Air to Breathe” – Love Poetry – 6/19/2021

Walking backwards on a trail,
Smothered footprints set this sail
On the road to find you covered
In history’s faces and ashes,
Weeping through a blank smile,
Keeping Saturn wringing your throat –

Fatal in the sound for what ropes
Itself around each changing complexion,
To your cruelest resurrection.

You wish to lose all,
Bending daylight into the fall.
For a face in the deepest loss,
Counting seasons apart, futures crossed.

To breathe for you,
To see the chapter, anew.

To speak for you, in the rain
Creating glimpses, spoken showers
Upon the skin that lowers
To a point of remembering pain.

To weep for you beneath the moon,
Holding teardrops too weighted in doom.
As you lean back for the sunlight –

With the brightest kiss to bring down
Upon marble lips of red,
Living for you among the dead.

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