Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

A Debunk – “A Liberation of Humanity turns Slavery into a Necessity” – Philosophy – 9/7/2019

September 7, 2019

There is nothing more enjoyable for a human than for them to see where the light is taking them, should that light not lead them to a place where the light has faded. And in today’s world, where “liberation” has become the most prominent of words, there is something very unruly and undisciplined in the word, itself.

We have called upon “freedom” like it were a necessity. Though, have such people ever considered what “freedom” looks like, when it stares at us like the eyes of a child, or of the animals that in today’s time, we preserve for their lives? We adore children, turn them towards the opinions of politics; and, for animals, should we see them within the realm of cruelty, we’ll be most intolerant of it, more-so than for a human.

We see “freedom”, not in the protection of a child, but in the child’s ignorance. We see “freedom”, not in an animal’s protection, but in the animal’s undeveloped mind. As well, ignorance for that animal, and we once more see ourselves in a space of question.

“Freedom” would make the child ever-more curious. “Freedom” would make the animal willing to develop and evolve, out of Nature’s touch. Though, both would require a master to teach them.

Question is where the “power of reason” originates. Liberation is not a place born out of answers to any problem. It creates the numerous intricacies born within a realm of lies and deception. “Question” is a place where an answer to a large and ancient question cannot be found, so one is content with merely the question. In today’s time, it is common for an answer or a statement to be responded to with a question. It is also common, in today’s time, for complexity to be made from simplicity.

In the past, when religion was our guide, we were infatuated with an answer. In today’s time, we are infatuated with a question. Today’s question, being, “What can I make of myself?” The previous answer, of former times, being, “This is who I am, and there’s nothing I may do for it.” Acceptance, therefore, was more in the hands of former times. These were times of what we know, today, to be “enslavement”. It is differed from today’s time, that is a time for “possibility”.

Would it then be so simple to comprehend that the Universe had created an answer of its own self, out of a question? That, to reject the nature of chromosomes for each gender, that which we do in today’s time, is to reject the Universe, itself? That, because we do this, we make a question out of an answer? That, the Universe had only wanted to create pure acceptance out of a question, when forming an answer? That, because nothing is ever solved today, that this is the reason for our continual confusion?

Slavery is the necessity for humanity, when in the realm of guidance, not cruelty. For a leader must lead through example, and never force.


Words of Wisdom – “Between Men and Women” – 8/28/2019

August 28, 2019

“Between Man and Woman, there is guilt from two sources. For Man, he is guilty over what he has done; whereas, for Woman, she is guilty over what she has not done. Therefore, any movement that utilizes the guilt from the unproductive, will inevitably make Woman the more purposeful being to exist. As for Man, he will do, and do again, as he has done for millennia, until he begins to wonder on what he should not do. After which, Man falls, and earns his fall through external exploit into his own guilt. When a world does crave purpose, it always draws upon the idle, of women and children. They are now our slaves. Strength is no longer valuable, as much as weakness and fear. And so, what will ever rise from Man’s ashes, after he has fallen?”

Words of Wisdom – “On the Impossibility for a Woman’s Understanding of a Man” – 8/23/2019

August 23, 2019

“The X and Y chromosomes of a man, makes a man only halfway understanding of a woman. The single X chromosome of a man, in the view of a woman with two X chromosomes, makes him commit himself to only one side: lust or love. He will commit himself to one, and never know the other for many women, because the thing a man sees, is typically direct in front of him. He will see a woman, for lust, in the same manner as when he argues with a man. That means, a man will find conflict in the many. And he will discover simplicity in the one. For politics, this makes a man suitable for the answer, when it comes to the simplicity in love, though stupid for the solution, when it comes to the complexity in lies. A stupid man, of many lies, will seduce a woman away from love, and entice her to break her arms, and strain her legs, for petty pride. A woman cannot comprehend a man, as it is impossible, so she must listen to his words. And everything she hears, she believes to come from his heart, regardless of whether it is a lie, or not. A woman, when making assumptions, will have done so out of misunderstanding of what controls and creates, branded in the Y chromosome; and every ear will listen and believe the words, because it is impossible to argue with an emotion. Emotions are as believable as humanity becomes objective to be humanity when revealing emotions.”

Words of Wisdom – “The World’s Pressing Relevance to Identification” – 8/16/2019

August 16, 2019

“A person will seek out their enemy to hear the fullness of honesty. For this reason, a troubled person will never tell secrets to their friends. For this reason, a troubled person will be more likely to go to people they’ve never spoken to before, to hear honesty.

A troubled person will never tell their friends and family secrets, for fear of their friends and family becoming bitter enemies. And on the opposite end, a friend will never tell their own friend a bit of honesty, for fear of themselves turning from a friend to an enemy.

For this reason, a person will cling to a therapist.

For this reason, and for the same reason a person clings to a therapist and to unknowns, is for the same reason that a person of today clings to identity. And why does a person cling to identity, most of all? It’s for the reason that we live in world where we cannot at all love our enemies.

We find comfort in lies. Inevitably, a human finds more comfort in what was said by a friend, during the previous day, than what will be said by an enemy, as the truth, in one heated moment. That is, an argument with an enemy will spill more truth through the air, than a soft conversation with a friend. This is dwelling in lies. That is, to be around friendship constantly is to dwell in lies.

And for an additional reason why a person will cling to their own identity, is the same reason why a person of today will continually cling to things they already comprehend. That is, they will cling to themselves, to their friends, and to everyone else they already understand. No two enemies understand one another if they aren’t willing to take the effort; and if they were to argue, they may indeed understand more. If one plans to defeat their enemy, they will discover weaknesses. If one plans to befriend their enemy, they will also discover weaknesses, but never choose to exploit them. Rather, they will trust in every word that was said.

Today’s love of ‘identification’ has been born out of the purified definition of ‘division’. We form groups. We form families. We form tribes. And then, we begin to war with one another, until each family creates mutinies among the group, and Charles Darwin becomes the Prophet to reveal the truth of ‘Every man fighting for himself’.”

Words of Wisdom – “A Man’s True Empire” – 6/10/2019

June 20, 2019

“For all the lands that a man rules, and stands upon to see the ends of their horizons, he’ll find them to lack in beauty to the one land that he comes across; and that is, a woman, and he’ll be the water and no longer the stone. He’ll be the stone that is squeezed so that water drips free. He’ll not shield himself with a bare chest, but witness the bare chest of a woman, and soon fall atop her softness. For in her curves, she’ll not have a horizon to see for an edge. No edges, and no imperfections; as he’d not able to see over it. Her curves are smoother and grander than those of planet Earth. Vulnerability is to a man, as wanderlust is to love.”