“Why No One Selects their Personality Type” – 2/12/2022

Personality plays its largest role in crisis, while showing the outcome of one’s decisions after the reveal to the singular person’s demeanor. How does selection offer a part with personality when we cannot foretell when we will face an ordeal? Even if we could somewhat predict trouble, we cannot foresee exactly how much. In life, there is too much that cannot be predicted. If we could predict it all, we would have no need for personal development. Since personal development requires being able to learn from mistakes, a prediction would stunt this because we could prepare ourselves, in fullness, even against what we do not know. What we never know is what is around the corner, to the next day. A personality shows itself as either strong or weak, revealed in an automatic fashion without the need for selection. If we selected, then we would have predicted. Because we did not select, our best course is to be certain of our character. If we were strong, we handled the situation. If we were weak, we let someone else handle the situation. Our personality is revealed most prominently during crisis, because we could not select even those who would handle it for us without forgoing our potential strength.

– Modern Romanticism

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