Quote – “Why it is Fine to Judge Appearances” – Pt. 2 – 8/15/2020

“All the appearances of a person, can be endless. It is how the deception operates. The skin tone can be made as an infinite arrangement of colors, for instance. Though, by focusing solely on that, we forget the beyond. We forget what is beneath. We forget what is behind such simple appearances that are swallowed up, merely because we are told to do so. To swallow such deceptions makes us a serpent, swallowing simple pleasure after simple pleasure, whole.

Manufactured illusions are the Devil’s playground toys. Humans will eat them, if they can be easily digested. Yet, is it not what is called the “meat of the matter” when we can dive to greater details, discover within vast darkness, and see with our own eyes what we were too afraid to look upon?

All the details of an individual requires trust that penetrates deception. Though, trust is not possible, when our deception is our shield.”

– Modern Romanticism