Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

A Series – On Christianity – “The Pain of Man” – Pt. 1 – “Christ’s Drawn Blood” – Material

October 16, 2019

“Men are each wound on Christ’s form, and each droplet is the renewing of any heart having bled enough to either love or commit a murder; in both forgiveness and committed atrocity, that is what Christ reveals. The pain it requires to love and the resentment it requires to slay.”

Woman is a creature of either care or negligence, where her guilt is expected for its invisibility. All in what she’s neglected, is what deception will take for advantage. All in what she has not done, will be made into guilt for business to utilize in its chaos. Confusion is to Woman, by way of lacking assurance, and her manifested chaos is in the undoing of something. It is her negligence that the businessman will soak himself in, because the businessman makes his home in negligence. In the undoing, in all things unmoving of a world, the businessman makes his home, takes his partnership among the nothingness, and begins to create.

“Make use” of those who do not move, as a man of business will say, and a woman will find greater sweetness in the gain of power than ever she craved upon a time in a home. Woman has arms, has hands, has been depicted as the mythological creatures with claws. As witches with claws, or as sirens with talons. The bird is the matriarch.

She swoops upwards, pulls down the man who climbs too high, only out of compassion. Up the ladder, he crawls. Though, Woman has wings, made for her to fly upwards and drag Man down. To where? To a bed, to her flesh, and to the arms, the wings, that begin to cradle away his pain.

Man wishes to be close to the sun. And, it is his ascension that brings most pain. Man’s curiosity is the next one on line for leadership. Competition, that is; but, to what sun in the universe is Man attracted to? Man is attracted to two sources of light, and he becomes confused when attracted to no light. Both are painful, though the sun will scorn, while Woman will bathe him in the light that sears away darkness.

There is much darkness between Earth and the sun, and Man wades through it, with murk between his toes.

Man has guilt of doing. His doing is forgiven by Christ’s wounds, by the Virgin Mother who never dropped an ounce of blood to birth that pain. Virginity is, therefore, in the place of the Virgin Mother, who has connection to undoing. An “undoing” that would mark the Virgin Mother as the woman who would birth the greatest display of pain for the world, that is not a woman giving birth. In all doing, there is pain; and, in all undoing, there is the relief of pain. The latter would be the mother who succumbs to her guilt of negligence, and begins to care.


Words of Wisdom – “Between Reality and Love” – Philosophy on Love – 10/16/2019

October 16, 2019

“In reality, we walk upon Earth. As well, we walk upon others. Obsessed with reality, we unknowingly walk upon others, through, as well, our obsession with discovery. Discovery of all realities, all things there to be touched, smelled, or tasted, are the senses we utilize when we perceive something in closeness. And yet, such senses of those individual three, are always to be the senses utilized when in that ‘heat of lust’ we describe to be made for ‘blood, sweat, and tears’. From flesh, we bleed, and through pain, we feel it. From sweat, we smell it. From tears, we taste them, as they drain to our open mouth. And, for the other two senses, of sight and sound, we can still be close enough to see, close enough to hear, either the sight of pain, or the sounds of pain.

For to be close enough to touch, smell, or taste, may as well be close enough to be the cause of the injury. For how can we cause the injury without opening the wound, or in the case of discovery, opening the book?

‘Appetite’ is the word we use during when we consume, utilizing the three ‘lustful senses’ in exact consecutive order. We touch the flesh, to smell the flesh, to taste the flesh. And, we are all rapists of ourselves and others at that point, obsessed with privacy and identity.”

Poem – “Love Has Breached a Corner in our Wilderness” – Romance – 10/16/2019

October 16, 2019

I turn around to repeat,
In careless repetition,
All vows and emotions, upon a plate of fate,
You deny what was offered,
From a dying God,
From a man with all the might to his fight,
His eyes were upon you,
And faced the enormous creation,
Of a statue in what he’d not undo,
A love from all broken strings,
Upon one delicate harp,
Upon one frozen heart.

I fought to cleanse the hate from my plate,
From the dish that served rather coldly,
All the misfortune I spent for a night,
For you to eat up my words.

You are the child at the feet of God,
Born with wings, aflame,
Though, are crawling with those who are lame,
There is idleness to your eyes,
And serpent shapes to your fingers.
I was born to love and to swallow tears,
Puddles glisten in my palms,
Overflown upon what gently lingers,
The subject of pain placed at my heel,
Born to desert, and gracefully feel.

Your eyes are the scorn in the desert,
The desert wind under my command,
Is all to make me a man.

The faces in their frequent shadows,
Their hearts in puddles so shallow.

Face me, dear woman, with torn heart,
All memories come barreling down,
Upon the corner of our wilderness.

In the meadow of a tearful love,
Where droplets of dew form on grass,
There is your face of its gentle sight,
For my truest love made to last.

Words of Wisdom – “The Definition of an Afterlife, of Heaven, of Eternal Love” – 10/16/2019

October 16, 2019

Why would one question the realness of a Heaven?

Is this an attempt to forget a past? Such should be seen by all as an attempt by an Atheistic community to forget what religion spoke about, though still occurs. How do we define an afterlife?

It occurs today. We see Hitler and Stalin even for the genius they have somewhat shown in their time. We analyze their spoken words, for that is because we do not define a life by failure. The only failure that doomed both Hitler and Stalin, was the one that killed them.

Even among the most evil, we attempt to drag out even the smallest memory from those sorts, that reveals even the smallest fragment of goodness. For that is how an afterlife is defined, by the ‘eternal love’ from a memory that cannot be small. That is because it represents an eternity from something we always relate to when history repeats itself. Once more, we do not define a life by its death, but by its life, and the memories of good from even the most evil.

We prevail in every scenario, before we fail for the failure that kills us, because what has Darwin noticed besides the primary goal for each organism, which is ‘survival of the fittest’ or perhaps just simply ‘survival’? The one failure that kills life, is the only failure a life will ever experience. And those memories are cast as ‘eternal love’, an ‘afterlife’ for the person of even the most evil intent, to be remembered for their life, not their failure.

We study Hitler’s speeches, Stalin’s speeches, and many call them genius, because we are at a stalemate where we cannot speak ill of the dead, without defining ourselves as what goes against survival, which is cowardice.

And, in that love, we are eternally strong.

It is that realness of what we suppose does not exist, because what has been buried is inevitably forgiven by life, never remembered for failure, but forgiven for failure, and remembered for even the smallest increment of goodness.

What does Atheism have as as argument for this? What can an Atheist say for what they commonly do? It was Darwin, who has been called a Blasphemer by religious folks, who dubbed the term ‘survival of the fittest’ in what has been stated, here. It is science that makes analogies of the dead, though play directly into God’s hands.

For what good does love have, if it is not upon the ground in which we walk, in the soil where we have buried something to supposedly forget? It does nothing.

Love, upon religion, is condemned for its relation to the past…

However so?

It should be obvious.

Words of Wisdom – “The Definition of Truth” – Philosophy on Art – 10/11/2019

October 11, 2019

“Atheism is a place of mind that believes in the Bible as lies, as the Romans did, during when they scarred Christ’s flesh. Relate now, truth to the same definition as flesh, and when truth is denied, flesh is always scarred. What derives from this, is change. From truth, to unrecognizable abnormality. Truth, or flesh, is meant to be clean, direct, and without damage. With damage, there is a lie, there was vulnerability upon Christ’s skin, ‘proof’ that Christ, or truth, could not withstand the blows from the scourge whip upon him. From the beating upon him, the Romans attempted to prove the vulnerability of truth, and succeeded. For Atheism to believe in the Bible as lies, is only in the same mindset as the Romans; that is, to ‘deny the truth’, becomes a belief in comfort, and science. Science creates changes, changes distort truth. Science creates question, and continued question from the Power of Reason, is never met with direct and clean answers.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Excess Fault of Self-Love” – Philosophy on Psychology – 10/10/2019

October 10, 2019

“Where love has a place in a world of perfection, then to see oneself as imperfect would never mean to place love upon the self. One looks into a mirror, one sees obviousness. One sees what one has seen, yesterday. Though, to see another; that poses a risk. Love makes the imperfection, a perfection. Therefore, there cannot be any existence of ‘self-love’ through only the need to ‘accept imperfections’. One can only become perfect, through the love from another. It is the state of completion, over being incomplete. Love fills the void, as it is said. Therefore, to be in love with the self, is to remain imperfect, and never be complete. To see oneself as perfect, flawless, fearless, makes one arrogant and the direct and polar opposite from the loving and empathetic one, as the resentful and narcissistic one.

What, I wonder, were the first humans doing upon this Earth? They were exploring, looking for uncharted land, and most of all, they were looking for other humans.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Rising Heat of Lust” – Philosophy on Religion – 10/9/2019

October 9, 2019

“Love is an eternity that a man denies. A man denies what perhaps God has founded to be a mistake, when even He could not see that His own creations would mirror the same mistakes. We call such unplanned creations of an infant, a ‘mistake’ perhaps for a reason, that we were acting out of lust to burn away a moment that would not last.

In the name of concealing truth, God would be concealed by Man, and next say that God does not exist. God concealed Man and Woman, through clothing, upon the Garden of Eden, when fault struck Mankind. Mankind, as a dose of vengeance, conceals God in the wake of realization, and that is the realization of the creation of more fault. Lust rises upwards like the heat from Hell, making itself a reality and easily seen, to make ‘mistake’ after ‘mistake’.

The only reason why Man denies God, is due to every bit of knowledge towards good and evil comes as a shock for him, comes as a tragedy of loss, comes as a creation gone missing; and, in this, Man denies God because love is not a good reason for neither Man nor God to exist. Man must therefore struggle to want love. To want no breaths in the captivation of that love.”

Words of Wisdom – “A Fantasy and a Possibility” – Philosophy on Madness – 10/9/2019

October 9, 2019

“Those scientists who reach for the impossible to turn into the possible, are who should be named, ‘Those who deny God, though long for His touch, His presence, His commandments.’ A scientist may say, ‘The impossible will become the possible, because those under the Banner of Democracy will be allowed to make any choice possible.’ And still, they meddle in those unknowns, reaching for darkness, for answers that may crack their minds; what is, I ask, the answers to life’s most amusing and entertaining questions? We ask questions, while we laugh in a comedy. We come to an answer, then the shock shifts us back to a tragedy. From certainty to comedy, then from tragedy to uncertainty; these are the maddening notions that make certainty aligned with fear. A scientist has to believe in God, if the denial of Him causes the scientist to still reach for answers. A scientist discovers, while God lays in wait; because, when we reach inside ourselves for those answers, we are finding more darkness rather than light, because light is only seen from an external source.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Pattern of Three” – Philosophy on Religion – 10/6/2019

October 6, 2019

“To today’s time, we’ve discovered more of the internal, than of the external. There is a pattern of each person turning upon themselves, in this. The first part of the pattern is when humans believed in God, and could never perceive nor comprehend the infinite; the second part of the pattern is when humans believed in Philosophy, or the analyzing to the external of humans, and the embracing of theories; and the third part of the pattern is when humans believed in the usage of the sciences, and in this, we believe such internal discoveries to be less vague than anything else. Though, as the mindsets control the lot of humanity, we are, in this sense, the people who have also embraced selfishness. Because, to begin to see internally, we see less of the external, of others, of those others in need of our love or support. And the infinity becomes rejected at this point. For it turns out, by these written words, that the realest of things, are also the heaviest of things, creating the heaviest of burdens. Each human, when they are in love, will make mistakes, thus looking within themselves to seek a cure. To comprehend the other, is to comprehend what may be the infinite for the future.”

Words of Wisdom – “From Infinity to Ground Level” – Philosophy on Religion – 10/6/2019

October 6, 2019

“We were once humans who had said that we are equal through love, and now, we are humans who say that equality can exist upon this Earth. Thus, we have only one option, which is to embrace the equality that death presents. When we turn away from the infinity of Heaven, of God, to the Earth, and look downwards to see our feet, to next discover all things presented before us, we begin to dig. We dig for all things history has erased. We dig for the realest of things we may each touch, taste, and smell.

Though, we can obviously see ourselves, and in the sense of sight, we see ourselves to be God. In the sense of hearing, we present distance or closeness. Closeness presents all things pertaining to lust, in all things pertaining to taste, touch, or smell. And, in everything related to simply sight or hearing, we pertain these things to the infinite, and everything we cannot comprehend, nor can we perceive. The ‘equality of death’ is the equality that shows itself upon Earth. We look upwards, then we see the universe and its infinity. In this, we do not see ourselves. We look downwards, we see the whole of our bodies.

The ‘equality of death’ is the only other equality besides love, since because we have rejected the judgement from God, we will next reject the judgement from a human. We believe ourselves, in this, to be on the level of the Earth. In the same sense, each dead person is at the same level. Silence of speech becomes the new norm in this, and the captivation that death presents, is the captivation that love presents, which is the same captivation that keeps us stilled. For, in this, we do not need to speak to comprehend one human to the next, when we are dying.”