Book Concept: “Why Evil goes to Heaven” – On Forgiveness – 12/5/2020

“Did Christ die in vain, for only the smaller, less threatening, sins we can individualize and segregate from the greater horrors, on Earth? Surely, what with the crimson streams tainting the man’s flesh, upon the cross and dying, love is not to be symbolized as limited in its depth of forgiveness.”

– Modern Romanticism

We each possess an arrogance. The one that states we may control the outcome, of an individual. We act as miniature gods, to dictate the right from the wrong, of any person. We decide punishment, because forgiveness is never a choice. To do right upon another, would make humanity pure among all people. Yet, we’d lack the freedoms we “desire”. For we could only ever “desire” freedom, because it pertains to choice. And, because freedom pertains or relates to choice, it would make all objectively correct actions not belonging to choice.

How does freedom pertain to choice? Through punishment. How does restrain and confinement pertain to no choice? Through forgiveness. The individual who has done objective wrong, is one who forgives those around them, forgives the world, forgives society.

Out of choice, comes a desire, and only ever a lust, for freedom. Out of no choice, comes the right things to do, though at the causation of tyranny.

For Christ, forgiveness was of no choice, to him. For freedom’s sake, he’d turn to what only he’d want. Therefore, it was not to freedom’s sake, and so, he took the punishment upon himself. For all people will turn punishment to themselves, upon when they forgive all who wronged them.

We can become creative, when ascertaining the “possibilities” for punishment. Our creativity borders on the choices a person makes, when relating to their own freedom. This makes the Judge in a courtroom possess the need to punish the criminal, so that freedom is to both that Judge and the rest of society. Though, continuous judgements, continuous punishments, results in a world without correction.

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