Philosophy – “Why Both Atheism and Christianity should Agree to the Non-Existence of God” – 4/6/2021

“Non-existence has only a place for everything trustworthy. Therefore, wouldn’t we hold trust for what is certain, being of the past, being of what is both dead and not?”

– Modern Romanticism

If God is said to be of love, then He’d have a relation only to the past, not the future. We stride forth to uncertainty. While the future is full of fear, the past is full of love. While the future is full of doubt, the past is full of wisdom.

We’ll hear the Atheist speak of the “obsolete” nature of religion. We’ll hear the same from their mouths on the “deadness” of God. However, has that not always been the case? Among what is dead, though is also not, of the past where we comprehend everything as certain, this is how we understand eternity. If God is said to be of love, then He’ll be in direct relation to the past, being of what is said to no longer exist. If Atheism wishes to bury religion and its teachings under the dust of cathedrals, it will remain alive.

God cannot die, nor can love. The past cannot die, because even if religion, itself, is deemed as obsolete, our comprehension for what is non-existent is what remains alive. As the Atheist will deny the existence of God, it becomes the appropriate thing for what the Christian can also understand. Denial of the past is only half of the equation. It is both denial and acceptance that makes faith.

We doubt what we cannot see, or of what others have said to be alive. When Christ died, people believed it. When Christ rose, people denied it.

The past, of what we remember, being of all we love, shows us purpose. It is always because we recall that we have one. If God is said to show all their own purpose, then He is of the past. He would be the sun that warms our backs, though we’ll cast a shadow forward which is the fear within the future.

What makes up the meaning of each individual life, if not what is dead, though is not? Among all those who have sacrificed, such as of Christ upon the cross, the dead are remembered for their lives that we might find meaning to keep moving. We gather strength from the past, learn lessons from our previous errors, all in the recollection of what is determined as dead and also not. That makes up the faith, that the future is bettered away from fear.

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