Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Words of Wisdom – “The Rainbow – A Symbol of Hatred” – Philosophy – 9/8/2019

September 8, 2019

“Were a person to take hatred as a neutral definition, it would merely reveal the definition of ‘change’. To change, is to first be discontent. It is because that was, and still is, the mindset behind every revolutionary, every inventor, and every creator ever known to the world. Even of the husband and wife who make love beneath bed sheets, and create a child, had acted out of the essence of hatred; and such means, to change, because such a child could indeed spark change, and would not be a mere stone to see as stagnant. There is a wisdom that says to live a perfect life, one must be a vegetable, incapable of moving to create fright, or to create harm. To step, and to step upon an insect, created change, or rather, was an act of hatred; and by seeing hatred, in that sense, is to see hatred in a neutral definition. For of all the colors to life, they each represent change, an individual change, and not ever contentment. To be content, is to be in love, or to be loved; and this would mean to never belong to color, or never to belong to change or discontent. To be discontented, is to be feeling the world of hatred, that which life is born upon, to continually change and create ever-more color; and this would make the two black entities between life as the only way life can attain equality. That is, to be in love, or to be dead.”


Words of Wisdom – “Between Disappointment and Hatred” – 8/22/2019

August 22, 2019

“There is a line that divides disappointment and hatred, for that line divides the road between persistence and confinement. Disappointment will keep the one in motivation, while hatred will constrict. The former will allow someone to see the external, while the latter will allow someone to see the internal. There are those who have experienced betrayal, and so they look to themselves. This is hatred. There are those who have experienced betrayal, and so they share disappointment with the betrayer. That expression of disappointment makes the one more empathetic to the choice of that person, knowing they could have done better. Though, when one withdraws to the shadows after that experience with betrayal, they no longer grow outward. Their roots are now concave, and their branches are now concave. They soon begin to blame themselves.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Memory of a Woman” – 7/20/2019

July 20, 2019

“Let it be understood by all men, that a woman’s memory reaches as far back as the bloodline she’s created. No forty years, no thirty years, no twenty, no ten, may at all form an objection. The bloodline is advantageous by powerful motives, that hearken to purity. Those who stand by the bloodline to make the powerful empire, fit with the Monarch who is only a clone of previous ones, will find the womb of a woman to be the image of their creation. Subtlety, especially the kind utilized within today’s time, makes the womb’s creations not ever forceful, but subliminal in the way of creating an empire from the woman’s womb, and she’ll never see it as rape. She’ll never see the virginity stolen, though her mind and its doorways to memory has been prodded. Her womb used, and her body marked, by the corruption of political power to come, and its love made silent. Admiration is foregone, and to the so-called ‘object’, we no longer have the poetry of that admiration for Woman as an art. Love creates captivation in a viewing of completion. In that empire to be created, in that subtlety, and when a woman finds the taste of power to be slick alike to her newly-formed serpent tongue, she’ll not let go. When she once pleaded to a lover to never let her go; she now lets not go of the power she’s embraced. What of power? Corruption. What of love? Dominated by respect, challenged by respect, maintained by authority, and demanded attention by work. Memory! With its doorways and windows, and all openings; she, the woman of time, remembers all tragedy of all bruises upon her form. Love is a memory. Corruption utilizes the woman to become a shell. Death submits to her. Love is never forgotten by her.”

Essay #1 – “Of Addiction” – 6/14/2019

June 14, 2019

Addiction forms a barricade before burden. And the addiction only forms itself as an addiction, when the persistence to face the responsibility of one’s faults, is kept. That “barricade” will form, through the addiction, though when the effects of the addiction wear off, then the pain rushes into the mind, so that the heart becomes affected.

The heart is affected by the mind, while the mind, in return, is affected by the heart. This is a vicious cycle. It is only a thought that creates an emotion. The mind is a pounded gong, while the heart listens to the mind’s echo. In return, the heart is affected by the echo enough so that the mind feels the heart’s pain. This is to say that the mind should be more sympathetic than the heart, though is also to say that the mind will create a greater effort to show sympathy over the heart.

That the mind has to create positive thoughts of sympathy for the heart to listen, is meant to be in place, for there to be healing. Though, the addiction is the barricade between the mind and the heart. The pain that the mind endures, is only due to the mind’s continuous instability. It is while the heart is always renewed and refreshed and reborn, that the mind shows this instability. The Saint will declare themselves as “reborn” when they relieve themselves of burden, and this was the mind dominating the heart. The Demon will declare themselves as a “deceiver” when they show the promise of power, and this is intelligence manipulating the weak.

Such a barricade between the mind and the heart is revealed when the mind cannot control the heart through an effort of sympathy. When the heart shows sympathy, it had only been because the mind showed it, first. When pain rushes in, the addict will reach for the addiction and rebuild the barricade so that the mind cannot tame the heart. The barricade both stops the pain from the mind to the heart, as well as stop the mind from taming the heart so that an addiction is not needed.