Quote – “Why the Cycle of Hatred is Unstoppable” – 2/23/2022

“It should be common knowledge, in our world, that no person hates without their reasons. This is the trigger to the cycle, that in being unstoppable, is so because of the existence of knowledge. If all humans were ignorant, we’d not be hateful. If all humans were omniscient, we’d have an infinite number of reasons to transform our loves into hatreds. However, there is no reason for a person to be ignorant enough to fear, while there are plenty of reasons to be knowledgeable enough to hate. Being ignorant comes with infinite excuses to not have first-hand knowledge, and to remain ignorant. There is never a reason to not bypass one’s fear to know a truth that will indeed shock them outside of their comfort. It is because in being ignorant, one keeps remaining the biggest wound for humanity to endure, being the open gap between people.”

– Modern Romanticism

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