A Quote of Wisdom – “When Equality is on the Side of Hatred” – 4/17/2020

Equality has a single definition: to not distinguish one person from the next, either by perfection or imperfection.

How does hatred perform in the same scenario? It does, because hatred is a cold and suffocating emotion that sees only the surface of a person. It sees a blank image of a person, not too deep to see the story of a person.

Therefore, true hatred does not distinguish one person from the next, when it would not care to know a person’s background, culture, or lifestyle.

Love, instead, distinguishes. It distinguishes through getting to know a person, their choices, and perhaps criticizing those decisions through gentle words. Stubbornness would only create an argument with the obstinate person who does not change their ways. Love will differ. Love will make preferences. Though, it won’t divide through fear, because love is the emotion that only prefers a thing, because it knows a thing.

Trust. That is love. Through preference, we trust. Through making all people equal, without difference, is no different than any psychopath not caring about a person’s story enough to not want to kill them.

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