Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Words of Wisdom – “The Most Honest of Men” – 8/16/2019

August 16, 2019

“Why would we ever be comfortable around the politician who never lies? To be comforted, is to be lied to, and this is factual. A comfort is a lie. A comfort is a stagnation. For even the heart moves, evermore rapidly while in love. And it stops, when we are dead.

What do I mean by this? I mean, that honesty comes out of the man, who leads, when he can stoop low to see, once more, his origin. When the King had fought in the battlefield alongside his unrelenting soldiers, his cries were louder than those who died by the sword, who were their opponents. What I mean, is that honesty comes out of a man when he allows fear to be his own strength, as very much it is the weakness of his people. As very much it becomes the strength of his people, it soon becomes the weakness of himself. That is, the leader should be compassionate.

And comfort will weaken, and will tell a soldier to no longer fight. Comfort will tell a man to kneel. A woman will let a man fall to his knees before her light. Her face is now the face which a man has implored himself to stand, and then to fight, again, for her safety.

I say it once more than an honest man is a man of no shadows, but light. He is a man who people will despise, and many others will look over with admiration. That is because in a world of lies and comfort, and nothing more else to name, honesty burns. Honesty burns a hole in the shadows, and comes to people’s hearts to make them wrathful with fury.

And those under the guise of comfort will no longer see their shadows, but the light they are forced to notice. And this light, is what they attempt to reject, only to find themselves swimming in it, unable to let loose its hold.”


Words of Wisdom – “Worth is a Judgement” – 8/12/2019

August 12, 2019

“Has the bottle of wine knowledge of its worth without the connoisseur to name it? Has the book that has been translated extensively knowledge of its own worth, or even of the worth of knowledge within it, without another to name it? No.

Those who say that the one can only define themselves, are wrong.

This is the mindset of a someone who believes them to be the last person remaining on earth. That they have defeated all opponents, are safe because no one dares to challenge them, and the status they place upon themselves is ‘free to roam’.

They are people who have awoken to find themselves standing as the ruler to every forest and every lake. That is, they are the epitome to every fragment of arrogance a human has ever displayed, either spoken by word, or revealed by gesture of hand.

Where is the contentment in knowing that one’s own worth is only judged by the self? These are people who believe themselves incapable of being controlled or dominated. It opens up vulnerability, and even of themselves, they are unable to contain their own weaknesses.

That is, again, a belief in the comfort of loneliness. Sheltered by either a corner, or by complete darkness, that is the soul of such a person.

They are also people to believe that a friend is the only sort of person to ever show honesty. This is an untrue assumption.

One’s enemy will show more truth than ever a friend will speak of it. That is because one always avoids their vulnerabilities. That is to say that such people always lie to themselves. In every battle a human faces, or every trial, or every discipline, there is always discovery. That is to say that the greatest of discovery always comes from knowing one’s enemies.

And within a world with a mindset that tells the individual to only trust friendship, and to be the only one to define themselves, makes the individual without discovery. They are stagnant. And when something is stagnant for too long, it begins to decline.

To imagine the object when it rises, it must stay still for a moment, before it descends.

Such truth from an enemy is always greater than ever a friend will show. How is this? It is because a friend is already known. An enemy is unknown, and most certainly because he’s always avoided.

And most of all, a friend will never be fully honest with their own friend, will be fearful of speaking directly about another’s flaws, for fear of becoming their enemy.

From an enemy, worth is judged.

From a friend, worth is stagnant, and age never carries along the maturity one is supposed to manifest of themselves, through wisdom.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Result of Power” – 8/9/2019

August 9, 2019

“The flow of humanity takes itself wherever power and dominance leads it. Why call power a wrong? It should be named an inevitability. To say it must be erased, altogether, is to accept denial as one’s own power. To keep a population in denial, makes the population powerless. To accept personal irresponsibility as a good token, makes one as well, powerless. Responsibility is the tool of the leader. Although, his hands can only extend so far, and for such power, he needs his limits. What is the result of power? It is definitely not stagnation. In terms of ‘development’, power does not simply stand still. It moves and guides a population wherever a leader points his finger. It throws soldiers into battles and sends a mother’s or wife’s tears to the soil of a grave. These are all inevitable. And what is the use of power? As power moves, it also grows. As power does not stand still, it directs and most of all, it is used against, to divide and to conquer. For once more, this is all inevitable and very human.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Mentality of the Stranger” – 7/23/2019

July 23, 2019

“I reject the idiotic philosophy that describes the ‘stranger’ as less truthful over the friend, when such is never the case. People are morons to say that honesty only resonates from those ‘most trusted’. It is an aspect of ‘safety’ among a nation, because honesty only exists among fresh perspectives, and objectively only as that; for it is that a friend is less likely to hurt their own friend, and a stranger will hurt another, for any reason drawn. Out of anger, the murderer expresses the greatest form of honesty. For a heart only shows truth when nothing is held back. That is honesty. Beautiful honesty resonates in blood, shown and clear in its glistening beneath either sun or moon.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Earned Disrespect” – 7/14/2019

July 14, 2019

“Some will repeat the words, ‘They have disrespected me,’ while others will repeat the words, ‘Respect is earned.’ And I say, ‘If respect is earned, then what about disrespect?’ Disrespect must have a foundation of that which is to be deserved to the proper person who deserves it. Respect is earned, then so should disrespect also be earned. No woman should say, ‘He disrespected me,’ without first thinking, ‘Perhaps I deserved it.’ And then knowing that she deserved it, might bring her peace.”

Poem – “My Lady, with Crooked Smile” – Romance

July 11, 2019

Falter, as I see fit to falter,
Smile, as you’ll see you’ll ought to smile,
Dance as the moon changes shape,
Fall as you’ll do upon the day of your death.

Beauty is over you,
It has run off with the next,
The next admirer.
Make me a flower,

Covered in ivory melt,
Make me a bed,
Whisked from danger’s threads.

Sing me a song,
Oh, fairest damsel,
Sing me that song.
The one where glaciers shine rotten
Specks of unspoken misery.
The one that bleeds like you do.

Tell me with truth,
Am I in love with something of worth?
Love has always been a shape,
Not a torn smile,
But a vivid one.
Never that which I could not perceive,
To be the shape of a scar,
The one that I’ve not ever recognized.

We are lovers with nothing bared,
We are sinners with no one paired,
Between our arms,
With every alarm.
Each of our sights,
Are bred for the heated love,
One that is most beautiful,
When we share in our plights.

Tell me truthfully, without the smile,
Are you cunning, or are you truthful?

Words of Wisdom – “To Apply Reason to Honesty” – 7/9/2019

July 9, 2019

“To apply reason to honesty, nullifies honesty into a non-existence. This is to force God into a non-existence. When all a human believes in, is realities, they automatically deny God, because God is the representation of what falls into love: honesty and judgement. Satan holds the tortures of love, that are seduction and possession. God holds the pleasantries of love, that are the emplacement of perfection into the imperfection of humans, and we become insane because we have glimpsed the sight of perfection; we have glimpsed the sight of Heaven.

Reason nullifies honesty, because it is to apply reality to truth. A reality is seen, and love cannot be seen, but only experienced. A beloved may be seen, but an emotion can only be experienced. Any reason will deny an emotion, because an emotion is an imperfection, and love perfects the emotions, though the imperfection remains; as with reality, that is a different form of perfection, is the perfection of human creation, though is only a false perfection and a denial of a human’s inevitable imperfection.

Reality falsifies truth, so that truth is no longer raised, as a woman is raised away from the temptations of deception, so she becomes an angel. Honesty is the first thought, and never the second or the infinite thoughts within reason. Honesty cannot be rearranged into critical thinking. It can only be listened to, in the same way as the beloved to their beloved will say either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ with nothing held back from their hearkening ears.

The belief in God’s non-existence is merely a denial of perfection, that is the perfection of the emotion of love. Reason denies honesty alike to how reality falsifies truth, because truth can only come from the heart, while reality is existence, itself. None can ever see God, though only experience God, through a beginning. God was made a male, a man, a father, because a male, a man, and a father creates beginnings through a seed into a womb. Love is, therefore, also the beginning, the first thought, that creates creation. In other words, scientists merely act on God’s behalf, to create of their own means, and only ever deny the importance of love, merely because love has no use within the realm of dissatisfaction when it comes to business. Love holds up the greatest of responsibility, and human creation comes to a halt when responsibility is encouraged.”

Words of Wisdom – “Honesty” – 7/2/2019

July 2, 2019

“A connection, a true connection, is heart to heart, eye to eye, and full of honesty. For honesty holds only one definition, and that definition is to either say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a question. Do you, or do you not? And you respond with either ‘yes’ or ‘no’. That is honesty. Otherwise, you inevitably evade the question with a slew or barrage of explanation and context. No one bothers to hear such verbiage when there should be simple honesty.”

Dialogue – “The Scientist and the Poet/The Evidence of God #2” – 6/18/2019

June 18, 2019

Q: How is it that a scientist cannot look anywhere but down?

A: It is because history has a habit of burying secrets. A scientist, in the denial of God, refers to life as opposite from death, inevitably so; for it actually is that love is opposite from death. It is not reason, but love that dictates the functions of the higher, or primate, brain. Genesis has described God as the Creator to Life, and after Creationism took place, God had rested. Through reason, there is industry. Through love, there is rest. This is the very reason for why the Christian God is considered the “God of Love” in being the entity who differs Himself from the opposite of honesty. And the opposite from honesty is deliberate analysis.

Q: How is it that such truth, as you’ve depicted is from God, is out of reach of a scientist?

A: Such secrets that “human history” has buried, is the reason for why all branches of science have no choice but to look down. The fixing of mistakes, upon the stain of human touch. Human action has created human fault, and human fault is repaired by those who offer answers to problems. They are the scientists of our day. For was it not God who a needful one looked up to? How would a scientist ever become obedient to God, when they, themselves, are the ones who provide answers? Had God looked up?

Q: And in what fashion can such truth ever be discovered?

A: Intuition and honesty and the “living of God” is all how a human can ever be one with God. When reason is embraced, then skyscrapers raise. Truth to “media outlets” that represents itself as anything of the unknown, which is a truth that relates itself to a “higher standard” will appear “shocking”. For it is because, like a woman’s nude body, truth is shocking. Truth is flesh, easily sculpted, and through dissatisfaction, and the continuous altering of truth, beauty is soon altered. Beauty is flesh, and the recognition of the face, and such details of features represent poetry. When skyscrapers rise, media is shocked by “higher truth” that is at God’s level, because even for how tall a skyscraper is built, “shocking” truth is that truth that remains out of reach.



Words of Wisdom – “Age of Intuition” – 6/15/2019

June 15, 2019

“The ‘Age of Reason’ as it was dubbed in the 18th century was the beginner of dishonesty for the current day. Any man or woman who utilizes reason against intuition, has turned what should be a judgement into an analogy. The ‘judgement’ is the honesty. The ‘reason’ or the ‘question’ is the ‘dishonesty’ or ‘confusion’. The 18th century’s ‘Age of Reason’ brought about the rising of business and industry, though also brought about the downfall of human honesty. It is because a decision made instantly over something, would be deemed as insight, over what incessantly changes through reason, when it comes to long-term development. Intuition is, therefore, the blatancy that resonates with honesty and the human commitment, as one cannot ‘think about love’ anymore than such an emotion could be made academic, or anymore than one can say they only ‘partially love someone’. To love, or to be honest, must be an instant display of vocabulary, and never require a time to think about an answer to the question. For as it is among those seeking honesty, the questioner is always the ‘confused’ one, and is the one perhaps reasoning the question to themselves.”