Philosophy – “Why Politicians are Incapable of Compassion” – 3/19/2021

“Know always that the face that never even is truthful with the self can spread upon the grieving fellow the coat of sugar that reveals only the deception he’s believed in.”

– Modern Romanticism

Nothing is as kind as deception. It is what we mistake, of the politician, for compassion. We refuse in the attempt to see past the face of theirs to notice something that would not blossom with truth. Truth has never resided in them, nor from them and for the world. Among the politician who shares his consolation towards grief, comprehend only that deception is the softness he brings. Comprehend only that he is not there to bring you truth of any matter, since through deception, what will ease the grief is only what has been a part of him.

If the politician ever grieves, it is then over their lost humanity. In their mind, it has become a forgotten element, this necessity for being human, so the deception lends itself as a comforting arm to the grieving individual. As in, to place deception in the most shielding warmth, though forgetting about who they helped, since it was never sincere.

No politician is capable of compassion, since the profession allows for a certain contrast between itself and whatever is at their home. Such a contrast to differ the career as a politician, from life among the ordinary. How does a politician perform outside of the succumbing stage act of deception before the multitude of cameras? Is he revealing the truth, at his home? Does he become drunk, strike his kids into being bloodied, thrust his wife with the needed force for the committal of marital rape, to then pass out upon the couch? Such shocking habits would not be caught anywhere on the camera, of one that defends the image of such a politician.

Yet, the most shocking aspects to a person are their truths. It is of things they hide from the world or the entire universe. It allows for endless question upon the “behind the scenes” lifestyles of a politician, as it does for the celebrity. Those we expect to resemble perfection, without flaws, are those politicians whose own grief is their humanity. Is their truth a horror behind the windows, doors and walls of their home? Do they act in ways that would destroy our long-understood comprehensions of them?

As compassion would express a mote of truth, nothing can be of that from the open mouth or caress from fingers offered by the politician. Empathy requires a connection of truth. A lightning-quick access of the heart, as is the signal to empathy’s depiction of another’s pain to ourselves. It is that the unknown aspects of those “behind the scenes” lifestyles to the politician are so unknown, that what we do understand remains as the “truth”, yet varnished.

Philosophy – “The Objective Problem with Diversity” – 1/22/2021

“Split the gathered knowledge in a mind, and once more, one gets the many words for separate books, put upon library shelves to be abandoned.”

– Modern Romanticism

It should be noted immediately that the only result of diversity, upon when it is forced, is ignorance. Does one not force apart a thing, after it has been gathered together for its creation of wholeness? Would one of their adoration upon diversity direct this towards families, separating perhaps fathers from the unit? That has already occurred.

Perhaps the cruelty in this mindset would be better off causing deliberate grief, in the killing of children of their own mothers? Though, why not “go that far”, when such is down the same path?

Diversity, according to the causation of it, leaves a stain of what was bled. As in, through what was ripped apart, whether being of flesh (an abortion) or of communities (of mind), relates to the reminder of all that was lost. What cannot be torn away is the love that did indeed unify a thing, in creation. For it was to the opposite form, of true diversity, that “creation” brought about the differing colors. No one “introduces diversity” without being the deconstructionist who tears down what was already naturally built. Once more, why not cultivate this mindset to be something for people to kill off others, in the name of the pangs of grief, of the heated despair caused by loneliness? It is all down the same path.

Diversity, when introduced, deconstructs. It tears apart. An example of an abortion is the causation, not the creation, of diversity. An example of a psychopath dismembering a person, is what is “causation” to diversity. Though, what of love? How does a person side with choice, though also side with love? It cannot be, that according to what love represents, there is choice involved. Love involves no choice. How then, does a person who sides with this cruel form of diversity, ever comprehend what it means to unify?

The ignorance that is caused by this cruel form of diversity disallows all people from realizing what creates unity. That is, creation, itself, is the breeder of unity. We do not cause diversity in the name of unity. We create diversity in the name of unity.

Political – “Targeting the Source – in Reference to January 6th” – 1/11/2021

“When the source is ignored, distractions are born. Who becomes the distraction? It is the one who wishes to cure the true diseases of this world.”

– Modern Romanticism

On January 6th, 2021, Trump supporters (MAGA) “stormed the Capitol” in an effort to stall the proceedings of the electoral voting count.

To make it plain, that was their “source” for what angered them.

It should be clear, though not so much to most, that the American Democratic party fervently dislikes when the source is ever targeted. It is why they condone BLM and Antifa riots, when they end up burning down a Wendy’s or a Starbucks.

Almost none of what either BLM or Antifa targeted, as their problem, was the source to what they find an issue with. Because, unless it is America, itself, for which they believe is that “source”, then they have no true motive other than sheer destruction.

The American party of Democrats has long promoted a system called “free healthcare”. Or, rather, they believe that the system of healthcare should be “changed”. Is it not the objective source to any problem, pertaining to health, that belongs solely with the individual? As in, is it not factual that the source to people’s problem with health, has nothing to do with the system or of external factors needing to be “changed”? Does it not all solely depend on one’s personal responsibility? This would mean that it is an inward, not an outward, problem.

For the reason that the source of a health issue is not to change up what distracts us from the source, being ourselves, is also why Democrats promote such a measure. Their philosophies dictate that when it comes to targeting the source of any issue, there will be truth forcefully exposed. Therefore, by causing the American people to focus on a distraction, such as Trump, himself, the source of any issue is never looked upon. If Democrats believed in cures, they would never believe that healthcare to be changed is a worthwhile proposition. If Democrats believed in cures, they would believe in truth.

Targeting any source requires inward focus. Therefore, those Trump “rioters” did just that. For corruption does not ever show itself, so plainly. It hides itself behind a smile, while seduction tempts a person into noticing distractions. Those distractions will sway a person, turning their eyes away from the “source”, for it is with a Democrat’s philosophy to never blame the self. As much as a Democrat will never blame themselves, admit their hypocrisy, is for the same reason they have played the blame game for four long years.

It is within a Democrat’s philosophy to make a citizen continually rely on, or focus on, distractions. When no one is looking at the source, one is looking outside of themselves, at everything related to an appearance. What is related to appearances, are words. What is not related to appearances, are actions. Actions do not rely on image. Actions rely on humility.

When no one sees the source, people only ever see those distractions, which are the appearances that endlessly seduce. When a person looks at the mirror of themselves, accepts themselves only for their appearance, they are not looking anywhere deeper.

When a person can be distracted from the source to see distractions, it was only ever the voice of deceit that told a person to focus on them.