Philosophy – “The Objective Problem with Diversity” – 1/22/2021

“Split the gathered knowledge in a mind, and once more, one gets the many words for separate books, put upon library shelves to be abandoned.”

– Modern Romanticism

It should be noted immediately that the only result of diversity, upon when it is forced, is ignorance. Does one not force apart a thing, after it has been gathered together for its creation of wholeness? Would one of their adoration upon diversity direct this towards families, separating perhaps fathers from the unit? That has already occurred.

Perhaps the cruelty in this mindset would be better off causing deliberate grief, in the killing of children of their own mothers? Though, why not “go that far”, when such is down the same path?

Diversity, according to the causation of it, leaves a stain of what was bled. As in, through what was ripped apart, whether being of flesh (an abortion) or of communities (of mind), relates to the reminder of all that was lost. What cannot be torn away is the love that did indeed unify a thing, in creation. For it was to the opposite form, of true diversity, that “creation” brought about the differing colors. No one “introduces diversity” without being the deconstructionist who tears down what was already naturally built. Once more, why not cultivate this mindset to be something for people to kill off others, in the name of the pangs of grief, of the heated despair caused by loneliness? It is all down the same path.

Diversity, when introduced, deconstructs. It tears apart. An example of an abortion is the causation, not the creation, of diversity. An example of a psychopath dismembering a person, is what is “causation” to diversity. Though, what of love? How does a person side with choice, though also side with love? It cannot be, that according to what love represents, there is choice involved. Love involves no choice. How then, does a person who sides with this cruel form of diversity, ever comprehend what it means to unify?

The ignorance that is caused by this cruel form of diversity disallows all people from realizing what creates unity. That is, creation, itself, is the breeder of unity. We do not cause diversity in the name of unity. We create diversity in the name of unity.

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