Political – “Targeting the Source – in Reference to January 6th” – 1/11/2021

“When the source is ignored, distractions are born. Who becomes the distraction? It is the one who wishes to cure the true diseases of this world.”

– Modern Romanticism

On January 6th, 2021, Trump supporters (MAGA) “stormed the Capitol” in an effort to stall the proceedings of the electoral voting count.

To make it plain, that was their “source” for what angered them.

It should be clear, though not so much to most, that the American Democratic party fervently dislikes when the source is ever targeted. It is why they condone BLM and Antifa riots, when they end up burning down a Wendy’s or a Starbucks.

Almost none of what either BLM or Antifa targeted, as their problem, was the source to what they find an issue with. Because, unless it is America, itself, for which they believe is that “source”, then they have no true motive other than sheer destruction.

The American party of Democrats has long promoted a system called “free healthcare”. Or, rather, they believe that the system of healthcare should be “changed”. Is it not the objective source to any problem, pertaining to health, that belongs solely with the individual? As in, is it not factual that the source to people’s problem with health, has nothing to do with the system or of external factors needing to be “changed”? Does it not all solely depend on one’s personal responsibility? This would mean that it is an inward, not an outward, problem.

For the reason that the source of a health issue is not to change up what distracts us from the source, being ourselves, is also why Democrats promote such a measure. Their philosophies dictate that when it comes to targeting the source of any issue, there will be truth forcefully exposed. Therefore, by causing the American people to focus on a distraction, such as Trump, himself, the source of any issue is never looked upon. If Democrats believed in cures, they would never believe that healthcare to be changed is a worthwhile proposition. If Democrats believed in cures, they would believe in truth.

Targeting any source requires inward focus. Therefore, those Trump “rioters” did just that. For corruption does not ever show itself, so plainly. It hides itself behind a smile, while seduction tempts a person into noticing distractions. Those distractions will sway a person, turning their eyes away from the “source”, for it is with a Democrat’s philosophy to never blame the self. As much as a Democrat will never blame themselves, admit their hypocrisy, is for the same reason they have played the blame game for four long years.

It is within a Democrat’s philosophy to make a citizen continually rely on, or focus on, distractions. When no one is looking at the source, one is looking outside of themselves, at everything related to an appearance. What is related to appearances, are words. What is not related to appearances, are actions. Actions do not rely on image. Actions rely on humility.

When no one sees the source, people only ever see those distractions, which are the appearances that endlessly seduce. When a person looks at the mirror of themselves, accepts themselves only for their appearance, they are not looking anywhere deeper.

When a person can be distracted from the source to see distractions, it was only ever the voice of deceit that told a person to focus on them.

13 thoughts on “Political – “Targeting the Source – in Reference to January 6th” – 1/11/2021”

  1. Once upon a time Republicans championed health care for all.

    They abandoned that position when the Democrats embraced it.

    Just as the Republicans used to champion mass immigration on behalf of their campaign donors who wanted cheap labor.

    That is until the grass roots voters realized what was happening and rebelled against the Republican party and forced them to reverse course.

    Politics in America is an exercise on cynicism.

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    1. There’s a source to every problem, is there not?

      Whether it’s Republicans or the Democrats, whoever conceals the source, while promoting distractions, are the ones who prefer to deceive.

      Trump has been a distraction, promoted by the Democrats.

      This is the same as how Monsanto will seduce a person into seeing food that looks good on the outside, though within, there are fewer beneficial properties. When it comes to food that looks worse, though is better for the person, it’s the same as everything turned inside-out. Look at your average politician, and see it’s the same case. If Trump is an outsider, becoming the insider, and this is why Democrats have despised him, then he’s their biggest threat in exposing the truth that is concealed. Therefore, by the Dems talking bad about him, all they end up doing is throwing more lies on top of the truth.

      It’s all Psychology 101.

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      1. The fly in the ointment is human nature. Even if one had to power to remove all of the individuals who are the source of our problems. It would only be a matter of time before society would be back where we are today. Sadly the average American is going to have to learn the forgotten and ignored lessons of the past the hard way.

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      2. Of course.

        I am not saying that we have to simply execute the people who cause us harm. Because, that would make the person who does such as the last evil one around.

        I’m just interested in what currently holds power.

        I did not vote for Trump during the last two elections. In fact, I didn’t vote for anyone. I’ve learned from George Carlin that it doesn’t even matter.

        People’s foolishness, when it comes what they think they can control, versus what is beyond their control, holds me infinitely interested.


      3. I didn’t vote for either party myself.

        Since I hold the Bible as my source of morality simply because both political parties fail the Biblical tests.

        I believe the Founders established our nation on Biblical principles.

        Yet intended it to be a secular nation where all could live in peace according to their conscience.

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      4. Nor would it surprise if the Elites controlling our politicians are guiding events to create a die off of the working and lower class.


      5. Nah.

        Getting rid of the middle-class would create the inevitable “die-off” with the lower class, too.

        No one’s ever genuine with helping the impoverished, unless you’re intending to know them at a personal level.

        The middle-class is the bridge between misery and comfort. Knock down that bridge, and the rich remain rich, while the poor remain poor. Though, if you narrow the gap between the rich and the poor, then the same result occurs.

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      6. Something is going to have to give as the more technology progresses and factory jobs are shipped overseas. Jobs are only going to become all the more scarce.

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      7. Progress is the one thing that does not make perfect.

        I continually hear that science’s objective is to “make the impossible as possible”. However, I’ve come to the conclusion that science will inevitably find more flaws in this world than progress could ever solve.

        Progress sacrifices, to carve its straight path. If there was anything empathetic about it, it would not think of success, though to those who lose out on what progress leaves behind.

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      8. I remember a cartoon character I used to watch on tv when I was growing who only said one phrase – “We’re Doomed! We’re Doomed!”

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      9. One thing is for certain the democrats are going to do their best to keep BLM and Antifa at the throats of conservatives who will not give up their guns.

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      10. I’ve written numerous posts on BLM. Though, on Antifa? I’ve yet to figure out how a group can be “anti-fascist” when it commits to the action of silencing people.

        If any person was “anti-fascist”, then they would not ever treat it as an active approach to anything. Just as a person passively understands they care for who they love, is for the same reason a person would not keep repeating, “I am against psychopaths.” Pretty soon, people are going to rightfully wonder if this person who repeats that is a psychopath, themselves.

        People need to keep these thoughts as a passive understanding. In fact, if anything should be silenced, it’s that understanding, itself.

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      11. What it all boils down to is that the fascists and the Neo-Socialists all have the same goal. And they often use the very same tactics to reach their goal of total control over the individual.

        Its like two flavors of ice cream – Vanilla or chocolate – which flavor of tyranny does one like better.

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