Quote – “Leadership by Example” – 10/16/2021

“Leadership by example will not tell the world how it’s done. Rather, it will show the world how it is meant to be done. The leader who governs his nation, focuses on his nation, not to either interfere nor place other nations ahead of his own is a leader by example. That is, to lead by example means to aid the self along with what one knows best, showing to other nation’s leaders that the rule of loyalty and commitment shows itself best through actions, not beautified words. For the leader to aid what is closest will show to the rest of the world an example that is being set, causing either the effects of envy or the education of those same factors of loyalty and commitment.”

– Modern Romanticism

Philosophy – “Deifying Leadership” – 1/25/2021

“Angelic. Pompous. And crude. The barbaric leader rules, with angel wings tainting the world, into sin. Comfort, of deception, makes a person never knowledgeable of themselves. They are death. The walking undeath whose brains have rotted faster than their forms.”

– Modern Romanticism

The mind can decay. The form can decay. Which dies quicker? Which decays faster? Our consistent and nowadays love to our bodies, is not for the cultivation of what might grow in our minds. We never balance the physical with the metaphysical, of pleasure versus love. We are not unified, when we are deceitful to ourselves, and then, the same unto others. We are only ever unified when we wave the banner of objective and inarguable truth, for others to follow it.

Barely does anyone know what grows on the two flat ends of a coin. Perhaps they’d not be the continued-in-purpose rivals, destined for the other’s defeat. Perhaps, through their existence, they are unable to live without the other. Perhaps, in their existences, all things should always be paid attention to, for the selfless sake of both stories told.

Unity does not ignore, especially among what was created. Division ignores what was split, left to rot in the past, may have represented the mind, while the form flees onward. If we are physical, then we represent love. If we are metaphysical, then we represent what we despise. This is to say that when it comes to the mind, nothing is more forgotten than what logic says to erase or forget on a straightforward path. When it comes to the form, many entanglements can be done, to rarely ever be undone, except for the mind’s own interference.

We seem to deify Devils.

We rarely ever comprehend we are all angels, until someone remembers what it means to be both.

Each person holds black and white in their heart. They are not feuding, though permanently working alongside the other, comprehending that one’s own existence is necessary for the other to survive.

Quote – “The Speaking Leader, is the Deceitful Leader” – Pt. 2 – 10/31/2020

“It is only in the aspect of sheer disgust that one politician will reference upon his opponent, ‘That was not the correct thing to say.’ Yet, it was the correct thing to say. Their disgust only ever emanated from believing an ‘incorrect’ form of political notion, was told. It was yet the correct usage of words, for to say anything wrong as a politician, as a leader, would mean to tell truth.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “The Objective Leader” – Pt. 2 – 10/5/2020

“The objective leader has but one mission: to never let division take place. To those who believe in fire, are the ones to deconstruct for the sake of the vendetta. To those who believe in water, are the ones to gather what cannot be mixed with the oil that would burn. Leadership constructs the unbreakable nation. Leadership maintains the structure he has both begun, and then disciplined enough to remain standing. Leadership punishes those who dare to deconstruct what he loves.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “Corrupted Justice” – 9/9/2020

“The path to Justice is slender and perfidious, fraught with missteps of ambition and despair, egotism and doubt.

Should you choose this road, beware those who would waylay your hopes and disembowel your dreams.

Remain sure and remain true.”

– Path of Exile (Izaro Phrecius)

Philosophy – “Why Leadership does not Require Experience” – 6/10/2020

“If leadership merely required experience, then I’d make all my mules as my generals.”

– Unknown (American Civil War)

Leadership is based on the brave choice, not on experience. For what one is experienced in, one has gained ground and knowledge in. For leadership, for politics, a person climbs to the top by way of the lie. When being dishonest, a politician inevitably gains power. Though, to be the politician who has no experience, they become the person who has merely the words to stand by them, which are, “I can do it.” They raise their hand, step forward, and their face is pock-marked with the signs of bravery.

Courage is the only required ingredient, the only needed qualification for a leadership position. It is not the endless schooling, nor the endless studies, and especially not the endless lying that causes a wannabe leader to advance faster. Leadership merely requires might and strength, along with the will to be honest with the nation’s citizens.

Make leadership to do with knowledge, and there has been created from it the endless complications to a rather simple role. Responsibility is the needed attribute for any leader, where they say to themselves, “I have no choice but to do what is right.” If leadership is not based around courage, then it is not based around responsibility. It is, in fact, based around incompetence and deception.

To add, if the leader is ignorant, then it is the people who support him, by way of continual faith. It becomes the people who make the difference, rather than the endless dependency on politicians.

A Quote of Wisdom – “Of Fear’s Hearty Children” – 3/19/2020

“The responsibility of leadership is not meant to lead a populace to panic. Chaos merely spreads the contagion, for that true contagion is fear. What is not controlled, becomes uncontrolled, and everything uncontrolled is like a dark smear going across the face of a white canvas. It travels and travels, because panic is just that. It is the enemy of reassurance. It is the enemy of what can be led in a straight line.

If people say that life is too uncertain, then it is only because they lack the will to be responsible.

Leadership is not confined to a singular person. It is actually confined to the singular person who can be any person. Whoever leads a household, is a leader. Whoever disciplines children, are leaders, and just as any parent, the reassurance for children cannot be to spook them into greater tension.

Just as any parent would reassure their child that a monster is not in the closet, any person who reassures the parents would be themselves. It is that, because one should not rely on a singular leadership.

Any person is a leader. Any person is a government. This means that fear only leads the herd astray from the shepherd, and there can be no leadership through that. The leader reassures themselves, because a leader cannot be as afraid as the sheep to be led.”