Quote – “The Objective Leader” – Pt. 2 – 10/5/2020

“The objective leader has but one mission: to never let division take place. To those who believe in fire, are the ones to deconstruct for the sake of the vendetta. To those who believe in water, are the ones to gather what cannot be mixed with the oil that would burn. Leadership constructs the unbreakable nation. Leadership maintains the structure he has both begun, and then disciplined enough to remain standing. Leadership punishes those who dare to deconstruct what he loves.”

– Modern Romanticism

3 thoughts on “Quote – “The Objective Leader” – Pt. 2 – 10/5/2020

  1. Unfortunately we lost the true meaning of leadership. What you are saying is the truth. But greed and thirst for power, blood and money turned leaders to cupid vampires. Only vampires, at least in movies and books, are more romantic and have more pride.

    1. Leadership should be a “background element” for the people. It shouldn’t be a focus for the people, though rather like a mother who lets her children run free in a playground. The mother watches, from the background, making sure none of them do anything stupid.

      It’s the opposite, today. Leadership cannot maintain itself, if the people are always suspicious of what it is doing.

      1. Yes unfortunately leadership has become a goal on it’s own at any price. This is why the world is at it is now!

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