A Quote of Wisdom – “Of Fear’s Hearty Children” – 3/19/2020

“The responsibility of leadership is not meant to lead a populace to panic. Chaos merely spreads the contagion, for that true contagion is fear. What is not controlled, becomes uncontrolled, and everything uncontrolled is like a dark smear going across the face of a white canvas. It travels and travels, because panic is just that. It is the enemy of reassurance. It is the enemy of what can be led in a straight line.

If people say that life is too uncertain, then it is only because they lack the will to be responsible.

Leadership is not confined to a singular person. It is actually confined to the singular person who can be any person. Whoever leads a household, is a leader. Whoever disciplines children, are leaders, and just as any parent, the reassurance for children cannot be to spook them into greater tension.

Just as any parent would reassure their child that a monster is not in the closet, any person who reassures the parents would be themselves. It is that, because one should not rely on a singular leadership.

Any person is a leader. Any person is a government. This means that fear only leads the herd astray from the shepherd, and there can be no leadership through that. The leader reassures themselves, because a leader cannot be as afraid as the sheep to be led.”

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