Quote – “The Speaking Leader, is the Deceitful Leader” – 10/31/2020

“The fool who desires leadership in the sense for which it speaks, only exists to yearn for deceit. It is only ever a lie that is the most comforting aspect of speech. As truth will shock, lies will convince, making deception the one thing that can soothe insecurity. For security’s sake, we are loyal to leaders for their speech, for their lies, to say the correct thing. For it is in the name of security that we hold our insecure selves, placing trust in deception so that the right words may be heard, at all times.”

– Modern Romanticism

Philosophy – “The Rehearsal of Lies” – 9/30/2020

“Were the lie to ever be the truth, it could then not be a repetition. Deception repeats. Deception does not direct. Deception confuses. Deception does not speak only once. For truth would speak only once, as it must be the first to exit one’s mind.”

– Modern Romanticism

Rehearsal of truth is an oxymoron. No one rehearses the truth. To adlib one’s own lines, is to speak more the truth than the lies upon the script told one to say. To speak the truth, means to say what is meant to be said, only once. Though, when one rehearses themselves of their lines, they are in preparation for the truth to be heard. In their rehearsal, they are preparing for oncoming truth, here to be countered with a lie. For a lie will always play defense, as truth acts as a battering ram.

All liars rehearse. All liars repeat. It did not happen only once. It is like an act. Upon the stage, or before the camera, what occurred did not actually happen. Though, it will deceive. An act, rehearsed through words that were repeated “behind the stage”, or “behind the scenes”, outside of awareness, will confuse speakers of truth. For truth must be defined as something that can be said only once, not repeated. If there are those who did not hear the truth, then it was because they wished to listen to repetition.

Truth stands out. Truth is the light in that darkness of lies. The politician will lie, only if he rehearses his lines. He will lie, only if he believes he will fumble. To stumble over one’s words, in the manner of how repetition reveals itself, is the same as stumbling over multiple rocks. For to face truth, would be to face a wall.

A speaker of truth does not falter. A speaker of truth does not stumble. If a liar wishes to rehearse themselves on their deceit, then it is because they rely on the camera to fix what will be viewed inevitably as truth. We can see, if we are perceptive enough, the truth from the lie. Even of the liar, we can separate fact from fiction, to understand which is most shown.

As an actor, a liar will rehearse. As an actor, a liar will repeat. As an actor, a liar will perform. We will not know of the actor, what is reality. There will be more questions for the liar, than there will be for those who speak the truth. If one had not heard the truth, had not heard the answers, then one was not listening.

Quote – “How to Define a Lie” – 7/29/2020

“The lie is defined by internal intricacy. The lie is always within. The lie is never seen. It becomes truth, when no longer a lie. Place the spotlight on a so-called lie, and continue naming it a lie, and it is truth, never deception. Disregard what is a lie, because you do not notice it, do not question it, and it festers and creates the further complication.

All lies are themselves, before they are seen. Then, they are truth.

For how else does the Atheist say that God is a lie, if he cannot see Him? How else does the widow say that love is gone, because she can no longer see her beloved?

To believe in truth, merely means to believe it exists.”

– Modern Romanticism

Poem – “To Guard your Beauty” – Romance – 1/7/2020

I have shared a kiss, with loneliness,
And have shared wine, with death, itself.
I have felt music play upon my lips
During when I was lost, in love’s abyss.

I guarded what cannot die,
And, I guarded what should not have decayed
To be spread among the four winds,
Before the times arrives.

My love was a vanishing current,
And this, I realize
Had been the thing to die,
Because, your beauty was merely meant to lie.

To lie, to stay the same,
To never change.
Deception, for you, was never an offense,
Because, I had wanted to protect, in all my defense.

Philosophy – “The Oxymoron of Creative Non-Fiction” – 12/18/2019

If non-fiction is defined as the recount of a specific event that occurred in reality, then just how much creativity can be attributed to a real occurrence, before it becomes fiction? As in, the truth must be nothing but the truth, and if this is a fact, then where is the line for the creativity? And, what defines the “creativity” element for “non-fiction”?

Non-fiction should be as accurate as possible. Inevitably so, even for a film that utilizes “creative liberties” as it is called, to deliberately twist the truth, is the same as telling a lie.

Would then, the telling of someone’s tragedy to someone in the real world, outside of the pen and page, ever be “creative”?

To add creativity to a person’s tragedy, to turn what should be taken seriously into nothing more than a joke, seems a bit sadistic. Is that not how Batman’s Joker became the Joker? All of his life’s tragedy became comedy, after he was told that his life was a lie. Therefore, the Joker made it the lie that comedy is, as creative as possible with his murders.

Turn the truth, the tragedy, into comedy, and it becomes a lie.

We begin to not take seriously the event that should have been portrayed as dry truth, when we add creativity to the pile, so that we tell no more than lies.

Philosophy – “A Critique on the Existence of Journalism” – Dialogue – 9/22/2019

Q: What strikes your pity to be so prominent?

A: It is because whenever I see a person aiming to engage in Journalism, I see no more than the smile of insanity or excitement. Logic is never in the equation of Journalism, nor in its existence, and femininity has merely encompassed it, like a spread of peanut butter on a slice of bread.

Q: What makes you intolerant towards Journalism?

A: Journalism resonates upon its sole ingredient: excitement. The thrill of the chase after the truth, is much different than a spread of directions, a spread of paths, as this relates more to the lie. A lie is complex, as are emotions, and each emotion is a different path. The source of the confusion comes from simply witnessing these emotions in their drama. Unless someone has the idea of writing of lost cats or children with sore legs after kicking a ball, there will be the crudeness of engaging in the lie, itself.

Q: What is the lie, itself?

A: The definition of a lie is simple complexity. A complexity that creates numerous paths, this is a lie. A deception, that is easily convincing, marks the essence of the emotion. Journalism strikes me as the only weapon that employs this. The usage of emotions, and never the consolation towards them. The witnessing of tears or fear, for the sake of the camera, makes it a reality, despite both the emotions and the presence of a camera making the scene an unreality. The viewer had not been there, though viewed the deception through a lens, and it all becomes a mere “perception”.

Q: What do you make of perceptions?

A: It is the one-sided story, the essence of the debate, the source of division, as each “perception” created from a sight upon a television screen, creates the feeling of loneliness, separation, and anxiety. Each viewer of a screen has been deceived, and now they are the victims from which deception creates puppets. Each string, that is, from the puppet master, marks each separate path towards an emotion. A puppet is only a representation of a lifeless corpse, without the strings. With the strings, the puppet is seen to be wild. It moves, though is still lifeless and without a soul.

Q: And back to Journalism?

A: In utilizing the ingredient of excitement, truth is always ignored. Truth is never discovered in this scenario. A Journalist will be so intent in “rushing within the rush”, so to speak, that they will never make an attempt to look for truth. They rush, lost in the crowd of both spectators and those who perceive, that they remain concealed. Most of them are rushed on caffeine, creating a further “fast-paced” attitude, marking them as the perfect vessel to be the perfect puppet. The wild one, is like a corpse reanimated.

Q: What more of Journalism?

A: A complexity is merely an emotion, and each emotion creates deception. Each person conflicted with a “mental illness” is lied to, whether by Psychiatrists, or by their own thoughts. A simple cure, such as a pill, is still alike the simple cure, that is suicide. The remedy is never to become a robot, though to use logic to uplift those deep in their emotions. It is because, whether it be depression or simple fear, there is calmness that reveals itself as more daunting than the fear, itself.