Philosophy – “The Rehearsal of Lies” – 9/30/2020

“Were the lie to ever be the truth, it could then not be a repetition. Deception repeats. Deception does not direct. Deception confuses. Deception does not speak only once. For truth would speak only once, as it must be the first to exit one’s mind.”

– Modern Romanticism

Rehearsal of truth is an oxymoron. No one rehearses the truth. To adlib one’s own lines, is to speak more the truth than the lies upon the script told one to say. To speak the truth, means to say what is meant to be said, only once. Though, when one rehearses themselves of their lines, they are in preparation for the truth to be heard. In their rehearsal, they are preparing for oncoming truth, here to be countered with a lie. For a lie will always play defense, as truth acts as a battering ram.

All liars rehearse. All liars repeat. It did not happen only once. It is like an act. Upon the stage, or before the camera, what occurred did not actually happen. Though, it will deceive. An act, rehearsed through words that were repeated “behind the stage”, or “behind the scenes”, outside of awareness, will confuse speakers of truth. For truth must be defined as something that can be said only once, not repeated. If there are those who did not hear the truth, then it was because they wished to listen to repetition.

Truth stands out. Truth is the light in that darkness of lies. The politician will lie, only if he rehearses his lines. He will lie, only if he believes he will fumble. To stumble over one’s words, in the manner of how repetition reveals itself, is the same as stumbling over multiple rocks. For to face truth, would be to face a wall.

A speaker of truth does not falter. A speaker of truth does not stumble. If a liar wishes to rehearse themselves on their deceit, then it is because they rely on the camera to fix what will be viewed inevitably as truth. We can see, if we are perceptive enough, the truth from the lie. Even of the liar, we can separate fact from fiction, to understand which is most shown.

As an actor, a liar will rehearse. As an actor, a liar will repeat. As an actor, a liar will perform. We will not know of the actor, what is reality. There will be more questions for the liar, than there will be for those who speak the truth. If one had not heard the truth, had not heard the answers, then one was not listening.

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