Quote – “Loyalty can Require Death” – 10/24/2021

"There is a difference between knowing when to love and when to live. Love's expression goes so far as to believe another is the greater worth, when the self was only ever valuable for the sacrifice. By finding death as something of a warm welcome is to mean another can live in the peace the… Continue reading Quote – “Loyalty can Require Death” – 10/24/2021

Quote – “Leadership by Example” – 10/16/2021

"Leadership by example will not tell the world how it's done. Rather, it will show the world how it is meant to be done. The leader who governs his nation, focuses on his nation, not to either interfere nor place other nations ahead of his own is a leader by example. That is, to lead… Continue reading Quote – “Leadership by Example” – 10/16/2021

Philosophy – “The Connection between Trust and Education” – 5/13/2021

"It is more the human effort to trust, than to love, being what makes us such fragile and imperfect creatures. To trust, and then, to be betrayed on it, forces us to learn from our mistakes, or otherwise repeat them."- Modern Romanticism Same as history repeats itself, mistakes too. There are those who express what… Continue reading Philosophy – “The Connection between Trust and Education” – 5/13/2021

Love Quote – “Why a Man Protects a Woman” – 4/18/2021

"There is nothing more repulsive, to the man, than the urge to retreat back to himself. What is himself, if outside of the she whom he loves? If he had loved, then he'll not love himself, ever again. To truth, there is protection of it. There is concealment of it, of her, of the one… Continue reading Love Quote – “Why a Man Protects a Woman” – 4/18/2021

Quote – “As Intimacy is Electric Connection” – 1/15/2021

"Love has a connection through electric intimacy, though does not let go for truth to soon be within another person's hands. This betrayal of trust is no different than data being sold or simply stored at bases, during when information is given for the simple sake of what is inevitably short-term 'interaction' or 'connection'. Unlimited… Continue reading Quote – “As Intimacy is Electric Connection” – 1/15/2021

Quote – “The Speaking Leader, is the Deceitful Leader” – Pt. 2 – 10/31/2020

"It is only in the aspect of sheer disgust that one politician will reference upon his opponent, 'That was not the correct thing to say.' Yet, it was the correct thing to say. Their disgust only ever emanated from believing an 'incorrect' form of political notion, was told. It was yet the correct usage of… Continue reading Quote – “The Speaking Leader, is the Deceitful Leader” – Pt. 2 – 10/31/2020

Quote – “The Security of a Leader” – 9/9/2020

"A leader cannot simply stride forward into the future and expect his people to be able to follow.A leader must look over his shoulder so that he can witness and understand the consequences of the path he has chosen.To ensure that his people are still with him. To ensure that he has not become lost."-… Continue reading Quote – “The Security of a Leader” – 9/9/2020

Personal Post – “A Thing about Ignorance/Prejudice…”

I began this blog with the idea of writing poetry. Then, it expanded into both prose and philosophy. I write through this blog to share a density of emotions and analogies, carried through the words. As I see the world today, I am left with the conclusion that people are not close, especially when the… Continue reading Personal Post – “A Thing about Ignorance/Prejudice…”

Quote – “Why Beauty becomes Protected” – 6/15/2020

"We protect beauty as easily as we despise the sting of hurt feelings. We protect our inner selves, shielding ourselves with a mask of toughness. Though, for external protection, in the name of love, we protect because a lover has a need to be heroic. Love is what protects beauty. Love is all that protects… Continue reading Quote – “Why Beauty becomes Protected” – 6/15/2020

Quote – “To Reach for Love” – 5/27/2020

"When we find that Hell holds more comforting flames than Heaven, we would be wrong in only one experience. Allow your heart to be truly captured by the stunning image of beauty. Allow this, and you'll find those flames of Hell to be a coldness, to freeze your flesh into stillness, without much to forge,… Continue reading Quote – “To Reach for Love” – 5/27/2020

“Chapter Two – Placement” – From “An Unfinished Book” – 5/27/2020

It is somewhat often that a man will find himself to be nestled near to silence, as if his arms were wrapped about the form of a woman. Her comfort is brought into that solace, that silence, because she seemingly has nothing to fear. What of Anton? He raises himself, to form steps with the… Continue reading “Chapter Two – Placement” – From “An Unfinished Book” – 5/27/2020