Quote – “Why Beauty becomes Protected” – 6/15/2020

“We protect beauty as easily as we despise the sting of hurt feelings. We protect our inner selves, shielding ourselves with a mask of toughness. Though, for external protection, in the name of love, we protect because a lover has a need to be heroic. Love is what protects beauty. Love is all that protects beauty. As the mother will protect her child, or as the child will protect the small butterfly from the bully and his foot, love protects the gentlest, the frailest. We protect everything that is beautiful, because love does not want to see it wasted. If a woman is protected by a man, her lover, it is only because he loves her, finds her to be beautiful, and would be devastated were she to die. If a woman names herself to be beautiful, then she should know what beauty entails for all others who believe the same, of her. That, she will be protected, by others who do say the same.”

– Anonymous

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