Philosophy – “The Connection between Trust and Education” – 5/13/2021

“It is more the human effort to trust, than to love, being what makes us such fragile and imperfect creatures. To trust, and then, to be betrayed on it, forces us to learn from our mistakes, or otherwise repeat them.”

– Modern Romanticism

Same as history repeats itself, mistakes too.

There are those who express what it means to love, though not so much on what it means to trust. It would welcome more of an earthly response for the latter, because it compares better to human nature. To learn, is to do so for what one mistakenly trusted. Trust is a better comparison to the human side, all due to what the “mistake” represents. That, to make one, is to reveal ourselves as imperfect. Then, to learn from it, means that we were never perfect enough to not have made that mistake, in the first place.

It is love that is divorced from emotion, because such is the perfect force. It is then that trust, being what makes a person learn, presents us as contrasted from God who’d be omniscient. If God is omniscient, then He is perfect. It is because perfection will always relate to the needlessness of education. Though, if humans need to learn, then it is all because of our emotions, being what make us imperfect and bound to make mistakes. Through our emotions, we error and are errored, and from our mistakes, we learn.

To believe oneself, or another person, is “perfect the way they are” might mean, in the most literal sense, that they no longer need to be educated.

We are yet loyal to those we trust, for this is the same as to make oneself their protector. Again, this is to make oneself imperfect, and also, vulnerable. As a protector, one volunteers to take perhaps the fall, the blame, or the hit for another person. Though, the protector is not indestructible, all due to their vulnerability. A protector is not perfect, because their greatest weakness would be to believe nothing can conquer them.

As it would be that protector’s greatest weakness, since those they wish to guard are the focus for what should never become conquered. Since it is this, it is never themselves who they are protecting.

Though, to learn, would mean to be more fragile by way of a potential betrayal for that trust. It is then to learn, that from such a mistake in being loyal and trusting to a wrong person or even a source of information, grants the greatest lesson upon them. That, to not repeat the same mistake, brings about the connection between trust and education. If the mistake has been repeated, then nothing has been learned.

It can be safe to admit that one had “mistrusted”, at the point of betrayal, only ever after the traitorous deed had been struck.

Education is at the center of trust, especially upon what is specifically trusted. We’ll believe we should love through unconditional means, though it is instead that human trust with those conditions attached. It is especially after past errors were learned from, that such conditions are placed. It is then that those conditions are there to protect the self from further harm.

It is the case that we can love all people, equally. Though, it is never the case that we should trust everyone, with the same equal measure, without first admitting that we should also be ignorant. As in, ignorant of those we trust, and the same for ourselves.

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