Poem – “Recession back to Numbness” – Romance – 12/23/2019

Winter has me breathing
This cascading silver air,
Across your delicate forehead,

As you’ll recede with your elegance
Back to where you belong.
A den of darkness,
Is where you find comfort,
And I do not belong
In such a realm.

I am sick,
Though, you seem to be healthy.
You have cheeks that sparkle the radiance
Of that health, of all youth
Displayed for me, once to kiss,
Now to mourn,
Because I cannot follow
To where you thrive.
I wish to be here, for I do not cling to fear.

I do not cling to the place
Where rats and mice crawl,
Like splendid blankets.
Over the termites and the beetles,
In distant alleys,
Like a droplet of sweat
That carries soot.

There is so much Hell, that you crave,
And never the peace, that I have saved
For you to consume,
Because, the grave beneath your feet,
Has already been exhumed,
And you have risen, from somewhere, from anywhere,
To see me, like a child, been bathed in ashes.

Why do I cry?
When I should still breathe, why do I weep?

I know the world and us, were not for any celebration,
Because the past has encrusted itself, in your worn heart.

Poem – “For every Lie…” – Romance – 12/22/2019

For every punishment,
For every sin,
For every kiss,
For every period of denial,

We are the thorns without the rose,
Just merely the pain, without the bliss.

And without faith,
We weren’t there with sincerity to each kiss.

I am breath,
I am bone,
I am death,
And I am stone.
The rocks upon your shoreline,
And the thumbscrews on your outline,
You are pinned,
And I am loose.
I meant not for me to be free,
And yet, I am here to grieve.

Incarnate me in your mind,
Where I may,
Just may,
One day,
Arouse myself in your kind,
Though not in the love, where we’ve been so blind.

Poem – “The Memory of You in My Mouth” – Romance – 12/20/2019

How children stream their tears,
Down their faces, reeking with the innocence
That Nature has gifted them,
And yet, the little romances between a boy and a girl,
Are a lot like how we once were,
Without tragedy to melt our dreams into a reality.

Reality is the dark complexion,
That you blew over romance and its element.
You drew near to the darkness of survival,
And became its pawn, its own child,
While I was only a child, before you.
Little worthless imagining called a romance, you defiled.

I was obsessed with a dream,
While you obsessed with a dryness
To your mind,
And never my heart,
That ached with the bitter misfortune of what was to take place,
In everything lacking of truest grace.

Why do I taste my own tears, when I should taste your own?
Why do I taste my own strewn hair, when I should taste your own?
I seem to have faulted my own actions,
You pathetic thing.
I seem to have faulted my own actions,
To you, my pathetic thing.

Poem – “The Place where Death is Conscious” – Romance – 12/12/2019

Like our heart of hearts,
With love as butter upon its red smoothness,
Like the softest bread,
And as beauty will raise itself, so will it, as well,
Also fall.
And as I see your eyes with their shimmering shape,
I seem to not be allowed to peer further
Into them,
For they strike me as the daggers,
Or the torch,
Lifted to burn away the pleasures from me,
During when I see what I’ve always seen.

Your hopes, or rather,
Our hopes,
Are tarnished.

Our desires, or rather,
The world’s desires,
Are far too multiplied.

Still sickened, we are, by that fabulous aroma,
Of choice,
Of life with its Hellish moods,
And its episodes of anguish and despair.

Death is a great world
Without the yearning to see
Into those eyes of yours.
My life, near a blade,
Near where my face slowly fixes itself,
Upon where you stand, in the glade,
And behold, before yourself,
Life, by a womb that extends forth,
And I know
That we are not meant for the other,
Because you hold content, while I have not
The happiness I require.

Life has been but trial, for me,
And nothing more.

Poem – “Solace, in your Eyes” – Romance – 12/10/2019

When Hell cannot be quelled
Of its shaping design, to forge a fire in my mind,
There are the eyes, I always follow
To where they point,
Upon my bosom, where a bruised heart, burns black.
A little woman with her hair in tangles,
And suffering as a stain upon only her skin,
Because, she has tasted flame,
The flame of deprivation, to her core,
The flame that whips the amorous words,
“I desire more!”

My little woman
With beauty so much in detail,
There is, yet, a single place I put my gaze,
That are the eyes of yours, with your glance over curved
And bared
I desire no more, upon when I am singed by pain
Than to see that stare, among tangles in your hair.
Little woman of much beauty,
Have we given all to else, the world and its thirst?
Place us both at the next moment in our wonders.

We are beautiful,
As we are meant to be.
And nestled beside ourselves,
In the Heaven of our belief.

With few promises to keep,
As desires unfolded, for ourselves to see.
We will continue to believe,
As I continue to witness,
Those two eyes demanding kisses,
Staring upon my heart, to make it once more
Flutter with a start.

Poem – “Your Form like the Crawling Sea” – Romance – 12/9/2019

A mind made with shelves, adorned in the books
That read the past with much awareness,
And a heart that recedes with the tide
Of a bloody sea.

No fault could ever welcome itself
Into your open arms,
For you possess a form,
That outdoes even the sea with its many currents,
And many curves,
From cresting waves.

I am in love with a woman I have envisioned
To be my partner in life.
Her form, though, is a sight of great admiration,
With beauty to each mark,
And with a belly that exhales the breath to sing,
Resonating as the startled lark.
With tresses that rain to shoulders and neck,
And then to a pair of snowy legs,
That seem to stand, as the statue does,
Upon its base.

A form, and also a face,
Beauty is the notion, I have come to know,
By all your radiance, upon skin so immaculate in hue,
And desirous, as something I never knew.
For you have eyes that wander the extent of that form,
For seduction’s sake.
My eyes, as well, see the world over,
But never the sea,
Beautiful, in everywhere I have seen,
And marvelous, in white skin that bleeds the sheen.

Poem – “When the Evening Met Her Lips” – Romance – 12/8/2019

Downed by displeasure
To a dying day.
And then, downed by your hands,
To roaring sheets,
To see the evening in your eyes,
And then, the sunset upon your lips.
For you were the one
To kiss the day to vanish away.

My beauty, with hair so vivid in its angles,
And with body stark in its curves,
Alike those to the Earth,
And when you turn, the Earth turns,
When you twist, the Earth rotates
Upon an axis to make it winter,
When each flake of snow will descend
To meet your warm cheeks.

Delicate one,
Frail one,
With lightness to every step
That you make, upon this evening’s wake,
I’ll kiss those cheeks, for they appear
Somber enough for me to hear
Little remnants of sadness, quaking in your heart,
And how could that be?

How could,
That you would
Chew up still,
Misery’s fill?

I had thought
To have bought
Away the madness from your eyes,
So no longer do we dwell, in our lies.

Make it evening, forever,
So that we may see the shadows, cast over
Our debt, our currency to love,
Our pleasures, to our necessities from above.

Poem – “The Spiteful Farewell” – Romance – 12/6/2019

The grace, had all laid among wastes,
With the taste of blood upon our frozen tongues,
For we could not speak when time was not friendly.
Time was only between us,
Creating a horrid barrier,
A blockade, of sorts,
Tragedy was our craving,
As we both waved
Two syllables from each our hands,
The farewell, that drew us apart.

Full of spite, we were,
Among the debris, we were,
With ice upon our eyes,
And winter stinging our souls,
Here, we shimmer, and distort what reality we knew,
While droplets fall to freeze
From eyes shown in torment.

Leaves quiver and dance,
Beside us.
Agony calls with writhing limbs,
Near to us.
Kisses become engraved in the belly of our beastly selves,
The appetite to every pattern
Of flakes, in the snow.

Love is a splinter
In our skin.
A little pain in the flesh,
Like a thorn turned away from sin
To sunrise.
We crave, enough to save, what will not rot,
Between ourselves and the next love
To eat away.
We bleed, but we stay
Among ourselves, to satiate.

Poem – “When I cannot Love” – Romance – 12/4/2019

When I cannot love,
When I cannot drown
In the arms of a one,
Who took me above
To see what could not be undone.

A woman,
A face,
Of splendor and beauty,
Each small bit of fervency,

Each frail part of tragedy,
Is hers for the closing
Of my heart.
One streaming face,
One anguished expression,
Laced with the marks of a pair of hands,
That had ripped open your mouth,
To hear your words.
Were they ever true?
Have you moved quicker than I?

A face with a mouth,
Two parted pinkish lips, and lowered eyelids,

And a tongue that seems to speak,
Words I cannot make out,
Words I’ve come to ignore,

Words I’ve come to despise.
A face, that is laced with my marks,
My hands,
My burning stare.

My form is one of disaster,
While yours still stands beautiful.

Poem – “Of a Light, Sorely Screaming” – Romance – 10/26/2019

Love all, when I call,
You, to the furthest cliffs,
And say, that you will stay,
To speak true words, of no dismay.
People seem, and also scream,
To force cues,
To force signs,
To places full of danger,
Will you be the one, to fulfill,
The only one, who has become still?

Your beauty is where I mark unknowns,
To a center I say is full of danger,
To places where kisses run rampant,
Upon walls and over edges.

You gracefully speak,
While I pitifully weep.
Music runs like magma from our throats,
Beneath the Earth where the dead still rot.
I am merely the man with loathsome keepsakes,
And futile memories,
That I always leave away
In a puddle of Bacchus.

You have beauty to which I reach for,
To see with the most open of eyes.
Though, it enters my arms with greatest pain,
And wallows there among my frozen corpse.

Maggots crawl, while sorrow walls,
Love swallows the coldest pill,
To quell aches from the sickness that quakes.

But, to me, there is nothing to see,
But the flavor of what I now know,
A place of emptiness to which I wait,
For my love to enter what I wish to sate.

Poem – “My Undying Devotion” – Romance – 10/26/2019

Your kind face sends a path for my awakening,
I slept a breathless sleep.
Beneath myself,
Over myself.
You have the world before yourself,
And I have seen it, in my worst fears.
You have a face, full of light,
And I have two eyes, full of fright.
What is worse, my lady in distress?
The place I’ve made vacant next to you,
Or the place I’ve made vacant in my heart?
There’s my devotion, crawling atop sea and sand.

Love is a great kindness,
Or so I thought.
Palaces were those grand structures,
Of so much wealth.
Those beneath the whip of poverty
Were under the whip of envy.
They viewed before them,
What they’d not raise themselves to possess.
And, when I see you before me,
I see myself having once lost,
And then having discovered,
The grandest of lost treasures.

My ire spurs reigns atop a carriage made of metal,
A fire burns and stains, this heart with crudest petals.

I believe in a love without its pain,
But it is only my delusion.

I wished upon a time,
To breathe fragrances without the stench of death,
To view cheeks of red without the touch of humiliation,
Though, I’ve become my own illusion.

Poem – “A Face, and a Hollow Form” – Romance

My sweet, kiss my bitter lips.
My love, how shall we dine on my guilt?

My beauty, with everything sweet to see,
My bitterness, is yet exquisite.

Under moon and star,
Under faces apart,
In love and lust in fire,
Far, we walk, under the endless fog,
To find a memory that was once pleasant.
Dream with me, dear woman.

Your black hair comes in long strands,
Down to where it reaches your toes.
Your lashes, your eyes, and your fingers,
All have curves to see, alike the earth,
And its curvature.
See me as former, never as latter.

Rawest pain and purest shame,
Has encompassed me in highest notes.
There is memory in my mind,
Tears in my eyes,
Each one, dropping upon soil at my feet,
Feel this with me, dear woman.

Is there Hell to separate us?
Is there Heaven to unite us?

Is there family to be made,
When we die tonight on the frozen rocks?