Poem – “My Undying Devotion” – Romance – 10/26/2019

Your kind face sends a path for my awakening,
I slept a breathless sleep.
Beneath myself,
Over myself.
You have the world before yourself,
And I have seen it, in my worst fears.
You have a face, full of light,
And I have two eyes, full of fright.
What is worse, my lady in distress?
The place I’ve made vacant next to you,
Or the place I’ve made vacant in my heart?
There’s my devotion, crawling atop sea and sand.

Love is a great kindness,
Or so I thought.
Palaces were those grand structures,
Of so much wealth.
Those beneath the whip of poverty
Were under the whip of envy.
They viewed before them,
What they’d not raise themselves to possess.
And, when I see you before me,
I see myself having once lost,
And then having discovered,
The grandest of lost treasures.

My ire spurs reigns atop a carriage made of metal,
A fire burns and stains, this heart with crudest petals.

I believe in a love without its pain,
But it is only my delusion.

I wished upon a time,
To breathe fragrances without the stench of death,
To view cheeks of red without the touch of humiliation,
Though, I’ve become my own illusion.

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